Bogen Communications Enhances and Expands Functionality of Nyquist Systems

Three new appliances from Bogen Communications that enhance the Nyquist system.
(Image credit: Bogen Communications)

Bogen Communications introduced three new products: the Nyquist NQ-EDP01 VoIP Entry Door Phone, CSD2X2U-V2 Speaker and Nyquist NQ-S1810WT-G3 VoIP Wall Baffle Speaker with Talkback. These latest appliances enhance and expand functionality for Nyquist E7000 and Nyquist C4000 systems, Bogen Communications’ IP-based paging and intercom solutions

The Nyquist NQ-EDP01 VoIP Entry Door Phone introduces new capabilities to the Nyquist E7000 and Nyquist C4000 systems with a weather-resistant, half-duplex intercom station with a call button. This PoE-based two-way intercom station is designed to enhance physical security at various entry points, including exterior doors and entryways, or interior check-in areas for secure spaces. Featuring a heavy-gauge metal faceplate and weather-resistant design, the Nyquist NQ-EDP01 IP Entry Door Phone is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications in various environments. Notably, the Nyquist NQ-EDP01 VoIP Entry Door Phone can also be installed and utilized in Standalone Mode with third-party SIP 2.0 compliant VoIP systems.

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“Bogen Communications is invested in providing high-quality solutions to meet the needs of today’s unique education and commercial environments,” said Randall Lee, vice president of marketing and product management for Bogen Communications. “We’ve introduced three new appliances to deliver increased functionality within the Nyquist platform. The NQ-EDP01, CSD2X2U-V2, and NQ-S1810WT-G3 are reliable, feature-rich devices that will expand the functional reach of the Nyquist E7000 and Nyquist C4000 systems within their respective markets.”

The CSD2X2U-V2 is the latest iteration within Bogen’s ceiling tile speaker line, combining the best features of Bogen Communications’ widely used CSD2X2LU and CSD2X2U speakers, while greatly expanding possible configurations and capabilities for a wide range of applications. The CSD2X2U-V2 speaker can function as a passive 25V/70V or 8-ohm speaker, or as a PoE amplified speaker, PoE amplified speaker/intercom station, or PoE amplified speaker with an optional impedance matching audio transformer for driving auxiliary 25V/70V speakers.

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The Nyquist NQ-S1810WT-G3 VoIP Wall Baffle Speaker with Talkback succeeds the popular NQ-S1810WT-G2 VoIP Wall Baffle Speaker. Featuring similar installation, configuration, commissioning, and performance, the NQ-S1810WT-G3 VoIP Wall Baffle Speaker with Talkback boasts a more robust design that enables either in-wall- or on-wall-mounted installation. The NQ-S1810WT-G3 delivers excellent audio quality and seamless integration into the Nyquist E7000 and C4000 ecosystem. 

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