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beyerdynamic Releases New MIY 2.4 App Features to Create Lagoon Reloaded

The What: beyerdynamic has released new MIY 2.4 app firmware features to optimize the Lagoon headphones for work and learn from home.

beyerdynamic Lagoon Reloaded headphones

beyerdynamic Lagoon Reloaded Headphones (Image credit: beyerdynamic)

The What Else: Lagoon Reloaded firmware updates bring two key features to the flexible-use headphones. The first, Sidetone, improves audibility of one’s voice on the phone or VoIP enabling users to hear themselves better. The Equalizer feature includes preset equalizer profiles or the ability to adjust the music setting to the user’s specific preferences.

“There’s a huge need for work and learn from home equipment and headphones top that list. These refinements to Lagoon Reloaded will make phone and video calls so much more efficient,” said Pete Carini, senior sales manager, beyerdynamic. “Many of us are spending long hours on conference calls and a great sounding headphone that is extremely comfortable is key to making it through the busy day—and one charge can last through your entire work week. Lagoon Reloaded can get up to 45 hours of battery life.”

The Bottom Line: Lagoon headphones transform wireless audio with the  combination of high-quality sound and noise cancellation technology matched with versatile MOSAYC sound personalization. beyerdynamic says this combination produces a new, unparalleled listening experience with the ability to create an individualized hearing profile in the MIY app.

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