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Avnu Alliance Accelerates Next Generation AV Networking

Registration is now open for the Master Class at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2017 taught by Avnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open, standards-based deterministic networking. The three-hour, manufacturer-independent education training, entitled ‘The Evolution of Ethernet and IP for Audio, Video and Beyond,’ will educate AV and IT managers, integrators and specifiers on challenges and solutions for distributing time sensitive audio, video and control signals over an Ethernet network.

In the past twelve months the market for Audio Video Bridging/Time Sensitive Networking (AVB/TSN) has picked up with key product announcements and technology advancements including expanded support from key players in the IT and infrastructure space with the availability of more AVB/TSN switches, the introduction of products enabling deterministic 4K video over off-the-shelf, standard converged networks, numerous Avnu-certified products available in the market and an ecosystem of controller solutions for Avnu-certified devices, enabled by a foundation of software modules available to AV manufacturers and the software community in the open source project, Open Avnu.

“The suite of AVB/TSN standards are not only enduring but also continuing to be enhanced, which means your network can scale as it evolves. Our members acknowledge this and that is part of why today we are supported by all of the prominent professional loudspeaker manufacturers and leading professional AV manufacturers,” said Gary Stuebing, Avnu Alliance President. “We have dedicated our resources at ISE towards supporting these members with tools that will improve operation, design, and implementation of the standards across the entire Avnu-certified ecosystem and will advance interoperability among Pro AV devices. Our other key initiative at ISE and in 2017 is to provide more brand-neutral, non-manufacturer sponsored education for end users that will enable them to build future-proof networks with devices from multiple manufacturers.”

The ISE Master Class, presented by Avnu Alliance will cover the network features, design considerations and protocol definitions used in AVB/TSN and will give attendees an understanding of how to achieve networked AV success. The course offers attendees 3.0 CTS RUs and will take place on Tuesday, February 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Presenters include industry expert and Avnu Alliance consultant, Brent Butterworth as well as Biamp Systems application engineers Ben Wilmot and Zach Snook.

Avnu Alliance members can be found throughout the ISE show floor demonstrating AVB/TSN and Avnu-certified products in multiple locations. The below is what Avnu members exhibiting at ISE have to say about the Avnu ecosystem momentum and what membership in the alliance means for them:

Patrick Prothe, Avnu Alliance Pro AV segment chair and marketing communications director, Biamp Systems

“Avnu Alliance is working to ensure that network infrastructure is going to support system needs no matter how the network evolves – we saw a big advancement here when Avnu Alliance member Cisco announced the availability of AVB switches last year and we have other members such as Extreme Networks with the majority of their product line Avnu-certified. Our Pro AV segment members are working together, along with the whole organization, to look ahead at the market and evolving standards to prepare for the future of interoperability for time sensitive networking.”

“AVB/TSN is an enduring, ubiquitous networking standard that our customers can easily use and IT departments have embraced. We chose AVB/TSN as the backbone for our Tesira line of products and achieved certification for it through Avnu Alliance because we believe in advancing the ecosystem of third-party certified, interoperable devices.”

John McMahon, vice president of solutions and strategy, Meyer Sound
“I expect 2017 will be the tipping point for deployment of large-scale, multi-manufacturer systems linked with AVB/TSN. Certainly, having a dominant switch provider offering AVB-enabled product will accelerate widespread adoption of the technology. Also, with new products like our recently Avnu-certified GALAXY network platform coming online, consultants and integrators will have a wider array of technology options from which to choose.”

“Meyer Sound committed very early to AVB/TSN as the best network solution, both because of signal quality and its basis in open IEEE standards. We also realized the vital importance of ensuring industry-wide interoperability, which is why Meyer Sound was one of the first to join the Alliance. The rigorous compliance testing provided through the Avnu Alliance ensures that the products we offer to our customers will not only operate flawlessly within our own systems but also integrate seamlessly with other certified products. The Avnu certified AVB/TSN standards bring state of the art audio quality to an otherwise unpredictable audio transport landscape.”
Vicent “Vince” Perales, product manager, d&b audiotechnik.
“We see AVB/TSN as a relevant technology for the Pro Audio industry, as the benefits it offers for users, integrators and equipment manufacturers are above any other audio networking technology available today. The AVB/TSN deterministic behavior ensures audio will not be interrupted, no matter how much interfering traffic is present on the network. Most importantly, this is achieved without the user having to adjust any QoS settings in the network infrastructure, while giving IT the control they need. AVB/TSN also provides for improved AV network convergence, as audio and video use exactly the same mechanisms for being transported over the network. Besides this, manufacturers can benefit from improved integration into their products, apart from the obvious royalty-free licensing.”

“Joining Avnu provides us access to a great forum together with other extremely relevant manufacturers in Pro Audio (and even manufacturers in other industries), to exchange experiences and best-practices, and reach agreements on the relevant specifications for our respective markets.”

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