AVer Has a New 4K Audio Tracking Camera—Here's What to Know

The new AVer 4K audio tracking camera in use during a videoconference in a mid-size meeting room.
(Image credit: AVer)

Introducing the brand-new AVer USA CAM570, a 4K dual-lens camera. Designed for medium to large meeting rooms, the CAM570 features three pairs of built-in audio sensors that detect human voices up to 10 meters with audio tracking functionality. 

The CAM570 is a pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) conferencing camera, with premium-grade features that enable users to deliver in-person meeting experiences to remote participants. The CAM570 features a 4K dual-lens camera with 36X total zoom and an AI lens with 95-degree FOV. AVer’s beamforming technology guides the PTZ camera to focus on the most relevant activity in a meeting, meanwhile eliminating unnecessary audio with mouth and human voice detection. The CAM570 includes three pairs of built-in voice sensors with beamforming technology and two 4K lenses to track speakers up to 10 meters away. The CAM570 is Zoom certified and works seamlessly with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other video conferencing platforms.

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“AVer continues to address the challenges of today’s hybrid workplaces with reliable, feature-rich solutions that better connect participants who can’t physically be in the meeting room,” said Carl Harvell, director of product marketing for AVer USA. “AVer’s CAM570 is designed to meet those challenges. The CAM570 features intelligent AI technology to empower seamless connectivity and collaboration equity for the future of hybrid workplaces. Qualcomm Technologies’ cutting edge SoC technology coupled with a comprehensive suite of features and support for the collaboration segment was instrumental in building a great product.”

The CAM570 combines AVer’s cutting-edge features, including Dynamic Detection and Smart Gallery, to create the ultimate collaboration and presentation solution. Dynamic Detection automatically adjusts the camera angle and zoom to capture every meeting participant. Featuring smart AI technology, the frame automatically adjusts as the number of individuals in the room changes to eliminate unnecessary distractions and disruptions. Additionally, AVer’s Smart Gallery merges close-ups of everyone in the room to enable collaboration equity. Individuals will have equal representation in meetings through arranged close-ups around a panoramic view of the entire group. Users can switch between headshot and half-body frames to accommodate groups of various sizes. 

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The CAM570 uses the Qualcomm QCS610 SoC, a high performance IoT System-on-Chip (SoCs) from Qualcomm Technologies. delivering premium features for building advanced smart camera and IoT use cases encompassing machine learning, edge computing, image quality, voice integration, and integrated wireless connectivity cost effectively.

“We are excited to showcase the latest innovative PTZ camera from AVer at CES 2023, powered by Qualcomm Technologies,” said Dev Singh, vice president, business development, and general manager of building, enterprise and industrial automation, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The CAM570 is an excellent example of how leading technology manufacturers like AVer are using video collaboration solutions to their advantage.”


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