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5 Best Blockchain Careers of the Future

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Blockchain is here to stay. But how can you make a career out of it?

I talked to the team at BusinessStudent.com and they told me where they'd hedge their bets for the The Best Blockchain Careers for the Future. Here's their picks for the top five:

  1. Blockchain Developer: This is currently the most in-demand job in the industry. Companies across all industries want to develop blockchain platforms to optimize business processes but those programs must be created by developers.
  2. Blockchain Engineer: Last year there were 14 jobs for every one blockchain developer or engineer. Engineers are required to study the technology needs of the companies they work for and create the applications that meet blockchain business needs.
  3. Blockchain Legal Consultant or Attorney: Lawyers are already overloaded with calls from clients seeking legal advice on how to structure and govern ICOs, and how to launch their blockchain projects. The billable hours will be limitless in the years to come
  4. Blockchain Project Manager: Companies that work with an outside blockchain development firm will need an in-house project manager to be a liaison between the company’s business needs and the technology jargon. An MBA in project management will pop on a resume.
  5. Blockchain Designer: With all of the new blockchain startups and businesses that want to use cryptocurrency, there will be more need for websites and pages to inform customers, clients and platforms of what the company offers in the blockchain space.

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