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Making A Masterpiece Through the User Experience

I recently spent time at the Kimbell Art Museum and chanced upon Annibale Carracci’s “Butcher’s Shop”. It’s amazing in a gallery with the Old Masters to see a depiction of skilled butchers with clean white aprons, fiercely proud of the work they do, but not doing anything more than their daily routine. 400 years later, and Carracci and I still marvel at the beauty on display in their shop.

It’s the same devotion to the daily grind that makes AV an art form. The process of pulling wire, managing schedules, ordering equipment with bulk discounts, maintaining client relationships, and working together to exceed expectations is where the beauty and simple joy resides for us AV nerds. Our clean aprons are racks dressed well and flaunted on  Twitter for all to see! The sharp knives these butchers used skillfully are the same as strippers, soldering irons, and Ohm’s Law—powerful in the hands of a skilled tradesman.

I would be awfully embarrassed if, in a few hundred years, folks looked back and saw that my work was lacking, just a little short of magnificent. The beauty comes from the details and from the men and women who strive for excellence, understanding the work they do impacts people on an individual level.

My vision is for our industry to look past low-cost solutions that are good enough, to train eager workers into skilled craftsmen, and to provide experiences that inspire the folks that take part in them. The way to do this is to focus on people over profits, and to think further out than what you will be a part of. I am raising my son as if he will own my company one day, because, if he does, I don’t want a spoiled brat at the reigns. So the moves we make with our employees, partners, and clients are all aligned with a goal to create lasting things of value. I guarantee that the butchers depicted didn’t do just enough to get by—that’s not how you get remembered by Italian masters!

By providing value above cost and protecting the relationship with key clients and partners integrators can create a brand that transcends individual projects—and that is how you make a masterpiece!


Matt D. Scott

The Art of the Deal

I remember back in the heyday of consumer confidence where everyone was extremely liberal with their pocketbooks. You would sit down with your client after doing your walkthrough, go over the system options, and just throw out a number, say $50K, for that brand new office build out. You'd cover the presentation system in the boardroom, audio throughout the building, a network backbone that will support the early days of videoconferencing to China, you'd control the whole place and have it done at your scheduling discretion because... yes, you were that busy.

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The Art of Sound Technology

Recently, I met with Museum of Modern Art curator Juliet Kinchin to talk about her new exhibit ‘Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye,’ a show that tells the story of music, design and technology, starting from Edison’s invention of the phonograph, all the way to modern music players, record players, loudspeakers and amplifiers.

PoE Loudspeakers: Wherefore Art Thou?

With every passing day and another system design, I find myself thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a good solid PoE loudspeaker that could accept Dante, Q-LAN, Cobranet, ‘what-have-you-audio-net,’ or AES67-ish?”

AV and Object-Oriented Programming: Dynamic Dispatch

In my previous article, I discussed the idea of polymorphism. This idea of “taking many forms” was contextualized into the ability of things, people, and organizations to use generalized frameworks. To close this series, I want to talk about another facet of polymorphic behavior, namely that of dynamic dispatch. In programming terms, dynamic dispatch is the ability for an object to make “smart” decisions about what to do when it's asked to do something. That is, the object itself “knows” a list of procedures that it can undertake. 

For the Love of AV

Love is in the air today—after all, it is Valentine’s Day. Since I’m feeling mushy, I thought I’d share what I love about my job, which I’m sure you’ve heard me say a million times: it’s the people. Having the opportunity to work with this crazy, smart, funny, and interesting group of people on a daily basis puts a smile on my face.

Three Steps to Hiring the Best AV Candidates

As a recruiter, I evaluate success and failure all day long. To many hiring managers this may seem an obvious statement. They expect me to present AV industry candidates who are near the top of the pack, not those who have struggled to perform. They expect me to discern these behaviors in the candidates I speak to every day.