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Brian McClimans, Peerless-AV

Name: Brian McClimans

Position: Vice President of Sales, Americas and APAC

Company: Peerless-AV

Overtime: When I'm not working, I love fishing and sports. In speaking with customers, resellers, and end users, I often find a commonality in fishing or sports, which helps strengthen the relationship as we have a shared interest. 

DSM: How long have you been in this position?

BRIAN MCCLIMANS:I have been with Peerless-AV for 28 years, and in the role of vice president of sales, Americas and APAC for the last two years.

Throughout my time at Peerless-AV, I have served in a range of roles—from customer service to outside sales to business development. The range of experience has given me a well-rounded background, and the ability to focus on our company both internally and externally. In addition, having extensively worked with partners and customers, I am able to better understand what initiatives, products, and services bring the most value. This has well prepared me to work on a global scale for our company.

DSM: What are your short- and long-term goals? 

BM: On the short-term side, I am focused on restructuring our team to better support a wider range of customers, such as architects and consultants. We want to ensure we’re offering the best service to these target markets, especially as they specify products for their designs. To accomplish this goal, we now offer Revit files of all of our products. This makes the process even smoother for architects and designers.

In the long-term, I want to increase business for resellers that support our line. Working with resellers is a key driver for our business and by aiding them in increasing demand for our products and fully leveraging their capabilities. In doing so, we are able to in turn increase their bottom line and ours.

DSM: What is the greatest challenge that you face?

BM: One of the greatest challenges I face is balancing the multiple demands of our business, from both an internal and external perspective. Sometimes those two sides do not match so it’s crucial that we are able to best meet everyone’s needs as the industry continues to evolve. 

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For example, we need to be consistent with customers in offering high-quality solutions that they can depend on again and again, but we also need to evolve and offer new and innovative solutions, especially as display sizes continue to grow larger or become available in different orientations. As a business, we regularly strategize to ensure that we’re staying focused on the end goal while constantly taking in new data that says to look into other areas. It is this ever-evolving demand and constant need to know what to focus on that is an everyday challenge.

DSM: Where do you see the digital signage market heading?

BM: Right now, we’re at a crossroads where everyone that has wanted to implement digital signage into their business or service has done so. In order for the market to grow, it needs to adapt to be more experiential—and possibly even change the way we refer to it. Digital experiences is a more appropriate name for the space, as that is what our technology advances offer companies and end users. This is no longer just a display on the wall, but something that provides a true benefit to end users, as well as the company that is putting it out there.

DSM: Are there new initiatives we are likely to see from Peerless-AV?

BM: More and more, customers are asking Peerless-AV to increase our involvement in the integration of kiosks, as well as project management of large installations involving large dvLED. This year, we will become even more involved in the implementation of the total solution in support of our resellers. A process that has been successful for us is developing fully integrated solutions in our facility, and then being on-site to provide project management for dvLED integrations.

DSM: How can systems contractors better position themselves to profit from products and/or services you have to offer? 

BM: For systems contractors, the more committed they are to working with Peerless-AV, the more we are able to support their business with unique opportunities. This includes our additional service offerings such as having our product managers attend customer visits with integrators. We also offer custom design and development of solutions for strong contractor partners. When it comes to specifying products, the contractors that are most aligned with us will reap the most benefits. The lines of communication are strong, so it makes sense they will get the maximum value out of the relationship.


DSM: What do you wish DSM readers knew about your company?

BM: Honestly, I wish all of Digital Signage Magazine's readers could come to our facility and meet our team. This would give them the opportunity to see the best in class offerings we have at Peerless-AV, and to fully discuss how we can support them. For anyone that has come to our facility and learned about our capabilities, we have developed a long-standing partnership. In all seriousness though, we invite all DSM readers to set up a visit with us in Aurora, IL. We’d love to host you all at our facility.

Camille Burch

Camille Burch is a creative thinker, marketing strategist, and award-winning writer. She is the current editor of Digital Signage Magazine