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AVT Question: Please share insight and best practices for planning to integrate the next-gen streaming media ecosystem.

Thought Leader: Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing at Extron

Streaming technology has revolutionized the way audio and video signals are distributed and consumed. Whether it be the streaming of live events, esports, corporate meetings and training, lecture capture for educational institutions, sermons from houses of worship, or any other AV application, streaming can be used as an efficient and flexible solution for internal AVoIP signal distribution across a building or campus or to reach global audiences using content delivery networks (CDNs) and purpose-built streaming media hardware. 

When it comes to streaming, it is essential to understand your application and have clear objectives." —Joe da Silva, Vice President of Marketing at Extron

When it comes to streaming, it is essential to understand your application and have clear objectives. To ensure a successful streaming experience, several factors should be considered. First, determine the purpose of your stream; for example, will you be streaming to educate, entertain, or market a product or service? After creating your content, identify what streaming services or products your application should use, such as a video content management system (CMS), which will help to tailor your stream and ensure streaming goals are met. Also, assess your network capabilities, including bandwidth, latency, and reliability, in order to prevent technical issues that could impact quality. It is also important to choose the right hardware for your application, including cameras, microphones, lighting, AV switchers, encoders, and recorders. The right streaming media encoder and recorder should be able to capture your content in high definition, provide reliable encoding, support a range of video formats and protocols as well as session management options, and offer comprehensive configuration capabilities that meet the demands of various streaming applications. 

Extron solutions offer reliable and high-quality hardware devices that can support local streaming environments as well as external large-scale streaming applications.

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