HP Enters New Market with HP Presence for Hybrid Workplaces

HP Presence, a new portfolio of conferencing and collaboration solutions
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October 19, 2021, HP Inc. introduced HP Presence, a new portfolio of conferencing and collaboration solutions for people to truly work together and feel connected – especially when they’re not in the same room. 

Andy Rhodes general manager and global head of commercial systems at HP Inc.

(Image credit: HP)

“With hybrid here to stay, pre-COVID technology simply can’t solve for the new ways people work. Without the right technology, people aren’t being heard and their ideas are getting lost. Every voice deserves to be heard – whether they’re sitting in the meeting room or at their kitchen table,” said Andy Rhodes, Global Head of Commercial Systems and Display Solutions at HP Inc. “HP Presence fits the work world of yesterday, the world of today, and is future proofed for tomorrow’s collaboration needs, so no matter where you work, no thoughts are left behind.” 

While the shift to hybrid has given people freedom to work from virtually anywhere, the way people work together, both in and out of the office, is evolving. Eighty percent of executives are changing office spaces to focus more on collaboration. IT teams are also challenged with keeping people connected with productive and secure technology, making conferencing and collaboration solutions a top priority for 67% of IT departments.

HP’s charter for end-to-end collaboration solutions led the company to develop a new way of bringing together its PC hardware and software innovations, and long-standing expertise in security. HP Presence ushers in a new era of hybrid work with meeting space solutions, PCs, and peripherals designed for better conferencing experiences. 

Hybrid work is about more than working remotely. With 80% of companies investing in ways to upgrade conference rooms, the office is shifting from a place where people go to work to a place where people gather to work together. HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions are a suite of scalable, bundled options with hardware and services for meeting spaces of any size – from huddle rooms to large meeting spaces. The meeting space solutions interact intuitively with users to provide an enhanced meeting experience and deliver useful real-time analytics back to IT. The new meeting space solutions also leverage HP’s PC security innovations such as cyber threat protection and camera privacy features, giving IT peace of mind and allowing people to collaborate without fear of being hacked. 

HP Presence

The HP Presence Solutions arrive neatly packaged in the same box with a step-by-step setup application, making deployment a breeze.  (Image credit: HP)

HP Presence Meeting Space Solutions are curated into small, medium, and large space kits, and scalable to enhance meeting space needs. Every kit includes an HP Presence Mini PC, an HP Presence Control Center, color-coded cables, and mounting equipment.

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