AVIXA Looks Ahead to InfoComm 2022

InfoComm 2022 will take place in Las Vegas in June
InfoComm 2022 will take place in Las Vegas next June, with the conference running June 4–10 and the exhibits happening June 8–10. (Image credit: AVIXA)

With the final day of InfoComm 2021 upon us, the mood around the trade show remains upbeat and excited. The exhibition floor was bustling the first two days as business was done, new products were ogled and deals were made; meanwhile, educational offerings were also well attended. None of that momentum is expected to slow down today. All of this highlights the fact that everyone at this year’s show has come here to get things done—they’re here to work, plan, learn, network and become part of the industry’s future.

That level of determination isn’t lost on David Labuskes, CTS, CAE, RCDD, chief executive officer of AVIXA. “This time of pandemic, although it’s obviously been a huge tragedy and a great loss to so many people, has highlighted the critical value that our industry brings in connecting people to people,” he says. “We rose to that occasion as an industry, and from that, the sky’s the limit.”

While this year’s InfoComm will perhaps be best remembered for having brought the industry together in a trying time, it won’t be long before another InfoComm is upon us. 

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InfoComm 2022 will take place in Las Vegas next June, with the conference running June 4–10 and the exhibits happening June 8–10. Even as AVIXA is presenting the current show, it’s already hard at work on the 2022 edition.

AVIXA CEO David Labuskes

David Labuskes (Image credit: John Staley)

“Every year, we are overlapping; we’re already planning next year’s show,” says Labuskes. “The show that we’re at right now, this year, it’s even more complicated because next year’s show is only eight months away. The call for papers has gone out, the content is starting to be built, and the partnerships and other organizations that we will work with to have content are already in conversation.”

What can we expect to see at next year’s gathering in Las Vegas? “I think you’re going to see an even broader celebration of our industry, of the technology, of the clients,” he says. “We’ll see where we are, and there will be more innovation, more partnerships, more change, more opportunities for people to connect to other people around the world and to change the way people experience the world.”

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All that said, this year’s InfoComm is still underway, and filled with attendees, exhibitors, educators and others all on the move, underscoring how the show brings pros from all corners of the industry together. “I am overwhelmed with emotion with respect to this show and the commitment of the people we have here,” says Labuskes, “and I can’t wait to see those we don’t have here in the very near future.”

This story originally appeared in the Friday, Oct. 29, edition of the InfoComm 2021 Show Daily. Read more from the InfoComm Day Three Show Daily online.

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