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10 Things You Don't Know About Me: Jason Ward

Getting to Know Jason Ward

In this week's 10 Things You Don't Know About Me, we get to know Jason Ward of Involve Visual Collaboration.  Jason can be found on Twitter at  @JPWard

1. I am a failed rock star—aren’t we all? Highlights include small festivals and four self-funded independent albums. 

2. I marched Drum Corps. I loved it and still follow the activity. One of my bucket list things to do is attend DCI finals at the Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis. 

3. I have a fear of the sea. Around 16 years ago, I was bodyboarding and nearly drowned.

4. On a camping trip in my younger days, I was a suspect in a murder trial! We were just up and ready, and 3 police cars came speeding down the site, surrounded us, lined us up, and asked us to hold our hands out. We were terrified. It turned out the actual suspect had a Birmingham City Football Club (BCFC) tattoo on his hands—thank goodness we weren't BCFC fans!

5. I don’t like business wear. I do it, but am much happier in jeans and a t-shirt. I own more than 60 t-shirts from various tours.

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Jason Ward

Jason loved his time in Drum Corps.

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Jason Ward

Like many in the AV industry, Jason is a "failed rock star".

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Jason Ward

Jason accepting User Sales Person of the Year in 2003.

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Jason Ward

Jason has a fear of the sea.

6. I won an AV Award—I was the User Sales Person of the Year in 2003. 

7. My birthmark is in my right eye. As a youngster, it was more pronounced and I learned to spot when people saw it. They would stare into my right eye and say “Your eyes are a different color.” I got kind of bored with it and my (eventual) standard response was “I’m David Bowies love child.” A couple of people actually fell for it!

8. My guilty pleasure is Kylie Minogue. I've even turned my daughter into a fan.

9. My addictive personality is now fueled by vinyl. My love for Vinyl is shared in my Instagram account. I've even gotten to know other professionals because of this. Chris Neto and I bonded over our love for similar music because of Instagram posts.

10. My first love is music. My daughter is named after Ella Fitzgerald and my son is named after Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters.

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