Bravia's Pro Mode Offers Advanced Customization and Control

Already the go-to flat panel display for many, Sony’s Professional BRAVIA 4K BZ35F series delivers exceptional color accuracy and the finest detail. But did you know that professional users have an almost infinite amount of advanced customization and control options located in Pro Settings?

Available only to professional users, operating displays in Pro mode makes the Pro BRAVIA BZ35F series a particularly versatile display for higher education, corporate, government, retail, hospitality, small businesses and more. 

The Sony BRAVIA Pro Mode Dashboard

The Sony BRAVIA Pro Mode Dashboard (Image credit: Sony)

Pro Mode Highlights

Below are just a few of customizations available. Visit Sony’s Knowledge Center for more. 

Wake Up on Signal: Set the display to power-on when an HDMI signal is detected, and power-off when the signal goes away.

Home Key Behavior: Direct the home screen to display content from an IRL or URL.

Optimize PC Display: Automatically detect PC and show content in full screen in correct aspect ratio. 

Hide Inputs: Prevent users from plugging in unwanted devices.

Account Expiration: When a session is ended and the TV powers off, all user-specific personal account information expires (e.g. Netflix, Google, etc.).

Firmware Upgrades: Don’t want presentations interrupted during automatic upgrades? You decided if and when you want upgrades.

PIN Protection: Ensure users cannot access any settings or unauthorized ports.

Import/Export: Customize settings on one BZ35F display, save Pro Settings onto a USB stick and upload to an unlimited number of BZ35F displays.

Remote Management: Remotely control the power on/off for displays on the network. 

Volume Restriction: Set the initial, minimum and maximum volume levels.

Development Functions: Equipped with more than 100 REST APIs. Remote surveillance and control available. HTML5-compliant flexible screen layout and 4K video/still image.

Digital Signage Application: Access Sony’s three digital signage solutions for standalone, LAN, or cloud. 

Pro Case

Derek Rabuck, IT Consultant & Project Planning Manager at Rice University in Houston, Texas is more like the university system architect, servicing hundreds of spaces ranging from huddle rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, departmental rooms, broadcast spaces, control rooms, public spaces, cafeterias, auditoria, and sports facilities, "I do it all. I build it, and I design it. I find it. I help develop it. I buy it, install it, configure it and support it," says Rabuck. "I could be doing a classroom one day, a conference room the next day and a stadium the next day."

Rabuck uses Sony's 43- to 85-inch 4K Pro BRAVIA flat panel displays as his go-to, citing color clarity, Pro mode settings, warranty, and outstanding support as the main reasons. "We've used Sony displays almost exclusively for about the last five to six years," says Rabuck. "I use other manufacturers as well, but those are more application specific."  

All the BRAVIA displays at Rice are configured using Pro mode. "This is an essential feature because I can turn on and off services and make things available as I feel fit," says Rabuck. In most scenarios, the "smart TV" features are disabled and hidden. "I need to make sure people don't mess with the display settings or try to charge their cellphones off of it," he says. Once the design or support team sets a display to Pro mode, users no longer can access any display settings, and open USB and HDMI ports can be disabled. A PIN is needed to access Pro Settings.  

"The Pro BRAVIA’s have remote power management, which is huge in terms of support," he says. If a professor from a building across campus calls and says, "'Hey, the display is frozen,' I can reboot the display remotely saving massive amounts of time, and I can get people back up and running faster." 

Only Pro BRAVIA displays are used for digital signage content at Rice, inside and outside. "This is for a couple of reasons," says Rabuck. "I can calibrate the displays, so the content looks great, which makes the people displaying it happy, and the power to the display can be controlled remotely, "That is a massive, massive requirement because digital signage displays are sometimes located in places that are not easy to reach for support," he says.

From simple functions such as, “Wake Up on Signal,” and “Optimize PC Display” to more sophisticated customizations that enables users to install HTML5 applications to the BRAVIA internal storage, “We developed a full range of Pro Settings for the professional channel,” says Anthony Cianfarano, product manager at Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Americas. 

“Pro Settings facilitate meetings and can eliminate the need for a control system or a remote in the room,” says Cianfarano. “Once in Pro mode, the settings can’t be altered by anyone without a PIN.”  

With Pro Settings defined and operating in Pro mode, Sony’s Professional BRAVIA 4K BZ35F series displays become even more valuable enterprise-grade solutions.

For more on Pro mode, visit Sony’s Knowledge Center.

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