Cause for Celebration

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What are you celebrating this season? Whether you’ve had great success or business challenges this year, I’ll bet you can find plenty to celebrate. Perhaps you can relate to some of these reasons I’m celebrating this year, and I’ve included some photos recounting my highlights.

Celebrate Opportunity

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to be offered the opportunity to join Future as the editor of Digital Signage Magazine. Truly, it’s been one of the highlights of my career. To all our readers, contributors and advertisers I can say I’ve enjoyed every moment of working with you all, and I hope you’ll help our editorial team to make an even bigger impact in 2020.

I hope that 2020 brings you opportunities you never dreamed of, and that you jump in with both feet to make your mark on the AV industry.

Celebrate Innovation

As AV professionals, we get to witness and be involved with the most exciting immersive experiences on the planet. The world at large hasn’t quite caught up with what we get to see in new technology through our jobs. Sometimes, I just have to stand back and marvel of what technology can do and how far it’s come in my lifetime.

Photo courtesy of Epson.

The Tendrils exhibition in Riverside, CA features glass orbs illuminated with projection mapping. (Image credit: Future)

Some of my highlights this year are the King Tut Exhibition breaking a 52-year old attendance record in Paris; the Tendrils glass a projection mapping exhibition in Riverside, California; and the opening of Victoria: The T-Rex in Phoenix – all projects I was privileged to be involved with in some capacity. I’m very much looking forward to what exciting projects 2020 will bring.

Celebrate Relationships

This year, so many in our AV community have been involved in making our content the very best it can be. My industry associates have provided expert insights, manufacturer products, and an integrator perspective, and I’m truly grateful. I’m also honored to get to work with an amazing team of writers and editors who truly care about putting out great work.

Moderating the digital signage panel at AVEC was a great 2019 opportunity for me.

Moderating the digital signage panel at AVEC was a great 2019 opportunity for me. (Image credit: Future)

Two events that highlighted the importance of some great relationships for me were Digital Signage Week in New York, and AVEC in New Orleans. Getting to exchange ideas with industry leaders and soak in all they had to offer will leave an imprint on me going forward.

Celebrate Transformation

Nothing can ever remain the same. When change comes, whether by choice or not, we get to choose how to respond. In most cases, it seems that change presents an opportunity to grow in skill, build on relationships, and push forward into new and exciting challenges. Many times these are not changes we would choose to make, but we are forced into these situations. 

For myself, I celebrate the evolution I’ve experienced this year and the many opportunities that have come my way. It’s moved me away from manufacturing more to the media and integration side of our business, and I’ve enjoyed this challenge. As a friend recently told me, I have more friends than I thought I had…..and those very people have gone above and beyond to help inform my personal transition.

What opportunities, innovations, relationships and transformations are you celebrating this year? While we can’t wrap these things up and give them as gifts, we can hold them within ourselves as our own personal gifts. I know that’s what I’m celebrating this year.

Happy holidays and a blessed 2020 to all!

Camille Burch

Camille Burch is a creative thinker, marketing strategist, and award-winning writer. She is the current editor of Digital Signage Magazine