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LED Advantage: Tech Tip by Michael Bridwell

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The following tech tip from DPI offers a streamlined but detailed overview of what differentiates DP's LED and UHP-illuminated projectors. Analyzing variables such as color performance, stability, maintenance, and other performance items, this document pinpoints the key characteristics of each technology platform.

Using this document as a guide, DP dealers can accurately identify which platform supplies the best fit for real-world applications.

1) Low Cost of Ownership
• Never Purchase a Replacement Lamp
- 60,000 to 100,000 Hour Illumination System Depending on Projector Model
- Saves Thousands of $$$ Normally Spent on Lamps During the Life of a Projector
- Eliminates the need to Track Lamp Hours until Replacement

• No Lamps to Replace
- Reduces Downtime Spent Replacing Lamps
- Reduces Downtime Spent Recalibrating Brightness and color
- Eliminates the Need to Hold Spare Lamp Inventory

• Replacement LED Module (if ever needed)
- Low cost, costs less than two lamps
- Unlikely to ever be needed, as 60,000 hours of LED life equals nearly 8 years of 24/7 operation

To read the full Tech Tip, visit http://www.digitalprojection.com/news/literature/LED_versus_UHP_1110.pdf


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