Vegas – Here We Come! by Christopher Maione -

Vegas – Here We Come! by Christopher Maione

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It’s that time of year again and the approximately 32,000 AV professionals from over 80 countries get ready for our yearly trek to the industry's preeminent trade show, InfoComm.

Yup, it’s a Geek-fest.

InfoComm International is the leading nonprofit association serving the professional AV communications industry worldwide. Founded in 1939, the association offers industry expertise and market research serving press and others seeking information about the industry.”

And they put on one heck of a trade show. Yes, it’s a bit confusing, the trade show is called “InfoComm” and the organization running it is called “InfoComm International”

So what exactly is InfoComm? It’s the one time of the year we, as professionals in the AV industry, get together, drop our company “walls” and review, learn, and teach others about the latest and greatest AV technologies evolving in our business.

There will be over 900 exhibitors on the show floor, showcasing the latest technologies and hottest products on the market.

There are over 300 hundred seminars and training sessions pertaining to AV products, technologies and best practices.

We will see the “Big 3” industry leaders, AMX, Crestron, and Extron lead us with innovative new products and great after show parties.

But most importantly, it’s a time and place where we can all get together and FOCUS on what we “do” for a living. For the most part, the AV industry shuts down next week, we try to shut off the screaming client calls and emails and take in essence of our profession.

If you have never been to an InfoComm trade show – get there!

For the rest of us AV industry (service) professionals, heed my words about lowering the company walls and consider your time at Infocomm to be under a competitive “truce”. Let’s take the opportunity while we are all together to share our knowledge and experiences and learn from others.

For end user clients, facility managers and IT professionals, what a great opportunity to experience the core of the AV industry, get exposure on the latest and greatest technologies and find straight answers to the AV questions which affect your daily responsibilities.

If you want to learn more about the history of our trade organization, check out this info on their site:

This just out: Breaking news – InfoComm will be establishing a “Green AV System criteria and rating system to compliment and support LEED certification. Stay tuned for more on this!

See you in Vegas!

Christopher Maione, CTS-D, is president of Christopher Maione Associates, a firm specializing in all aspects of AV business, technologies, and marketing strategy. He also serves as an Infocomm Adjunct Faculty member and frequent speaker at global AV industry events. Reach him at


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