AVT’s Top 10 iPad Apps for Tech Managers by Virginia Rubey

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As app developers advance iPad options, AVT researchers are keeping AV pros ahead of the game.Here's our Summer Most Wanted List.

Look for the + symbol to identify universal apps.
P+ indicates universal compatibility, with an iPad-specific app option
Apps marked CS will be available later this year.

+ MindNode (Impressum, $5.99) The nature of AV means an AV pro’s innovation can take him or her anywhere. Start at the app store with MindNode and a nucleus idea. See where your idea takes you: create child, partner, parent nodes, and branch out. If new ideas grow too big for its original nucleus, create another idea tree. With MindNode’s customizable templates, you’re likely to develop each nucleus in so many innovative directions that you’ll end up where you want to be, with a pitch-perfect record of how you got there. Import it to Omni’s OmniOutliner for ultimate mind mapping.

P+ HanDBase (DDH Software, $9.99)
is an iPad app dedicated to the tech manager. Comparable in function to Excel or Numbers, this relational database is as high-powered as it is iPad particular. When your iPad is more efficient, so are you.

MyRoutersPro (Lam, $4.99)
enables remote command line interface for Cisco and Juniper (M/T) network administrators on standard and non-standard ports. With SSH-2 and TELENET access, TRACEROUTE, PING, and an integrated browser, the cost is a down payment on your next day “off.”

AMX (AMX with Touch Panel Control, 21-day free trial at App Store) facilitates real-time remote control of AMX A/V systems, lighting, shades, and room temperature via 3G, GPRS and EDGE cellular networks, or Wi-Fi.

+ RTiPanel (RTI, CS) is a GUI-customizable control interface for RTI installers using XP-8, XP-3 and XP-6 processors.

+ ServerControl (Stratospherix, Free) is an RDP-less server management remote for Windows and Samba-related services on Macs.

+ iNet Pro (BananaGlue, $4.99) simplifies network and portscans, Ping, Wake/Sleep on Lan, and more. Distinguish Mac & PC users on your network, including the name, IP, and vendor of connected devices.

Consume (bjango, CS)
promises a visually stunning service that will monitor your usage of anything from tolls to touch panels. An easy tool for tech managers to measure their organization’s investment efficiency and keep a close count of company accounts.

AirCam Live Video (Senstic, $7.99 & software download) serves up a constant AV feed from multiple web cams. Remote recording, motion detection options, and streaming via Edge/3G with automatic connection/port forwarding are some of the highlights.

+ Crestron, always on top of the mobile app game, offers the Mobile Pro G iPad app. It is designed to make the iPad a Crestron touch panel, and take advantage of the entire touch screen. It includes a compelling graphic template with user-selectable backgrounds available free from the Crestron website. There are also infinite possibilities for customization. The Crestron app for iPad is also the only one in the industry to reach the Top 100 in the App Store.

Did we miss the iPad app that changed your life? Let us know by emailing AVTintern@nbmedia.com.


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