New Products October 2008

New Products October 2008

Panasonic PFW950 Video Controller
Panasonic Security Systems has introduced an enhanced video controller software designed to interface with Panasonic DVRs and two new LCD displays. The new Panasonic PFW950 video controller provides full system-wide control of Panasonic cameras and DVRs throughout a facility. Acting as a system controller and monitor using the Windows XP expanded desktop, the PFW950 video controller allows multiple video streams to be viewed in separate windows on one PC monitor while displaying maps, controls, and system status. It also allows video streams to be saved and recalled, making it easy to create area patterns to enhance surveillance capabilities.Canon VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Network Camera
Canon’s VB-C60 Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) network camera is designed as

a versatile, compact solution for high-quality, remote-video monitoring over IP. Featuring Genuine Canon Optics, the VB-C60 has an ultra-long built-in zoom and wide-angle lens, as well as an auto focus system and image stabilization. The VB-C60 PTZ’s wide panning range, when combined with the 56-degree wideangle lens, provides coverage for a full 360-degree horizontal field-ofview. When viewing moving objects, images remain clear thanks to a high-sensitivity progressive-scan CCD and advanced auto focus system. The camera also features Panorama Image Creation in which the entire viewing range is stitched together into one image.

Toshiba Digital TLP-X100U Mobile Projector
Toshiba’s four-pound TLP-X100U mobile projector features closed captioning functionality and 3LCD technology. Less than 3 inches high, Toshiba’s latest projector outputs a superior and brilliant image for educators, mobile presenters, educators, corporate customers and small-to-medium businesses. The projector can also be used for digital entertainment on the go and is covered by Toshiba’s three-year standard limited warranty.

Midas PRO6 Live Audio System
Midas’ PRO6 Live Audio standard system features a control center with a footprint comparable to a 32-channel Verona and only two 7U 19-inch rack units; its diminutive size belies an ability to provide up to 80 simultaneous input processing channels and up to 32 discrete mixes, all of which feature EQ and dynamics processing options. By adding additional I/O hardware, the PRO6’s network can be expanded up to 264 inputs and 264 outputs. The PRO6’s dual-gain stages enables users to shape the mic amps’ character according to preference.

and a larger number of outputs. The Sierra Pro XL reverse matrix routing switchers are available as 3-wire or 5-wire routing switchers in 8x16 or 16x32 configurations. The 3-wire Reverse Matrix switcher is ideal for customers employing wideband analog HD signal sources such as HD satellite, cable TV HD receiver boxes, or DVD or Blu-ray devices as sources. The 5-wire Reverse Matrix switcher can handle high bandwidth VGA signals from computers or DVI output devices.

TV One C2-2000A Series Displays
TV One has taken product diversification up a notch with the addition of HD-SDI to five of the ten units in the newly upgraded C2-2000A series. These units now feature HDSDI along with DVI resolutions of 1900x1200 or 1080p/60. The group of ten consists of two universal switcher/scalers, four switcher/scalers, and four downconverters. The C2-2000A series focuses on ease of use while providing features common to more expensive devices. This includes automatic incoming resolution detection and support of multiple worldwide television standards. All units can handle a maximum input PC resolution of 2048x2048 and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p.

along with the two 20-amp Pro models, the PL-PRO C and PL-PRO DMC. Series Multi-Stage With the highest level of surge protection available and automatic Extreme Voltage Shutdown to protect connected equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions, all units in the Classic Series feature nine outlets with two rear-panel isolated outlet banks to lower intercomponent noise interference and a protection OK indicator on the front panel to alert users to the operational status of the unit.

Crestron MPS-250
The successful Crestron MPS Series combines five AV components into one integrated solution, including a built-in 2-Series controller, amplifier, audio switcher, video switcher, mic mixer, and control interface. Responding to popular demand, Crestron introduces the MPS-250, which provides all the traditional video switching and digital audio processing of the MPS-300, in a simplified, cost-effective solution. The MPS-250 provides all the traditional video switching of the MPS-300 and one QuickMedia input. The QM input provides seamless integration with a complete Crestron MediaManager solution, and the MPS-250 distributes the QM signal composite, S-video or component video.

AKG Acoustics Wireless WMS 4500 Microphone System
AKG Acoustics’ wireless WMS 4500 microphone system offers a wide range of available components for operational adaptability and has been modified for greater durability and flexibility with accompanying wireless applications. The WMS 4500 is available in two new frequency bands, Band 7 and Band 8, that offer more options for multichannel systems in today’s crowded RF environment. The system’s components consist of the SR4500 receiver unit, the PT4500 emitter, and the HT4500 handheld microphone unit, offering new features and sleek new construction. The SR4500 receiver unit features an adjustable backlight setting, a factory reset, modified presets, and the elegant new casing displays a stylish stage black finish.

Sennheiser MKE 1 Clip-On Mic
Sennheiser's MKE 1 clip-on microphone achieves a natural, full sound with a clear and present treble. Particular care was taken to ensure the microphone capsule was fully protected from moisture, so the MKE 1 can hold its own in harsh live conditions longer than other clip-on microphones. Sennheiser has developed optimal protective measures for the MKE 1. The clip-on microphone can be provided with a multi-purpose cap that simply diverts any humidity past the microphone and doubles as a windshield. And from within the mic, a thin, acoustically open stainless steel membrane protects the capsule. Also included is a small frequency response cap, which ensures a treble boost of 2.5dB for applications where the mic is hidden within the costume or when more brilliance is to be added to a voice.

  • Mackie’s FRS Series is comprised of the FRS-1300, FRS-1700, and the FRS-2800. FRS Series amplifiers combine Mackie’s Fast Recovery circuitry with a modern switching power supply for exceptional sound and performance in portable applications. The FRS Series features Mackie’s fast recovery circuitry for clean, undistorted sound and the ultimate in punch and clarity-even at clipping. New high-current switching power supplies make them super-efficient and ultralightweight — perfect for portable PA rigs. More powerful and quieter than others in their price range, FRS Series amps satisfy even the most demanding systems.