Women of InfoComm Network Raises Awareness of Gender Diversity

Women of InfoComm Network Raises Awareness of Gender Diversity

While recent reports show an overall decline in women working in technology fields—down to 26 percent from 35 percent a few years ago, according to the American Association of University Women—it’s not all bad news for women in tech. More companies are devoting resources to diversity hiring, women are making inroads as chief digital officers, and STEM awareness efforts have increased the number of girls excelling in science and mathematics. For women in the audiovisual industry, the recent formation of the Women of InfoComm Network (WIN) sends a strong signal that women are welcome and valued in AV.

The WIN council offers a global network of professionals committed to promoting and empowering women in AV and IT industries. The council is open to both women and men who are members of InfoComm. There are currently over 150 members of the group. You can join by completing a quick form at www.infocomm.org/WIN.

The goal of the council is simple—to raise awareness of gender diversity and celebrate the achievements of women who work in AV and IT. The council does this by providing opportunities for members to participate in live and online events, make industry connections, find resources, pursue education, discover mentors, and identify opportunities to advance in the industry.

Advancing Women in AV

The American Association of University Women found that women in technology fields that were most satisfied with their jobs had clear paths for advancement, challenging assignments that helped develop and strengthen new skills, and were valued and recognized for their contributions.

WIN advances and promotes women in AV through a supportive community of interested and involved members sharing experiences, opportunities, and learning through InfoComm events, the WIN LinkedIn groups, InfoComm webinars and panels, and other dedicated WIN activities. There are many accomplished women in the industry, and we are excited at their willingness to share their stories and serve as mentors. We encourage members to join the WIN LinkedIn group for their region and introduce themselves.

WIN Leadership

As the council chair, I am honored to lead the WIN council and am supported by two amazingly talented AV leaders, Jane Johnson, managing partner at Pivot Communications and Kelly Perkins, marketing communications manager for AVI Systems. We have a great InfoComm team headed by Melissa Taggart and Betsy Jaffe, who are deeply committed to the WIN initiative, as well as excellent guidance and support from Johanne Belanger, InfoComm’s LSC Chair and president of Freeman Audio Visual.

The council is an important addition to InfoComm’s existing efforts to support and recognize women in the AV industry. It creates a strong platform that is accelerating our goals to increase awareness of women, create new opportunities for growth and skill development, and provide personal connections to other council members.

Get Involved

On behalf of WIN and Info- Comm, I invite both women and men to join the council to demonstrate their commitment to gender equality in technology. Simply register on the InfoComm website at www.infocomm/win.com. Then join the WIN LinkedIn group for your region. You will receive updates and information about all of the activities, events, and information to help women advance in the AV and IT industries.

Erin Bolton is a senior marketing executive with an impressive record of building marketing, sales and channel strategies for technology leaders that deliver million dollar revenues, facilitate sustainable business growth, and create market leadership.

Get Involved with WIN at InfoComm 2015

* WIN Women of InfoComm Breakfast
Thursday, June 18, 2015 7:30-9:30 a.m.
Orange County Convention Center Room 414AB
* WIN Council Kickoff Meeting
Thursday, June 18, 2015 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Orange County Convention Center Room 414AB

WIN Member Benefits

  • * Dedicated Events at InfoComm
  • * LinkedIn Groups and Discussions
  • * InfoComm Newsletters
  • * Resources on the InfoComm WIN website
  • * InfoComm’s Women of AV Award
  • * Mentorship, Member Showcase, Blogs, Council Meetings,