Premier Mounts Receives Patent -

Premier Mounts Receives Patent

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ANAHEIM, CA—Premier Mounts has successfully completed the patent registration for the MAG (magnetically-assisted) series of projector mounts (Patent # US 7,758,001 B2). The MAG series uses the company’s MagnaGuide mechanism. The MAG, which comes in three configurations, fits most projectors weighing up to 10 pounds and is approved by UL and OSHPD.

Yamaha Joins AVnu Alliance

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In a joint international statement, Yamaha Corporation Japan, its group of companies including NEXO, and Steinberg Media Technologies have become promoter members in AVnu Alliance.

The goal of the Alliance is to establish AVB (audio video bridging) as the standard networking protocol that will provide practical and useful services to all customers. Yamaha has joined the effort as part of its open policy to adapt professional audio networking systems commonly used as exemplified by network formats CobraNet, EtherSound, Dante, etc.

“Our customers require a common network platform from all manufacturers,” said Larry Italia, vice president/general manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems. “Yamaha products ‘speak any language,’ and as a market leader in digital formats, we have much to contribute to these standards as we have with our other third-party platforms.”

Aphex Teams With Califone

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Roscoe Anthony (left) and Aphex general manager Rick McClendon

LOS ANGELES, CA—Califone has implemented Aphex’s Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom technology into its PA-IRSYS Infrared Classroom Audio System. Designed for delivering spoken word presentations to mid-sized and larger groups, the Califone PA-IRSYS is one of the company’s classroom systems. The PA-IRSYS utilizes array loudspeaker components to focus the sound directly on the audience and away from walls and other reflective surfaces.

“In a classroom setting, speech intelligibility is of critical importance, and the Aural Exciter is legendary in its ability to enhance and improve intelligibility,” said Califone president Roscoe Anthony.

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NEW DELHI, INDIA—The largest pro sound installation in India, at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi, was designed by the EV team and installed and commissioned by Bosch India. The system comprises 132 customized XLC127DVX, 120 Sx300PI, 300 EVID 6.2, and 60 ZX5-60PI surface-mounted systems, all driven by a combination of 135 P3000RL and TG amplifiers.


Premier Mounts Completes MAG Patent

Anaheim, CA--Premier Mounts is pleased to announce the successful completion of patent registration for the MAG (magnetically-assisted) series of projector mounts (Patent # US 7,758,001 B2). The MAG series uses the company’s unique MagnaGuide mechanism and is one of their most popular product lines. The MAG, which com

Premier Mounts Awarded Patent for Griplate

Anaheim, CA-- Premier Mounts has been awarded a patent for the Griplate, a specially designed metal plate that maintains the desired position of a flat-panel display by registering the mounting screw with the mounting bracket. The Griplate (US Patent number 8,035,757 B2) is an anti-slip plate with protrusions that a

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Premier Mounts Shipping Short-Throw Projector Mounts

Anaheim, CA-- Premier Mounts is now shipping the EST100 and EST200, its latest slim-line short-throw projector wall mounts.   The EST100 slim-line short-throw projector wall mounts. Each mount fits most projectors weighing up to 25 lbs, and includes a universal projector mount

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Premier Mounts Launches New White

Anaheim, CA-- Premier Mounts has introduced a new, brighter shade of white for its white-finished products, replacing the current chamois, creamy white paint. The new white has a matte texture to minimize the appearance of dust and prevent fingerprints or smudge marks.   Premi

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Premier Reveals Micro Tile Mount System

Anaheim, CA-- Premier Mounts has revealed a Mounting System for Christie Micro Tiles .   This design for the modular mounts reduces the amount of components, bringing down cost and allowing for flexibility and ease of installation. The simply designed MTM mounting system overcomes pitfalls

Premier Mounts Teams with D-Tools

Anaheim, CA--As one of D-Tools’ Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) partners, Premier Mounts provided photos, CAD drawings, user manuals and other documentation for more than 300 products in the D-Tools online manufacturer database. These products include Premier Mounts’ latest and best-selling flat-panel and projector m

Premier Mounts Promotes Phil Davenport

ANAHEIM, CA--Premier Mounts has promoted Phil Davenport to European general manager. A five-year veteran at Premier Mounts, Davenport will assume responsibility for sales efforts in Europe and the Middle East.   Based out of Premier Mounts’ European headquarters in Coventry, England, Davenport will focus his efforts o