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ETCP Training Recognition Expanded

NEW YORK, NY—The initial group of ETCP Certified Riggers are due to recertify this year with electricians following in 2011. To maintain their certification all ETCP Certified Technicians must accumulate renewal credits, which include continued training and professional development. ETCP’s Training Recognition Programs are designed to assist Certifcants in finding quality training opportunities. ETCP has just implemented a new designation, ETCP Recognized Training Provider, to accommodate organizations, which offer multiple courses. The total fee for all submitted programs is $2500. Organizations interested in having only a single course recognized may apply to have their course become a Recognized Training Program for a fee of $1000. Recognition and fees are valid for two years for either designation.

There are several benefits to having courses recognized by ETCP. Certified Technicians will receive twice as many renewal credits when attending these courses. Organizations can gain more exposure for their training programs, as approved programs are listed on the ETCP website with a dedicated page listing the training details. Organizations may use the special ETCP Recognized Training logo in their marketing materials and all courses are listed in the quarterly ETCP Certificant Newsletter. Organizations may apply for ETCP Recognized status if they provide training in rigging, electrical, or both, and their trainers do not need to be ETCP Certified.

Experienced instructors who are ETCP Certified may apply to become Recognized Trainers, should they meet specific criteria. There is a one-time $250 fee and recognized status is subject to review by ETCP.

For questions about ETCP Recognized Training, please contact Meredith Moseley-Bennett, ETCP Certification Manager, at or 212-244-1505. Complete information is also available on the ETCP website: