Sennheiser Launches InfoPort

Las Vegas, NV - At the 2006 NSCA Expo, Sennheiser presented its new InfoPort Tech Base, a website offering a web-based electronic toolbox that includes everything needed to design and install systems using Sennheiser products. InfoPort Tech Base resources include DFX files, 3-D solid models, PDF files, high-resolution images, architectural specifications, and frequency response and polar patterns covering three categories-installed sound, infared assistive listening, and wireless systems.

Matthias Ajple, manager of e-commerce and web development at Sennheiser, presented demonstrations of the website throughout the Expo. "People responded to the application's capacity to show 3-D images of our products online," said Ajple. "And what really sells the application is the fact that you can preview those highly-detailed documents online."

The core objective, Ajple said, was to offer consultants, contractors, and designers in the field information so that they can deploy Sennheiser products more efficiently. "We wanted to create a web application that delivered targeted information and in a specific manner that is tailored to that audience," he said.

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