tvONE Releases v2.2 Software for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini at InfoComm

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The What: tvONE has released a new v2.2 software for its CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini products, featuring new ways to quickly and easily configure the systems.

The What Else: New features like "immediate mode" have been added, which allow edge-blending and video monitor placement to occur in real time rather than clicking "take" after each adjustment. Also included are new test generator patterns to help with system configuration and Ease in and Ease Out, which makes transitions smoother and more natural.

Other upgrades include undo configuration changes/settings in Wall Editor; redo configuration changes/settings in Wall Editor; support undo and redo in Edge Blend Mode; undo and redo Wall Editor Selection as part of the Revision History; Wall Editor Immediate Mode, which sends changed values to the Device without pressing Take; prompt for Take when entering Immediate Mode as there might be unsent changes; Change Window Snapping to snap to Display Viewable area only; and more.

The Bottom Line: Additional improvements include seamless controls for networking, dithering, undo and redo, along with bug fixes.


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TV One Ships CORIOmaster Mini

TV One, designer and manufacturer of video and multimedia processing equipment, is now shipping the new CORIOmaster mini, an all-in-one videowall processor.