New Security Products 2007

New Security Products 2007
  • Speco Technologies latest series of cameras see in low light without IR LEDs. The intensifier technology that is featured in these cameras amplifies and maximizes existing light to generate pictures in darkness. The new HT-7246iHR tamperproof, weatherproof dome camera features a super high resolution of 540 lines and a wider range 2.8 to 10mm auto iris varifocal lens. Mountable on both the wall and ceiling, this model also offers dual voltage (12 Volt DC / 24 Volt AC) operation with line lock. A new feature that is included with this new intensifier dome camera is a snap on cover that converts the housing from the standard dark grey to decorator white. It can also be painted to match any décor without painting the actual camera housing.

Winsted's Encompass-2 Workstation

From multimedia to video to security and even office settings, Winsted's new Encompass-2 workstations fit virtually any work environment. Encompass-2 workstations are ergonomically designed to enhance performance by surrounding the operator and bringing the work envelope closer. Encompass-2 workstations are offered in a variety of in-stock configurations or can be customized to the application. Heavy-gauge formed sheet metal legs and uprights together with 16-gauge modesty panels provide a well built super structure with built-in wire management throughout. A graphite nebula surface with black rubber T edging comes standard and creates a beautiful and durable desktop finish. For a more decorative look, the Encompass-2 Tailored is finished with custom TruForm side panels and desktop surfaces. Optional accessories include SlatTrak with articulating LCD arms, overhead directional lighting, or task lighting.

Triveni Digital SkyScraper Emergency Services Network

The SkyScraper system from Triveni Digital provides a platform for highly efficient point-to-multipoint content distribution and also allows for targeted point-to-point delivery. Through this solution, public TV stations can use available DTV bandwidth to generate new revenues and aggressively support the public charter by providing efficient delivery of multimedia content for education, homeland security, and other public services. The SkyScraper ESN solution allows stations to prepare content and schedule it for insertion into the DTV broadcast stream for delivery to one or many local sites--schools, universities, police stations, fire stations, hospitals--where the content is received and made available to intended viewers. The system, which delivers any type of digital content, can be customized to meet the specific needs of different broadcast stations and communities.

Seagate's SV35 Series

The Seagate SV35 7200.2 series is the first video surveillance hard drive with perpendicular recording technology, and it offers increased capacity while continuing to improve performance, power management and reliability in SDVRs. The SV35 Series has improved video recording performance characteristics over traditional desktop drives, offering increased reliability features that are required in digital video surveillance applications. The SV35 drives are designed for 24/7 operation and high write duty cycles, and they have more than 1,000,000 hours MTBF in 24/7 video surveillance applications. With leading-edge capacities ranging from 160GB to 750GB, the Seagate SV35 drives can store up to 217 continuous days. Multiple, simultaneous video streams can be written at once, allowing multiple cameras to be linked to the same drive. Additionally, video read/write profiles allow greater control over operation.

ETS' IP Ethernet Camera

Energy Transformation Systems has introduced a low-cost solution that allows leveraging for a legacy RG59 cable when installing IP cameras with existing analog equipment. Installing an ETS IP camera baluns with a RG59 cable helps save cable installation costs by using existing coax, providing speedy installations that are fully transparent to any application with no signal degradation. The ETS IP camera balun is designed to exceed the IEEE 802.3 10BaseT NEXT specification. IP signals can be sent up to 200 meters at speeds of up to 40 Mbps.

Niles' CAM-PB

Niles Audio Corporation has released the CAM-PB color CCTV camera, the company's first security solution. The CAM-PB is a miniature, color CCTV security camera that provides reliable monitoring and is small enough to mount anywhere. Its versatility enables installation in a variety of places. Featuring a die-cast, aluminum housing and pivoting bracket, the CAM-PB can rotate 360 degrees and pivot 90 degrees, so owners can see who's coming and going from any angle. Additionally, the CAM-PB sports a high-resolution, low-lux 1/3-inch CCD element that provides clear images, even in low light conditions, and a built-in automatic iris control that ensures an optimal picture on bright, sunny days without blooming or washouts. Finally, the CAM-PB is weather-resistant, withstanding all of the elements, including direct rain, sleet, and even snow.

Extreme CCTV's UFLED Night Vision Performance Bundle

Extreme CCTV has released the UFLED active-infrared night vision performance bundle, a 24V turnkey night vision solution for day-night cameras. The UFLED performance bundle turns the mediocre nighttime performance of typical day-night cameras into night vision surveillance, even in total zero lux darkness. The performance bundle incorporates the UFLED IR Illuminator for 650ft night vision performance, the EX18 All-Weather housing and all associated wall-mount bracketry. The UFLED active-infrared night vision kit enables 24/7 technical surveillance at critical locations such as ports, critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, and government buildings.

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics offers the DX-TL4500 series digital video recorders. The DX-TL4500 series consists of the DX-TL4516U 16-channel and DX-TL4509 9-channel stand-alone digital video recorders based on JPEG 2000 compression. Both models feature dual programmable monitor outputs for simultaneous camera split screen monitoring, PTZ of dome cameras and simple GUI based programming via included USB mouse. Additionally, the DX-TL4516U and DX-TL4509U each have a built in CD/DVD drive for quick and easy duplication of video data, saving time and money. The DX-TL4500 series is suited for 24/7 digital video surveillance in a wide array of applications where quality video performance and bulletproof reliability are required.

Pelco's Camclosure

Pelco has introduced the Camclosure IS, its new series of integrated camera systems. Now available with day/night wide dynamic range, day/night high resolution, wide dynamic range, high-resolution color or a standard resolution color camera, there is a Pelco Camclosure IS system perfect for any lighting condition. Camclosure IS systems integrate the camera, lens, enclosure and mounting system into a single, pre-assembled compact unit, making installation easy. Every model in the Camclosure IS series comes standard with active UTP, coaxial video output, and a service jack for added installation ease and flexibility. The IS Series is designed to provide discreet video security presence that seamlessly blends into any environment.

Vicon's ViconNet Mdule

The ViconNet videoo intelligence module (ViconNet VI) is a video intelligence system used for detection of unusual and abnormal events or behavior. By applying rule-based algorithms to behavior captured on video, ViconNet video intelligence enables a user to monitor and analyze events, set event detection criteria, and control different parameters. This enables a single operator to review and automatically analyze detected, suspicious activity collected from large numbers of cameras operating in the field. By utilizing the analytics data provided to ViconNet VI, the operator can provide the appropriate response in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Jupiter's Fusion 980

The Jupiter Fusion 980 simplifies the real-time monitoring and coordination of complex security applications. By integrating information from multiple data sources and displaying it on a single virtual display, the high-performance processor can eliminate downtime, and improve response times. Data from individual monitors, whether LCD flat panels, plasma panels, projection cubes, or a rear projection system is displayed in movable, scalable windows that can be configured as needed to meet application requirements. Data sources can include local applications, remote network applications, and directly connected video and analog RGB inputs; all accessed from an intuitive and consistent software interface. At the heart of the Fusion 980 is a switched fabric interconnect, previously only found in high-end Internet backbone switching equipment, housed in its own 8U Switch Fabric Chassis.

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