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TSAV Uses Furman Power for AV Education

Knowledge is power, goes the durable maxim. But not much learning can take place without power. That's the lesson that Technical Services Audio-Visual (TSAV), a global professional audio-visual consulting and systems integration company, teaches repeatedly with its implementation of Furman AC-power control systems.

Over the course of the last year, TSAV has specified and installed Furman systems, including the CN-1800S SmartSequencer 15-amp bidirectional power sequencer, the P-1400 AR E voltage regulator/power conditioner, the AC-210AE compact power conditioner, and other Furman power-control products that have become critical components in all of TSAV's system designs for education projects.

"Furman just works. It just works," said TSAV president Pete Dugas, repeating the declaration for emphasis. "The products are dependable and Furman would stand behind them if there was ever a problem. But I say 'would' stand behind them because we've never, ever had an instance where a Furman product failed. Ever."

Dugas cited several education facility projects where Furman power control and conditioning systems were crucial to the AV systems' designs. At the Adult Training Services (ATS) department of Hope Haven Children's Clinic And Family Center in Jacksonville, FL, educators provide individuals with disabilities quality training, experience, and advocacy. TSAV helped the non-profit in an extensive renovation of the adult education space that included two CN-1800S SmartSequencer units as well as a Furman PS-PRO II power conditioner/sequencer.

"These Furman units were able to provide the facility with the highest level of power protection and conditioning at a price they could afford," said Dugas.

At Georgia Piedmont Technical College, in Clarkston, GA, one of the oldest and most respected of Georgia's technical colleges, TSAV employed both the CN-1800S SmartSequencer and the P-1400 AR E voltage regulator/power conditioner for a new broadcast-systems learning facility that also creates local programming, assuring the school's technology platforms of safe, reliable and conditioned power. "That's critical at any college but especially so at a technology school like this," Dugas observed.

  • The Macon (GA) State College Recreation Center, where the school's Recreation and Wellness Program provides students with the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the use of the Fitness Centers or by participating in one of 15 club sports programs, a number of the AC-210AE compact power conditioners were used in racks throughout the facility, including those supporting the college's extensive digital signage deployment and its gaming stations. In addition, the systems there are protected by a CN-2400S 20-amp bidirectional power sequencer.

In perhaps the most challenging education application, TSAV fabricated racks for the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology KAUST), a public research university located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. These had to be designed, built and tested at TSAV's U.S. facility, then shipped to the school and installed as soon as they cleared customs. Each rack used Furman's PS-8R power conditioner/sequencer and PL-PRO DMC E power conditioner with voltmeter/ammeter products, and Dugas says that Furman's cable adaptor kits made the switch-out of the new racks for the old ones simple and seamless. "The connectivity was incredibly easy and the process went very, very fast," he recalled.

"We work all over the world and often in some very challenging educational spaces, but we design power conditioning, protection and filtration into every rack, because It makes no sense to cut corners when it comes to the quality of the power that runs everything else," Dugas concluded.

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