Community Adds DP8 Pendant Loudspeaker to Distributed Design Series -

Community Adds DP8 Pendant Loudspeaker to Distributed Design Series

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Community Professional Loudspeakers has expanded its high-performance Distributed Design Series of ceiling, surface mount and pendant loudspeakers with the new DP8 Pendant.

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Available in paintable white or black, the DP8 is an 8-inch coaxial loudspeaker with a tapered style that complements the design of modern open-architecture environments and provides highly-intelligible voice and great musical sound quality for restaurants, lounges, hotels, ballrooms, meeting rooms, retail and commercial establishments, and casinos, hotels and convention centers.

With its weather-resistant enclosure, grille and components, the DP8 may also be used outdoors in covered locations.

The DP8 features Distributed Design Series’ unique “Uniform Voicing” design. Uniform Voicing means users experience identical acoustic performance from all same-size pendant, ceiling and surface-mount loudspeaker models and enjoy uniformly high-quality sound in all spaces regardless of the loudspeaker type chosen. A designer could choose the D8 ceiling loudspeaker for a low-ceiling party room, the new DP8 pendant for a large open-architecture space and the DS8 surface-mount model for an outdoor patio in a restaurant, lounge or hotel. With Uniform Voicing, patrons moving from space to space would hear little or no change in music or voice quality. 

The DP8 achieves its Uniform Voicing by sharing its transducers and crossover network with the Distributed Design D8 ceiling loudspeaker and DS8 surface-mount loudspeaker. The DP8’s shared coaxial transducer features a separate compression driver coupled to Community’s proprietary Tru-Phase waveguide and mounted to an 8-inch woofer with Community’s patented Carbon-Ring Cone technology. This combination produces a high-performance loudspeaker with high power capacity, a wide, smooth dispersion pattern, high sensitivity and extremely low distortion.

For system designers and installers, the DP8 is ETL listed to comply with UL1480. It includes a 120-watt autoformer with easy-access tap switch for 70-volt/100-volt distributed systems and features a simple suspension and wiring system inside its integrated rear cover. Two Distributed Design Series subwoofers, the DS8SUB (surface-mount) and DS10SUB (ceiling-mount) are available to bring enhanced warmth to a DP8 musical sound system.


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