TOA Introduces A-5000 Series 'Smart Amp' -

TOA Introduces A-5000 Series 'Smart Amp'

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The What: TOA Electronics has launched its A-5000 Integrated Package Amplifiers with built-in DSP.

The TOA A-5012 3CUD00The What Else: The new amps incorporate the usual BGM/line inputs (two unbalanced) and priority mic/line (two balanced) inputs, with 4 ohm, 70, or 100-volt power output. They are also capable of operating on universal AC from 100-240 volts for use anywhere in the world. The new amplifier stage is a digital class D design, which offers greater energy efficiency, less heat generation and a more compact package (about half the size of typical amplifiers).

The rear panel of the A-5000 also features a remote volume port, which works with a standard 10k pot (like the AT-10K AM). Future software updates will include features like feedback suppression and speaker EQ presets for the main output. With their full feature set and DSP compliment, the A-5000 amps are duly suitable for speech/presentation as well as background music and paging applications.

The Bottom Line: The added benefit is the integrated DSP, which allows networked GUI control and real-time monitoring of levels, five-band parametric EQ on inputs and main output, compression, and a mute/duck section with adjustable threshold and release (assignable to all channels). The GUI also provides metering (when connected to a unit) and can control and monitor multiple A-5000 units from a single PC, making it ideal for cookie-cutter or multi-unit installations. The GUI also enables stored configuration presets (up to 16 per unit) that can be easily uploaded & downloaded from the connected PC.

“The A-5000 offers the ability to control your music just the way you want it,” said TOA product and marketing manager, Bob Tamburri. With built-in digital signal processing combined with the digital amplifier stage, the A-5000 Series offers high efficiency and durability for long-term use, making it an ideal choice for small to medium restaurants and retail establishments.”

Available in two versions: A-5006 3CUD00 (60 watts) and A-5012 3CUD00 (120 watts), the A-5000 Series amps are now shipping.

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