2008 LCD Backlight Report Released

Insight Media has announced the release of the 2008 LCD Backlight Report: Including LCD-TV, Monitor & Notebook PC Displays - An Opportunity Analysis. The report reveals penetration expectations for alternative backlight technologies; with LEDs taking significant share from CCFLs by 2012.

The 193-page report provides a detailed analysis of the technologies competing with CCFLs, and provides insights into on-going developments of other components in the Backlight Unit ("BLU") such as light guides, prism films, diffusers and multi-function films. Special emphasis is placed on the throughput analysis of various technologies, their costs - now and through 2012 - and penetration rates by application. The report contains 100 figures and 69 tables.

"The BLU market is set for disruptive change over the next couple of years," according to Chris Chinnock, president of Insight Media. "As a result, there are many questions from all quarters of the industry - from component and BLU makers to LCD module, notebook, monitor and TV makers. This report is designed to provide a solid technical analysis of the options, coupled with a thorough performance and cost analysis to ultimately develop a forecast for adoption of these alternative BLU technologies."

Questions the report answers include:

Insight Media's extensive research includes interviews and meetings with over 30 companies throughout the US and Asia, as well as validation of our models and assumptions with industry experts.

Main sections of the report include:

Highlights of the report include:

The report is delivered as a PDF file under a site license agreement.


For more information about the report, including sample charts and details on the cost and throughput models, visit: www.insightmedia.info/reports/2008lcdbludetails.php.

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