Three New Danley Subs Set To Rock Infocomm

Three New Danley Subs Set To Rock Infocomm
  • In the time-honored Tom Danley tradition of "knocking the audio socks off" of NSCA/InfoComm attendees, Danley Sound Labs is introducing three new subwoofers at the upcoming show in Orlando, Florida. The first model, the TH-812 also known as the "Rock Monster," is a tapped-horn subwoofer system that has eight 12-inch long-excursion low-frequency drivers perfect for the touring market. The "Rock Monster" delivers unprecedented sensitivity, low-frequency extension with huge output into the mid 20 Hz range, and power handling in a single enclosure. By its very nature dramatically reduces the number of cabinets and amplifiers needed for any given event.
  • Next is the TH-221, or "Cine-Monster," a tapped-horn sub with twin 21-inch excursion transducers for exceptional low bass that commercial cinemas and high-end home theaters need to capture the audio thrills audiences expect from today's movies and concerts experiences. The TH-221 is the only commercial subwoofer on the market that delivers concert level output to 20 Hz. Other applications include touring, event staging and club systems.
  • Rounding out the group is the lightweight and portable TH-212 subwoofer with two 12-inch waterproof drivers. This model can be ordered with handles and wheels for touring applications, or a variety of fly points for permanent installations such as houses of worship, commercial theaters, live music venues and high-end home theaters. At only 15 inches high, the TH-212 can easily fit under a stage. A pair of these subs makes for an ultra compact 30-inch tall, high-powered directional bass array.
  • All Danley speakers come in a weatherized finish as standard. Powered versions are also available. Be sure to stop in the Danley demo room at InfoComm to hear, not only the subs but also, the complete line of full-range loudspeakers, and hear why Danley Sound Labs brings you "Low and Loud" like no other company on Earth!

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