New Products June 2008

New Products June 2008
  • Extron Electronics' IPL T PC1 AC power and device controller with IP Link provides automated AC power control and RS-232 and IR device control through a computer network using a web browser for AV and IT applications. The controller uses Extron IP Link technology to provide flexible, web-based power and device management. The IPL T PC1 controller can be configured using Global Configurator, Extron's free configuration software. The IPL T PC1 is easily integrated alongside other IP Link products and can be remotely managed and controlled using the free GlobalViewer web application.

Paradigm has introduced its fourth generation of PDR subwoofers with design enhancements and added features that deliver the superb definition and deep bass impact for which this lineup has long been known-as well as subtle improvements to the models' external appearance. New to both the PDR-8 and PDR-10 are reinforced polymer-composite cones on the 8-inch and 10-inch single forward-firing drivers. The new cone material ensures excellent rigidity and superb internal damping. Two RCA line-level inputs have been added to accommodate L/R line or sub-outputs as well as LFE-outputs for receivers, processors, and other line-level sources.

TOA A-2000 Series Mixer/Amplifiers

TOA Electronics' new models are engineered for high performance and are lightweight, easy to install, and ideal for a wide-range of commercial applications. The A-2000 Series offers a wide range of power outputs from three models: A-2060, A-2120, and A-2240. All models in the series offer wide frequency response, low noise and distortion, and output regulation. In addition to bass and treble tone control, the A-2000 Series offers an auto-mute function that allows microphone and telephone paging inputs to override the auxiliary inputs.

SMART Collaboration Platforms

SMART Technologies announces three new product platforms specifically targeted at corporate users who view collaboration as a business imperative--SMART Meeting Pro, SMART Hub SE, and SMART Hub PE. The three products combine with single or multiple SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SMART Board interactive displays to create connected meeting rooms where dispersed staff can instantly set up a data conference, write in digital ink over any application and save their work, share desktops and notes, and participate as if they were in the same room. SMART corporate solutions deliver the power to redefine the way people communicate and work in today's global economy.

Dynacord VariLine VL 62

The Dynacord Variline range delivers acoustic performance and multi-functional hardware accessories for permanent install and mobile applications. The VL 62 full range cabinet features a neodymium 6.5-inch woofer and a one-inch compression driver mounted to a CAD-optimized 90x40 rotateable horn for high SPL applications where minimal footprint is a maximum concern. VL 62's 16-Ohm operation allows up to eight cabinets to be connected in parallel to any Dynacord amplifier, allowing large-distributed systems for high-end retail and entertainment environments to be realized efficiently. Coupled with Dynacord Power-H remote control DSP amplifiers, FIR presets optimize performance, resulting in linear-phase and equal magnitude response over the operating bandwidth of 90Hz-20kHz.

SVSi voLANte

Southern Vision Systems' (SVSi) voLANte system requires no complex integration--just plug the transmitter in to a digital video interface source and it transports synchronized digital video and audio to an unlimited number of HDTVs over unlimited distances using common network switches and extenders. Multiple streams of high-resolution HD movies or computer graphics can be transmitted point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or daisy-chained for professional audiovisual applications.

Crestron Cameo

Crestron's Cameo keypads feature new finished, rounded buttons with enhanced tactile action, and auto-dimmable backlit engraving. Custom configurable button caps are provided in three sizes, enabling the choice of two to six individual buttons per keypad. Cameo keypads combine powerful control and modern elegance. Cameo faceplates now feature consistent, bright white backlighting, designed to illuminate new laser-engraved text that can be added to any Cameo button. The Cameo uses fiber-optics to provide illumination so the text is legible in a dark or even dimly lit room.

SSL Matrix

Solid State Logic's Matrix offers a combination of mixing console, signal router, and workstation controller ideal for post production studios and television and radio broadcast facilities with rooms based entirely around a DAW. Matrix is an analog 16-channel, 40-input mixing console with built-in signal router and multi-layer digital workstation control. It is designed to bring the soul of analogue sound into the process of digital workflow by providing the tools to work effectively in both domains simultaneously.

Martin Audio W8VDQ

Martin Audio's W8VDQ compact, three-way system combines line array and differential dispersion technologies to provide an advanced solution for even coverage over wide angles and throw distances. The system has been designed to provide a short-throw horizontal dispersion of 120 degrees, narrowing to 100 as the throw increases. The vertical differential directivity creates progressively more HF output as throw distance increases. The resulting dispersion pattern is ideally suited to covering audiences located on flat, or gradually sloping surfaces.

Da-Lite 3D Virtual Black Projection Screen

Da-Lite Screen Company's 3D Virtual Black projection screen material is designed exclusively for 3D rear screen applications. Specifically designed and dedicated as the first rear screen 3D projection fabric in the industry, 3D Virtual Black features polarization preserving properties engineered by Da-Lite Screen company's research chemists. When the projection screen extinction is infinite, the polarization preservation is perfect. The result is a new dimension in 3D passive stereoscopic viewing.

Bag End PM6

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems' PM6 is the self-powered version of its popular M6, a small, modestly priced monitor with exceptional quality. The PM6 is an excellent choice for broadcast, recording studio, and post-production monitoring applications. The PM6 carries the further distinction of being self-powered, thanks to a built-in 100-watt internal amplifier that weighs just 0.5 pounds. The PM6 is a very compact package, measuring just 14 inches high by nine inches high by nine inches deep. It is loaded with a 6-inch high performance coaxial driver with a 1-inch coaxially mounted neodymium magnet, soft dome tweeter and weighs just 18.5 pounds.

Galaxy Audio Headset And Lapel Mics

Galaxy Audio offers a complete line of headset and lapel mics that are compatible with all Any Spot wireless mic systems as well as wired systems using the optional phantom body pack. Additionally, a wide variety of connector options make the mics compatible with virtually all brands of wireless mic systems. Both omni- and unidirectional types are available. Lightweight attachment systems include single ear hook, dual ear hook, and wrap around designs as well as combination headset/lapel and dedicated lapel types.

FBT HiMaxx Series

FBT expands the HiMaxX series, the professional powered polypropylene moulded speaker systems, adding to the HiMaxX 40a, 12-inch/2-way biamp configuration, the new HiMaxX 60a, 15-inch/2-way biamp configuration, and the HiMaxX 100Sa, 18-inch Band-Pass active subwoofer dedicated to the series. The HiMaxX 100Sa is an 18-inch band-pass active subwoofer built in 18mm birch plywood enclosure, finished with antiscratch paint. Equipped with a 900W, PWM Class D power amplifier and switch mode power supply, the HiMaxX 100Sa is compact and lightweight thus facilitating transport and versatility. Stereo connection and hipass filter are also equipped.

Stage Research USB Relay Input/Output Boards

Stage Research's full-feature 8-channel USB relay input and output boards SFX via TCP/IP. This allows the boards to be on the same computer or on an entirely different computer that SFX is on. As long as the board is visible via the network, SFX will be able to control it. The Input board is designed to take external switch control and send script commands directly to SFX, which will allow users to set up an external control device to trigger events in SFX. It has a standard 25 pin female connector for custom wiring into any external switching device.

Hosa Da-Cappo Microphones

Hosa Technology, distributor of Da-Cappo Micro Microphones throughout the Americas, has announced that the Da-Cappo DA12 Single-ear microphone, the DA04 Lavaliere microphone, and the DA11, The Stick, microphone are now shipping. Utilizing a water-resistant, European designed 2.5 mm diameter capsule, these Omni directional microphones deliver extremely natural sounding, full 20 Hz - 20 kHz frequency response. The Da-Cappo DA12 features the company's European-designed 2.5 mm diameter capsule for full frequency audio performance.

Avlex Superlux PRA-618M

The Avlex Superlux PRA-618M professional gooseneck microphone features a miniature dynamic capsule that has the advantages of a super-cardioid polar pattern. Benefits of this design include a tailored vocal frequency response and the ability to pick up from a greater distance while delivering higher gain before feedback. The result is a versatile conference-type microphone that is ideal for speech reinforcement in a broad range of installed sound applications. With high gain before feedback, the new PRA-618M delivers plenty of level without one having to be positioned uncomfortably close to the microphone.

SurgeX SEQ Sequencer

SurgeX has redesigned its flagship sequencer and power conditioner, the SEQ, to provide even greater control for today's AC power platforms. The SEQ incorporates all the latest SurgeX technologies including advanced series mode surge elimination, impedance tolerant EMI/RFI filtering, SurgeX ICE Inrush current elimination and catastrophic over/under voltage shutdown. The latest generation SEQ features a sharper, easier to read, display and enhanced software. New features include a 12 volt DC output that can be programmed to control an additional remote system, and the ability to program additional always-on outlets.

Aurora Multimedia VTune Pro HD

Aurora Multimedia's VTune Pro HD delivers a total tuning solution for any integrated system, whether it requires legacy NTSC tuning or ATSC/QAM capability. The new tuner is also LAN addressable and IPTV ready, capable of decoding MPEG2 and H.264. Intuitive RS232 command sets provide reliable 2-way communication via traditional control systems, but it also provides IP-based control for networked arrays of these units. A host of video output ports will support composite video, component video, RGB, and HDMI. Audio will be supported with both unbalanced RCA connections and SPDIF coaxial digital audio. The VTune Pro HD defines versatility as it can be fit into nearly any integrated system typology.

Analog Way Broad Scan Range

Analog Way's Broad Scan range is a broadcast and professional computer to video and high definition TV scan converter family. Fitted with digital DVI and analog RGB inputs, Broad Scan HD, Broad Scan SDI, and Broad Scan convert Workstation, PC, or Mac graphic images up to 1600x1200 into NTSC/PAL video or HDTV formats. The Broad Scan range features powerful broadcast Genlocks. Genlocks inputs are fitted with a loop through output allowing chaining devices. The Broad Scan range outputs different signals at the same time in one selected output format. It also outputs Luma Key signals.

Gator Essentials Line

Gator has released an entire new line of rack accessories, one of the options in the new line are rack drawers. Gator offers standard drawers, keyboard drawers and a wireless microphone drawer. All drawers are cold roll 16 gauge steel construction with black powder coated finish and include mounting hardware. The Standard drawers are fully enclosed and are available in 2U, 3U, or 4U sizes. The drawers feature lock knock-outs with lock and key included, two 2-inch rubber grommets for rear access and spring-loaded latches.

Comprehensive HDMI Switchers

The Comprehensive CSW-HDMI210 and CSW-HDMI410 are digital routing switchers that provide a fully tested and compliant way to switch between signals that use HDMI copy protection. HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p are supported. These products maintain the signal components present within the encoded signal and allow the user to easily select program material without plugging and unplugging cables. The CSW-HDMI210 offers two inputs while the CSW-HDMI410 offers four and can both be controlled via the front panel or the included infrared remote control.

Altinex MultiTouch

Altinex is broadening its presence in AV control systems with the introduction of the new MultiTouch line of touch screen panels. With seven models featuring an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the new MultiTouch product line is directly compatible with Altinex' MultiTasker modular AV system and can also be used with other manufacturers' equipment. Each MultiTouch panel provides a wealth of connectivity options designed to provide maximum flexibility for controlling today's sophisticated AV systems. Each panel is provided with dual RS-232 ports, two network ports, two to four USB ports, along with a built in wireless access network plus Bluetooth.

Vaddio Quick-Connect CCU

Vaddio's Quick-Connect CCU enables you to adjust iris, gain, color, and detail with the turn of a knob. You can finally take control of PTZ camera image output--allowing you to easily adjust each camera individually and match multiple cameras. In addition, there are two scene store buttons, allowing the user to save specific color matched images, such as day and night, lighting changes, or multi locations. Tally indicators are located on the front of each Quick Connect CCU, allowing the user to obtain a visual indicator of a live camera.

TV One S2-108HD

The S2-108HD 8-input SD/HD-SDI Switcher is the latest addition to TV One's CORIOflex system. Capable of switching between eight separate inputs of SD-SDI or HD-SDI signals, this new unit addresses the constantly evolving needs of the commercial AV and broadcast markets since it may be used standalone or added to a CORIOflex system. The S2-108HD can also be used as a standalone routing switcher and is fully compliant to SMPTE 292M and 259M. Automatic reclocking and equalization of the incoming signal is employed by the unit for HD-SDI sources from distances of 200m and SD-SDI sources from distances up to 300m.

Allen & Heath ZED FX Models

Allen & Heath's two new additions to the ZED range of small-format USB mixers for live performance, recording, and production are now shipping and available in stores. The ZED-12FX and ZED-22FX retain the same professional feature set as other models in the range with the addition of a comprehensive section of in-house designed effects. ZED's effects are divided into four types: tap tempo delays, short reverbs, long reverbs, and modulation.

Speco Cameras

Speco Technologies is introducing familiar looking cameras with full on screen display (OSD) control of all major functions. These cameras will be a favorite of installers because they will be able to tweak an installation to perfection. OSD controls include: advanced 100 point BLC; camera titles; day/night threshold and levels; advanced color settings; privacy screens; contrast/sharpness/etc.; lens type; shutter type; and mirror image. All models feature 540 lines of resolution, 0.5 lux low light sensitivity and 12V DC operation. Mounting brackets and a five-year warranty are included.

Hitachi CP-X Series

Hitachi introduced three new LCD projectors: the CP-X201, CP-X301, and CP-X401. All three models feature a new 2,000-hour filter and offer a lower total cost of ownership to schools in K-12 and higher education, thanks to high performance and a variety of technological advantages unique to Hitachi projectors. The CP-X201, CP-X301, and CP-X401 vary in brightness, but all weigh a 7.7 pounds and are easy to install or use on a cart top. The three models feature 7 Watts of built-in audio, eliminating the need for external speakers.

Gefen HDMI RS-232 Cat-5 Extender

When high definition video displays, touchscreens, and computer monitors need to be extended away from their source or mounted in a remote location, Gefen's HDMI RS-232 Cat-5 extender enables a simple method of signal delivery. With RS-232 and an IR back channel delivered alongside HDMI, users can adjust their displays, change settings and access AV sources from up to 50 meters in distance. Long-distance source control through the display is ideal for digital signage installations where AV equipment is located in rack-mounted spaces away from the viewing area.

Sharp Digital Signage Software Package

Sharp has introduced the Digital Signage Software Package, comprising the PN-SS01 digital signage software and optional PN-SV01 viewer software. The PN-SS01 software enables content to be programmed, delivered and displayed while the complementary PN-SV01 viewer software automatically accepts programming from the PN-SS01 on a USB flash drive for remote playback on additional PCs and the Sharp "PN" series of Professional LCD monitors. The PN-SS01 software programs digital posters, billboards, full-motion video information, animation, and real-time news and weather reports. It is compatible with many multimedia sources including movies, flash animations, audio, and still images.

Adder Cat-x KVM Switch

Adder's AdderView Cat-x 1000 is a compact, multiplatform KVM switch with audio support that allows a user to control up to 16 computers connected to the Cat-x switch via Cat-5 cable locally at the switch or remotely up to 1,000 feet away. The use of Cat-x cable from the computer to the switch allows for a much smaller switch, greatly reduced cable bulk and more flexibility. Part of the Cat-x Series of Adder KVM devices, the Cat-x 1000 has been designed to minimize space requirements where space is at a premium and maximize flexibility both in use and location. One or two of the KVM switches can be rack mounted and cascaded with other Cat-x 1000s to support up to 256 computers.

Sanyo LCD Multimedia Projectors

Sanyo is introducing two new LCD multimedia projectors, the PLC-ET30L and PLC-XT21/L, to its T Series of high brightness, high resolution projectors for the education and business presentation markets. Offering a full 1400x1050 resolution and 10-Bit digital gamma correction, the PLC-ET30L makes it possible to project high-quality high definition images from virtually any location. At 4200 lumens, this extremely bright projector is perfect for delivering a PC-based presentation with high quality graphics and images or displaying high-resolution video.

Panasonic WhisperGreen Premium

Panasonic Home & Environment Company has expanded its WhisperGreen Premium ventilation fans with two new models, FV-08VKSL1 and FV-08VKML1, both which offer a new light and nightlight features. WhisperGreen ventilation fans, which are Energy Star rated and HVI certified, are designed with Panasonic's DC motors, built-in controls and now have added lights, using two 18-watt Panasonic compact fluorescent bulbs. The WhisperGreen FV-08VKML1 features Panasonic's SmartAction motion sensor.

MultiDyne HD-3000

MultiDyne's HD-3000 3Gb/s fiber optic transport solution features the Gennum 3Gb/s video optical module. The Gennum 3Gb/s video optical solution used in MultiDyne's HD-3000 Series 3Gb/s serial digital video fiber optic transport link supports the new 1080p progressive 3Gb/s high-definition format, and enables the HD-3000 to ease the engineering and financial difficulties associated with the migration to digital and high-definition television. MultiDyne's HD-3000 series provides an economical solution for the fiber optic transport and distribution of virtually any digital signal from 5 Mb/s to 3 Gb/s.

Liberty Wire & Cable Direct Burial Cable

Liberty Wire & Cable has announced a full family of rugged and versatile Direct Burial Cables to provide solutions for a broad range of outdoor applications. The Direct Burial products include varieties of category, coax, speaker, and LibertyLinx Control cable. All can be installed directly in the earth without underground conduits. They deliver performance under the toughest conditions at runs up to 1,000 feet, and are UV-rated for sunlight resistance. Liberty's direct burial category cable includes Cat-5E, a 24 AWG variety with a solid copper center conductor and a 1,000 Megabit data rate.

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