New Products May 2008

New Products May 2008
  • Extron Electronics is now shipping the DVI 101 and HDMI 101. These convenient, economical DVI and HDMI cable equalizers make it possible to send single link DVI or HDMI signals over substantially greater distances than with unequalized DVI or HDMI cables. They attach to the end of a long DVI or HDMI cable run of up to 200 feet, and automatically provide the necessary active equalization to ensure optimal image quality with HDTV 1080p and high resolution computer-video signals up to 1920 x 1200.

QSC's GX Series amplifiers consist of two professional models outfitted with feature sets and power ratings designed to meet the requirements of popular passive loudspeakers. At eight ohms, the GX3 and GX5 are rated at 300 and 500 watts respectively, offering the continuous power capacity needed for a majority of common passive loudspeakers in use today.

Antex XM100 XM Receiver

The XM-100 from Antex Electronics is the first commercial XM Satellite Radio tuner available with advanced features and functionality designed especially to meet the professional needs of retailers, hotel and conference center managers, and other businesses looking for professionally programmed commercial-free entertainment. The XM-100 delivers all the advantages of XM Satellite Radio's more than 170 digital channels in a receiver fashioned with unique features for the business customer.

ITSENCLOSURES Viewstation Family

ITSENCLOSURES' Viewstation family of products, which includes the Viewstation, the Double-Sided ViewStation, and the Coverstation, are designed to meet indoor and outdoor applications and protect displays from theft, vandalism, and the elements, at venues such as airports, hotels, stadiums, arenas, shopping malls, universities, and convention centers. ViewStation, the flagship product of the line, is designed specifically to protect standard size, large format LCD displays.

AVerMedia AVerVision CP300

AVerMedia's AVerVision CP300 interactive portable document camera presents new network sharing capability, where access to live images and control of a document camera can be performed in any classroom or location on a school campus. New interactive software and enhanced image quality have been added to this new design. The ability to display documents, 3D objects, microscopic images, and more through virtually any multimedia projector, monitor or TV enhances visual learning and retention.

Minicom SmartRack Series

Minicom Advanced Systems' new modular KVM switch/drawer consoles, the SmartRack 116 and 116IP, allow for centralized control of up to 16 computers from one 1U rack station. The new SmartRack series is designed as a modular system, allowing for user upgrades without replacing the whole rack unit, and come standard with 17-inch TFT LCD screens. The first two modules to be introduced will be the Smart 116, for standard local analog switching, and the Smart 116IP, adding remote access.

Mitsubishi 500 Series Projectors

Mitsubishi Digital's 500 series projectors include XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) projectors with its XD500U at 2200 lumens; XD510U at 2600 lumens; XD520U at 3000 lumens; and an SVGA model, SD510U at 2200 lumens. These new 500 family projectors are designed to perfectly match brightness requirements in boardrooms, offices, classrooms, and other well-lit environments. Each projector has a six-segment color wheel that provides overall color with a dynamic lamp power design that automatically adjusts light output.

Cloud Systems And Avocent Solutions

Cloud Systems' atmospherics software is a control platform for integrating routing solutions from multiple manufacturers into one easy to use system. Facility managers can now have seamless integration with Avocent's KVM solutions and a wide array of routing solutions provided by other third-party manufacturers. Cloud Systems' atmospherics solution provides a platform with browser based user interfaces, making it easy to configure, control and manage access to any resource in the facility, at any signal level.

Avlex PA-200 Power Amp

The Avlex PA-200 power amplifier is a single space, Class G design that is a more efficient version of a Class AB amplifier that uses rail switching to decrease power consumption and increase efficiency. The PA-200 features detented level input controls, two dual speed cooling fans, noise-free soft start power up, and LED indicators for power, signal, clip, and protect mode. The input connectors are quarter inch TRS and XLR. The output connectors are Speakon plugs.

SPC Custom Equipment Protection

Specialized Products Company has introduced protective custom foam inserts to ensure precise organization and safe transportation of tools and sensitive equipment. Once a customer has selected an SPC case to fit their requirements, SPC's product managers will then custom build the secure tool or equipment inserts for an exact fit from a variety of high-quality foam type options. Tools and test equipment, which can also be purchased through SPC, are carefully measured and specified for precise die-cut mounting.

JBL VRX Series

JBL Professional's VRX932LAP 12-inch powered loudspeaker and the VRX918SP 18-inch powered subwoofer incorporate the same engineering found in JBL's VERTEC line arrays and offer built-in amplification from Crown. Utilizing the JBL DrivePack DPC-2 amplification system designed in cooperation with Crown, both models are fully self-contained, powered loudspeakers. Designed for use in arrays of up to five units, the VRX932LAP is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed but the venue size does not call for the long-throw characteristics of large line array systems.

Shure's UR1M Micro-Bodypack

Shure's new UR1M Micro-Bodypack offers wireless audio in a package half the size of the company's UR1 Bodypack and weighing 70 percent less. Operating on the Shure UHF-R wireless platform, the subminiature device delivers crystal-clear audio and a 60-75 MHz tuning range, twice that of any other bodypack on the market. Tunable in 25 kHz increments and providing a sum total of 3,000 selectable frequencies, the UR1M additionally offers selectable 10mW or 50mW RF power.

Bosch CCS 800 Ultro Discussion System

Bosch Security Systems has updated its CCS 800 Ultro Discussion System with built-in MP3 recording capability to enable record and playback of actual to-the-minute meeting proceedings. The MP3 recording facility has been added to enable digital recordings of sessions to be made for later playback or archiving. Built into the system's control unit, the MP3 audio recorder enables users to record MP3-compatible audio recordings on individual secure digital cards. The recordings can be played back via a monitor loudspeaker integrated into the control unit or via the Bosch CCS 800 Ultro tabletop unit.

Peerless SmartMount 600 Series

Peerless' SmartMount 600 Series of flat and tilt wall mounts for flat panel screens incorporate a unique set of features that work seamlessly together to make installation faster and easier. Getting a flat panel screen mounted to the wall has never been easier with the completely redesigned next-generation SmartMount 600 Series. The open wall plate architecture delivers a spacious six inches of vertical space, and up to 32.62 inches of horizontal space that provides plenty of room for cables, cords, and electrical gang boxes to be placed within the plate's perimeter.

OnSSI IP Video Management Solution

The OnSSI IP video control and management solution integrates camera control functions, NVR, virtual matrix, intelligent video delivery, and content analysis in one software platform. OnSSI software pushes critical video content, as determined in the set-up, from any of the five cameras to the attention of the security staff. Additionally, access to video is enabled via a variety of intelligent video delivery clients, from handheld devices such as smart phones, laptops, and PDAs to a full-scale video wall virtual matrix display.

Sanyo PLC-XW60 Projector

Sanyo's PLC-XW60 projector features automatic keystone correction, automatic input signal detection, an adjustable color mode for projecting on different surface colors, and an easy-off function that allows users to pull the plug and store the projector without waiting for a cool-down cycle. The small and lightweight projector has been designed for widespread use by those on the go such as traveling businessmen, as well as in corporate offices and classrooms.

Renkus-Heinz EASERA SysTune

Renkus-Heinz's EASERA SysTune is a new software-based measurement system that measures time-domain and frequency-domain simultaneously using live program material while an audience is present. EASERA SysTune is purpose-designed for real-time live-sound applications. Like previous source-independent measurement software, EASERA SysTune provides frequency displays for input spectrum and transfer function.

JVC VN-V686U PTZ Network Dome Camera

JVC's VN-V686U pan/tilt/zoom network dome camera, developed for critical security applications, combines JVC's direct drive motor technology with unparalleled image processing. The VN-V686U precisely maintains operator assigned preset camera positions even after frequent panning and tilting-especially important with its high zoom ratio. The VN-V686U features 36x optical zoom lens with a focal length of 3.4mm to 122mm, for clear long-range images.

SP Controls Pixie Control Panels

SP Controls' Pixie control panels, designed for simple control of projectors or other AV equipment, are wall-mounted and emulate the functions of handheld remotes. Each Pixie can provide between two and six buttons for device control. One Pixie can control two or more display devices. Pixie devices are easy to assemble and set up, using a variety of button modules, which are placed on the Pixie circuit board and held in place with a bezel.

Digital View ViewStream 300

Digital View's ViewStream 300 is an easy to use solid-state digital media player for in-store retail promotion. Features include high definition output from standard definition video content, 1280 x 960 resolution JPEG images, and advanced content scheduling capabilities. The ViewStream 300 is the latest advance in Digital View's family of media players that connect to LCD or plasma monitors and TVs, and includes all of the advanced ViewStream features such as data logging, USB content update, and event triggering options.

Sennheiser EM 3732 Twin Receiver

The new flagship of Sennheiser's 3000 Series, the EM 3732 offers automatic scanning functionality, choice of five frequency ranges, transmitter synchronization via infrared interface, flexible analogue and digital connection options, and strong audio quality. The EM 3732 receiver features six user-selectable fixed frequency banks and one user bank with up to 60 channels that can be programmed in increments of 5kHz. The EM 3732 automatically searches for free frequencies within a frequency bank.

NTI Digirator DR2

NTI's Digirator DR2 is a reference grade signal generator for digital audio. The DR2 provides all common digital audio test signals, and stereo- and multi-channel-formats. The Digirator DR2 generates a variety of digital audio signals, such as sine, sweep, chirp, or noise with adjustable levels and frequencies. The synthesized test signals are generated up to 24 bit resolution and all standard sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz, thus also supporting next generation digital audio.

TV One C2-2000 Series

TV One has added HD-SDI to 5 of the 10 units in the C2-2000 series. These units now feature HD-SDI along with DVI and analog inputs and outputs. The C2-2355A features HD-SDI up, down, and cross conversion. The C2-2205A and C2-2255A offer up and cross conversion, while the C2-2105A and C2-21555A provide down conversion. The C2-2355A universal converter's inputs consist of SD/HD-SDI, DVI-D, analog RGB/YPbPr via HD-15, YUV/YPbPr via 3-BNC, composite video via BNC, and YC.

EAW SB1002 Subwoofer

The EAW SB1002 is a large-format, dual-18-inch loaded subwoofer that can be groundstacked or easily flown via an integral rigging system, making it ideal for a wide range of high-output live and installed sound applications. The SB1002 offers a direct radiating design, with driver mounting that maximizes cone area and minimizes frontal area. The two 18-inch drivers, designed specifically for the SB1002, offer large voice coils as well as powerful neodymium magnet structures that also reduce weight.

Symetrix Processor Upgrades

Symetrix has issued free software upgrades for its Deuce 722 and Zone Mix 760 single-rack space processors. Both units incorporate the technology of Symetrix' SymNet brand of open-architecture DSP systems and deliver the optimal feature set and I/O count needed for restaurants, hotels, sports bars, nightclubs, retail, and public address. Version 2.1 of the Deuce 722 and version 2.1.1 of the Zone Mix 760 are compatible with Microsoft's new Vista operating system and add support for EAW's Smaart software.

Wohler WohlerPlus Processors

Wohler's WohlerPlus line of modular audio processors are for digital broadcasting, whether for terrestrial broadcasting, video over IP, cable, or satellite. Intended to address the entire audio signal chain within digital broadcast operations, the highly configurable WohlerPlus units give users the specific processing capabilities they need rather than the all-or-nothing functionality of dedicated processing systems.

Video Mount Products Mount Kit

Video Mount Products' LCD-PV Public View LCD monitor mount kit includes all the necessities required and desired for public view monitoring. The mount provides two mounting points for camera bracket, rotates 260 degrees, is adjustable from -5 degrees to a +30 degree tilt, the mast telescopes 18 inches to 30 inches from ceiling, and it holds most 10- to 37-inch monitors.

Revolabs Fusion Wireless Mic System

Revolabs' Fusion wireless microphone system is designed for use in small conference rooms around the world. Revolabs Fusion System comes in a compact, good-looking enclosure that is pre-programmed with all of the software necessary to function immediately. Users simply plug Fusion into a power outlet, plug a cable into a phone line or a video-conferencing system and begin using the wireless microphones. The product supports both the regular Revolabs Solo wireless microphones as well as the Revolabs RF-Armor wireless microphones, which are impervious to radio frequency interference.

Sony VPL-E Series

Sony is expanding its family of entry-level LCD front projectors with four new models, including its first compact widescreen version. The new projectors represent the latest generation of Sony's VPL-E series. They range from the VPL-EX50 model with 2500 lumens to the VPL-EW5 widescreen, VPL-EX5 and VPL-ES5 models all with 2000 lumens each. The VPL-EX50 and VPL-EX5 models offer native XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, while the VPL-ES5 unit features SVGA 800 x 600 resolution. For widescreen projection, the VPL-EW5 model has WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution.

ICM One-Piece BNC Connectors

ICM's new one-piece, high definition BNC compression connector is a secure and easy-to-install solution for patch panel, broadcast jumpers, and rack mount installations. These new one-piece connectors feature ICM's 360-degree compression technology. This patented technology uses internal compression rings to create a connection on the coaxial wire and uses an improved insulator material with characteristics close to that of an air dielectric to ensure maximum return loss performance.

Yamaha NEXO RS15 Bass Cabinet

Yamaha's NEXO RS15 low-profile high-output, modular, scalable bass cabinet is the first in the RS Series. The RS15 is capable of operating in both omni-directional and cardioid modes. Comprised of a 15-inch transducer with a frequency response of 35Hz to 200Hz in omni or 35Hz to 150Hz in directional mode and a sensitivity of 105db SPL, the RS15 is for system installations and touring requirements. The NEXO RS15 offers directive subwoofer coverage from a standard bass reflex architecture. Simply turning the cabinet vertically or horizontally will change its characteristics from omni to cardioid.

Elite Screens VMAX Plus3

The VMAX Plus3 is the latest addition to our line of large commercial electric projection screens. The VMAX Plus3 is made from 200- to 400-inch sizes to accommodate large presentation halls and community theaters with either a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. It uses Elite's MaxWhite 1.1 gain synthetic weave material that provides a wide diffusion cone for easy visibility in a large room presentation. Its internal infrared and radio frequency receivers streamline its appearance by eliminating the presence of external control units and their connecting wires.

InnovaSon Pro FX

Accompanying the launch of the Pro FX package, InnovaSon is introducing a number of optional add-ons. Further processing capability comes in the form of the UM-8PO universal output module, which combines analogue and digital processed outputs. Equipped with eight XLR outputs that are configurable as analog, AES, or even ADAT, each output benefits from a powerful and comprehensive range of processing including 31-band graphic EQ that is upgradeable via firmware updates. Another development is DioAV, an A-Net connectivity module developed in partnership with Aviom.

Hitachi CPX3 Projector

Hitachi's CPX3 3LCD mobile short-throw projector offers WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution and is specially designed for widescreen-format laptops and imaging applications that use 16:10 aspect ratios. The CPX3 features an HDMI terminal, allowing digital signals such as DVD players/recorders and HD to be transmitted digitally to the projector. Additionally, the CPX3 also offers a wide-angle lens, allowing the projector to be used close to the screen with no obstructions. It also allows for a large image to be projected in a small space.

Sharp Digital Signage Software Package

Sharp's digital signage software package comprises the PN-SS01 digital signage software and optional PN-SV01 viewer software. The PN-SS01 software enables content to be programmed, delivered, and displayed while the complementary PN-SV01 viewer software automatically accepts programming from the PN-SS01 on a USB flash drive for remote playback on additional PCs and the Sharp "PN" series of professional LCD monitors. The PN-SS01 software programs digital posters, billboards, full-motion video information, animation, and real-time news and weather reports.

Juice Goose Power Inspector

The Juice Goose Power Inspector plugs right into your wall outlet. The high frequency interference riding on your AC power line is converted to a signal that is amplified through a self-contained speaker. If there's high frequency interference on your AC line you can hear it. The electric power we receive in our homes and businesses should be 120 volts alternating 60 times per second. But, various sources including computer power supplies and light dimmers can inject other high-speed electrical impulses that "ride" on that 60-cycle wave.

Vaddio CeilingVIEW Camera

Vaddio's CeilingVIEW HD integrated ceiling document camera brings true high definition video quality to those projects where image quality and high resolution are critical. The HD camera is based on a Sony 2.1 Megapixel native HD imaging sensor capable of 1920 x 1080 at 1080i or 1280 x 720 at 720p. The HD image sensor provides precise color reproduction and edge focus, which is essential for displaying images on a large format HD monitor or for transmitting images through an HD videoconferencing system.

Lectrosonics WA520 Wireless Antenna

Speco Technologies' A-live is a new multi-room audio system. Play the same song file or audio playlist in up to six zones simultaneously from the same PC without any sharing restrictions or play multiple playlists from the same PC in different zones without appropriating any of A-live's 6 built-in source inputs. It also features a GUI interface that turns your PC or laptop into a master remote control. Multiple systems can be linked together and controlled via the same GUI and integrated networked audio streams directly from your PC to any zones.

Innovative SoundPanel

Innovative Sound Solution's SoundPanel is a portable, thin, lightweight loudspeaker that delivers exceptionally clear sound in a flat-panel design. The SoundPanel gives you the option to attach graphics or pictures to the front of the speaker without degrading the sound quality. The speakers disperse sound at nearly 180-degrees, spreading sound evenly throughout a room. This eliminates hot and cold spots can also minimize microphone feedback problems.

Sabine Phantom Mic Rider Pro

Sabine has expanded the Phantom Mic Rider Series with the introduction of the Phantom Mic Rider Pro. Like the original Phantom, the two new models are phantom-powered, inline signal processors that plug directly into handheld or gooseneck mics. These new versions have a lower power budget, which allows them to work with a broader range of mixers. Phantoms are designed to improve the microphone's performance by providing solutions to the challenges associated with poor mic technique or unattended sound systems.

OmniMount Moda Collection

OmniMount has added six new pieces to its Moda collection, offering a fresh alternative to conventional AV furniture. The stylish additions strike an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality with unique and contemporary designs. Each piece in the line, which includes the Vent 65, Silhouette 65, Silhouette 48, Echo 63, Echo 50, and Echo A3, features ample space for components and cable management.

One Systems 108IM Loudspeaker System

The new model 108IM all-weather loudspeaker system from One Systems is intended for outdoor as well as indoor installations that require high vocal intelligibility and accuracy. The new cabinet is fully optimized for outdoor applications such as football stadiums, baseball stadiums, racetracks, and other sports venues that require permanent installation in addition to direct-weather exposure. The unit consists of a single 8-inch woofer and ETS driver coupled to a fully rotatable high-frequency horn; it can also be supplied with a 75W three-tap line-matching transformer with either a 100V or 70.7V primary.

Christie DS+305 Digital Projector

Christie has expanded the company's single-chip DLP line of projectors with the addition of the Christie DS+305. The projector delivers video reproduction with new high bandwidth electronics including 10-bit image processing and PixelWorks DNX processing. It also features new optical improvements and the latest BrilliantColor multi-primary image processing for optimum color saturation. The Christie DS+305's versatility is well suited for intensive applications such as retail signage, high-resolution modeling or front projection control rooms. This portable SXGA+ projector delivers up to 3,300 ANSI lumens with a contrast ratio of 2000:1, and fits unobtrusively into small spaces.

QuStream Cheetah XR Switchers

QuStream's Cheetah XR series switchers offer full-feature routing in sizes from 288 x 288 to 864 x 864 for digital video using standard BNC I/O connectors. Cheetah XR series frames incorporate QuStream's latest-generation 144 x 144 matrix card which provides higher per-card signal I/O capacity, allowing higher matrix density than ever before with no increase in rack space. A full range of I/O cards allows connection of practically any signal type or signal combination. This includes mixed fiber and copper cabling in the same frame.

RGB Spectrum DGy Models

The RGB Spectrum DGy Models 201x and 401x now offer an optional capability to simultaneously record to the internal hard disk drive and an external network attached storage device. This exclusive dual recording feature provides automatic backup of recordings, offering convenience and peace of mind. The DGy Automatic Backup option also offers the flexibility to take the internal removable hard disk to another DGy unit at a remote location, leaving the first unit with access to the network drive.

Planar PD8130 And PD8150 Projectors

Planar Systems is expanding its arsenal of video display solutions as the PD8130 and PD8150 1080p single-chip projectors bring a new level of performance and design elements yet available at its price point. Planar's PD8150 and PD8130 projectors have a myriad of options.

Avocent DVI And USB Matrix Switching System

Avocent Corporation's digital KVM and USB matrix switching for the Emerge ECMS4000 extender and Emerge DM2000 desktop manager products now offer switching and extension of audio, digital video, mass storage, and USB human interfaces for use within high definition video edit suites, allowing strategic placement of business critical workstations. These digital KVM matrix switching products allow valuable equipment to be secured in the machine room where it is kept cool and clean, and is secure from physical interference and unwanted software downloads. Based on a gigabit ethernet switch fabric, computer resources can be accessed on-demand by engineers, designers, and support personnel.

Rise Vision RDN Service

Rise Vision has issued the Spring 2008 release of its Rise Display Network service. Quarterly updates are one of the significant benefits of RDN, and are included in the subscription price. Because RDN is a web-based system, new versions of the software are automatically installed on display devices, ensuring that users benefit immediately. New features for this quarter's upgrade focus on improving ease of use of file management and adding support for LED ticker content management.

Clear-Com Concert Software-Based Intercom System

Clear-Com Communication Systems recently delivered intercom solutions for the desktop PC with the introduction of its first software-based intercom system, Clear-Com Concert. Based on VoIP technology, Clear-Com Concert's enhanced audio features deliver sound and non-blocking communications over a standard LAN or internet between local and remote users. This eliminates the need for picking up a phone or connecting to a conference bridge. An interface facilitates ad-hoc communications and makes the user the conductor of his or her own audio conference with easy drag-and-drop functionality and simple point-and-click controls.

Analog Way Tetra-VIO

Analog Way new Universal up and down scaler, Tetra VIOTM is a versatile AV switcher/converter/interface with three universal inputs and a SD/HD-SDI input. It accepts a large range of formats, from computer to video and HDTV, in analog or digital format, and provides a large range of connectors. The output provides the same diversity of formats, and the same type of signals and connectors. Each of the three universal inputs features an active loop through for easy control of the sources. Equipped with an Analog Genlock input with an active loop through, Tetra-VIO offers a choice between SDTV Black Burst and Black HD-YUV.

Pantel LCD HDTVs

Pantel now offers two LCD HDTVs in 32- and 42-inch screen sizes. Pantel outdoor weatherproof LCD HDTVs are perfect for commercial applications such as amusement parks, concert venues, racetracks, sports arenas/stadiums, outdoor exhibitions, restaurants, bars, hotels, and more. Beyond being weatherproofed, Pantel TVs come complete with an industry leading RF wireless package that allows the user to broadcast HD audio and video wirelessly up to 150 feet.

Wegener Compel II

Wegener Corporation's Compel II network control system retains the patented features of the Compel network control system while adding new features designed to enhance the user interface and simplify operations for dynamic media distribution. Compel network control is used by content providers, private network operators, corporations, and broadcasters. The control system has been streamlined by unifying many different screens and utilities within a single, user-friendly, web-based graphical user interface. Using the web browser access, operators can control live and file-based media distribution networks from any web-enabled remote location.

Electrograph/Sony HD Videoconferencing Systems

Electrograph Systems has made available Sony's IPELA line of videoconferencing systems, including the new Sony PCS-XG80, the industry's first 1080i HD videoconferencing system. Sony's new PCS-XG80 sets the standard for HD videoconferencing as the industry's first 1080i HD system. Combined with a high frame rate of 60 fields per second, the new system delivers superb live video quality and a very natural alternative to face-to-face meetings, making it ideal for business environments, healthcare institutions, education establishments, and government bodies.

TV One RGB/YPbPr Distribution Amplifiers

The TV One-task 1T-DA-472 and 1T-DA 474 are high-quality distribution amplifiers that distribute two and four RGB/YPbPr signals. They can handle video bandwidth in excess of 500MHz and computer resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 at distances up to 300 feet from the source without signal deterioration. Both models are now shipping. The 1T-DA-472 and 1T-DA-474 provide VESA industry standard DDC bi-directional communications for host control of the downstream monitors. Video input/output connectors are HD-15 type and 3.5mm mini-stereo type for audio. The audio response is 20Hz to 20 KHz.

Sound Devices 788T

Sound Devices introduced a new addition to its 7-Series line of digital audio recorders, the 788T eight-track recorder. Designed specifically for multi-track on-location productions, the eight-track 788T features a significant expansion of input and output capability, eight full-featured microphone inputs and eight tracks of recording. The eight inputs, together with a thoroughly revised digital architecture, provide unprecedented recording flexibility. The added I/O, new digital architecture, and full feature-set of the 788T haven't compromised the compact size that has become a trademark of the 7-Series recorders. The 788T is built into a stainless-steel and aluminum chassis weighing less than four pounds.

Ross Video Vision Quattro

Ross Video launched Vision Quattro, a family of production switchers and is the next step in the evolution of the Vision series. Vision Quattro offers a choice of seven different control panel models, two rackframe sizes, and three configurations. The control panel models include the Vision 1 MLE 16 crosspoint button panel, Vision 1M MLE 24 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2 MLE 16 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2M MLE 24 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2X 2 MLE 32 crosspoint button panel, Vision 3 MLE 32 crosspoint button panel, and Vision 4 MLE 40 crosspoint button panel.

FOR-A HVS-5000 Switcher Series

FOR-A has introduced the HVS-5000 switcher series. This line of switchers expands on FOR-A's flagship HANABI series of switchers and offers three new model choices, the HVS-5200 with 2 M/E, the HVS-5300 with 3 M/E, and the HVS-5400 with 4 M/E. All switchers in the series are designed for both live and post production. And all models come standard with a touch panel controller. Users can operate all switcher functions through this feature, including editing the still store and sequence timeline and making color correction settings.

Planar LX Mariner Series

Planar Systems released the new Planar LX Mariner series. Designed with features to meet the challenges of marine environments, the Planar LX0801PTI, LX1201PTI, and LX1501PTI support the company's continued strategy to develop innovative display solutions for unique applications and other specialty markets. Previously, boat manufacturers had been limited to using proprietary, closed systems for many visualization and monitoring functions. Planar's Mariner series are open architecture, weatherproofed displays that enable greater flexibility for manufacturers and their customers.

NuVo Technologies NV-M3-500 Music Server

NuVo Technologies' newest music server more than triples the capacity of its predecessor, providing owners the ample disk space necessary to comfortably store their digital music at larger file capacities. The new NV-M3-500 music server, announced today, offers 500 GB of storage, an increase in capacity over NuVo's still-available 160 GB NV-M3 music server. Music lovers now have two music server options available from NuVo. Using Windows Media Player and the uncompressed WAV file format, users can enjoy playback with a bitstream identical to every bit of what they would get from a CD.

Gefen HDMI Distribution Amplifiers

Gefen's two new distribution solutions for digital high definition sources and displays using the HDMI format are available in distributions to four and eight displays. Both rack mountable units also enable the extension of HDMI audio and video beyond its specified limits over Cat-5 cable. The 1:4 and 1:8 HDMI Cat-5 distribution amplifiers include a sender unit that performs a seamless split of one HDMI input with delivery to multiple displays. Users have the option of ordering small, individual receivers for remote displays that must be placed a distance from the source.

Mitsubishi DX-ZD6UE Storage Unit

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Imaging Products Division has released its new DX-ZD6UE storage expansion unit for DX-TL4500U, DX-TL4700U, and DX-TL5000U DVRs. The expansion units may be used in a cascading network of 16 DX-TL5000U DVRs, increasing possible total storage to 368 terabytes-highest in the digital security industry. Like its predecessor the DX-ZD5UE, the DX-ZD6UE was designed to increase the storage capacity for the DX-TL5000U, DX-TL4700U, and DX-TL4500U series DVR recorders. However, the new units feature increased storage capacity in both one terabyte and 1.5 terabyte models. Up to 14 DX-ZD6UE units may be added to a single DVR for a possible combined total of 21 terabytes of additional storage.

Littlite Installation Series Task Light

Littlite is helping contractors, installers, and OEMs identify the best task light for projects and installations. The Lectern Assembly light is the newest Littlite product appearing in the installation series. The LA-18-HI features an 18-inch gooseneck light and dimmer that is pre-mounted and wired on a flat mounting plate. The 5-watt, halogen lamp provides a bright light that can be dimmed to the users preference. The gooseneck light also includes a locking hood to prevent the hood or bulb from being removed. The gooseneck light can be removed from the mounting plate when not in use.

FiberPlex LightViper Shadow

FiberPlex introduced the company's new LightViper Shadow, a combined media fiber optic transport system. The Shadow is designed for live sound and broadcast production, fixed media installations and remote recording applications. The 2.5-GHz system will handle a variety of media, including audio, intercom, Ethernet, RS422/232/485 control, composite video, and TTL data. With optional component modules, DMX lighting control, MIDI, CANBUS, and other control data can also be handled. The Shadow's modular components may be used independently or in combination to achieve a virtually unlimited variety of system designs for transporting various media data over a fiber optic network.

Kramer VS-808DS Matrix Switcher And Scaler

Kramer Electronics' VS-808DS matrix switcher and scaler for composite video and unbalanced stereo audio signals allows users to simultaneously route any or all of its eight inputs to any or all of its eight outputs and to one scaled output. The VS-808DS matrix switcher/scaler offers advanced switching features for demanding video environments. 200MHz video bandwidth ensures transparent performance in the most critical applications, and the unit switches only during the vertical interval for glitch-free switching with genlocked sources. The VS-808DS provides audio-follow-video and breakaway switching options and can store up to eight setups to be recalled and executed when needed.

GLT Microlens

Global Lighting Technologies has introduced new LED-based high-brightness backlights that offer exceptional thinness--down to 0.4 mm or less, to provide the slimmest molded light guide BLUs available for backlighting LCDs in a wide array of consumer electronics products, as well as the keypads/keyboards used in mobile phones and laptop and desktop PCs. GLT's MicroLens light extraction technology and improved manufacturing processes are making light guide packages that are thinner than ever available to OEMs who need to meet the increasing consumer demand for smaller, slimmer size with no sacrifice in performance.

OnSSI NetDVMS 6.5 Enterprise-Scale NVR

On-Net Surveillance Systems has released its version 6.5 of NetDVMS, its network video recorder and camera management software, a key component in the newly-launched OnSSI Ocularis platform. NetDVMS 6.5 adds two-way audio functionality to the bundled NetGuard-EVS video client. Users are able not only to monitor and record audio from camera-connected microphones, but also stream audio from the control room to camera-connected sound systems, allowing two-way audio interaction with video-monitored persons. The new version supports different frame-rate video streams for live monitoring and recording, resulting in efficient data transport and reduced CPU loads on the video servers.

Gepco V-CON Video Connector System

Gepco International V-CON connector system is designed to withstand the harsh environments posed by outdoor broadcast, mobile production, and staging applications, the V-CON system provides the bandwidth and electrical performance for multi-channel HD interconnects in a durable, all-weather design. The core of the V-CON system, Gepco V-CON connectors feature an all-metal body, locking set-screw, and integrated cord grip-all in a weather-tight design. The 3GHz coaxial elements are constructed from stainless steel and 50u gold-plated contacts to prevent corrosion and ensure long mating life.

Adder Cat-X 1000 KVM Switch

Adder's AdderView Cat-X 1000 is a compact, multiplatform KVM switch with audio support that allows a user to control up to 16 computers connected to the switch via Cat-5 cable locally at the switch or remotely up to 1,000 feet away. The use of Cat-X cable from the computer to the switch allows for a much smaller switch, greatly reduced cable bulk and more flexibility. Part of the Cat-X series of Adder KVM devices, the Cat-X 1000 has been designed to minimize space requirements where space is at a premium and maximize flexibility both in use and location.

Riedel's VoIP Matrix Client Card

Riedel Communications will released its new, integrated Intercom-over-IP solution for the Artist Digital Matrix Intercom platform. It provides seamless intercom interfacing to IP based networks and allows matrix-to-matrix connections, matrix-to-control panel connections as well as the distribution of audio lines over IP. The new VOIP-108 G2 card converts eight Artist matrix ports into a compressed IP-stream and vice versa. A user can choose between a high-quality mode and a low-traffic mode.

Drawmer A2D2 Converter

The Drawmer A2D2, an AES Grade 1 dual stereo output analog-to-digital converter, offers dual simultaneous stereo outputs, each with separately selectable sample rates, and additionally provides three word clock outputs, allowing the A2D2 to also act as a master clock generator. For maximum flexibility, the stereo A/D converter in the A2D2 provides simultaneous dual stereo outputs that may each be selected to different sample rates, including 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176, and 192kHz. This permits, for example, the output of a high-resolution 192kHz version with a simultaneous lower resolution 44.1kHz version. Each digital output has a selectable word length of 16 or 24 bits, with automatic dither generation.

SKB Rolling Shock Rack

SKB's new 6U 20-inch rolling Shock Rack case (model number 3SKB-R06U20W) enhances previous SKB offerings by adding wheels and a sturdy pull handle, as well as updated TSA lock trigger latches and upgradeable elastomeric shocks. As with all SKB shockmount cases, the rolling Shock Rack provides a rotationally molded tough shell with integrally molded valiance, and it comes standard with eight elastomeric shocks. The load range can be enhanced by adding an additional shock on each mounting point.

Gator Accessories

Gator has released a new line of rack accessories, and one of the options in the new line are rack panels. Gator offers several styles of panels from perforated, vented, security, flanged, flat, fan panels, and more. All the panels are offered in 16 gauge cold rolled steel. The vented panels are slotted with elongated vent holes for air circulation and include a flange for rigidity. The perforated panels have 5/32-inch vent holes and also include a flange for rigidity.

Doremi Asset Manager Software

Doremi Labs' Doremi Asset Manager software is for ethernet file transfer of popular video files formats to Doremi's V1 line of HD video servers. DoremiAM will be available as a free download from Doremi's website. It simplifies the selection and transfer of video files such as QuickTime, MXF, AVI, and WMV to the V1 server's internal storage. The operator simply adds the desired files and image sequences to DoremiAM's clip database and the software will transparently handle the synchronization and transfer of content to the V1.

Wiremold/Legrand Evolution Series

Wiremold/Legrand's Evolution Series poke-thru devices offer a flush, all-metal cover assembly that allows easy device access with spring-loaded slide cable egress doors. These UL fire classified products maintain the fire rating of the floor slab for up to two hours, and feature TopGuard protection to meet scrub water exclusion standards. The Evolution 8AT Series device uses an 8-inch core hole and provides up to four gangs of power, communication, and AV capability.

AFC Industries Pneumatic Lift Wall Mount

AFC Industries' pneumatic lift wall mount is a space-saving workstation engineered for confined, high-traffic areas. The unit is ergonomically designed with a gas-spring height-adjustable mechanism for use while sitting or standing. Because of its easily adjusted features, it also is an ideal choice for computers shared by multiple users with different ergonomic needs.

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