MultiDyne VDA-2419 Video Distribution Amplifier -

MultiDyne VDA-2419 Video Distribution Amplifier

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Locust Valley, NY--At InfoComm 2012, MultiDyne will showcase its new VDA-2419, a HD-SDI fiber transceiver/video distribution amplifier (DA), designed for Ross Video openGear frames.

The VDA-2419 multirate SDI digital video distribution system is capable of distributing up to nine signals from a common input, or two groups of four signals from two inputs. The company will also demonstrate the ADA-2419 audio version of the card.

The VDA-2419 provides ease-of-use by incorporating an integrated cross-point matrix, allowing users to assign a given input signal to one or more outputs, as well as enable and disable outputs as the need arises. The unit ensures reliable operation through an automatic fail-over mode that switches to the second input if the signal in the first input fails or becomes corrupted. Optionally, the card can transmit and receive an SDI input signal via optical fiber for installations with mixed cable topologies or long distance transport in conjunction with multiple outputs.

"The VDA-2419 optical transceiver and video DA offers a unique integrated cross-point matrix to allow functionalities that aren't available on standard distribution products," said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne. "This new card provides users with the most effective solution for distributing video signals over fiber."

All of the card's outputs are non-inverting and ASI capable. An auto-mute feature allows users to silence any input whose signals are under 20Mbps. The VDA-2419 also includes two optional video SMB connectors, which enable users to monitor signals from the front of the card.

The VDA-2419 can be controlled locally or remotely via dip switches on the front edge or by utilizing the openGear DashBoard Management (DBM) software control user interface. Additionally, it includes a lock-out feature that prevents parameters from being changed remotely via DBM. Four options for rear panel I/O modules include 10 regular BNCs (1x9 or dual 1x4) and BNCs with optional SCs for optical I/O.


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