SynAudCon to Hold Three-Day Digital Seminar in CA

SynAudCon to Hold Three-Day Digital Seminar in CA

SynAudCon Digital is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to digital audio, digital signal processing, and IP networks. The seminar will take place in Buena Park, CA on September 26-28, 2016. This seminar is conveniently offered prior to the AES Convention, which will begin on September 29 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The three-day seminar presents the essential theory of digital audio and provides students with the opportunity to put theory into practice. Hands-on exercises include students learning how to build and troubleshoot computer networks. The theory and practices learned apply to both computer and audio networks.

“It is a challenge to keep up with the technology utilized in the digital audio landscape,” said Brenda Brown, SynAudCon. “Our goal is to reduce the learning curve by providing practical information. It is presented it in a way they can understand and the interactive exercises drive home the points.”

Attendees learn the principles of converting analog signals into a bit stream—the basis for understanding all digital audio data formats. The various digital audio formats are also explored along with instruction on how to select the appropriate format for any given application. Students learn the difference between fixed-point and floating-point processing, FIR versus IIR filter topologies, as well as some practical ways to compare DSP devices in order to sort through the myriad of offerings in the audio marketplace.

Because the tools of the trade for analog audio are not appropriate for digital audio, the seminar demonstrates the use of practical instrumentation for examining the digital signal path, including pc-based software tools. An understanding of the various digital audio network types and their differences allows students to select the right type of network based on the current and future requirements of the sound system.

Ethernet and its associated hardware is finding its way into all types of audio gear. A confusing landscape of compatibility has emerged. During the seminar, students learn concepts that are applicable to office networks as well as audio networks.

As an added bonus, the seminar offers a self-running demo that helps students educate themselves on sample rate and bit depth. A state-of-the-art headphone playback system allows students to see and hear the difference between 24/96 digital audio and 16/44.1 (CD quality). This bonus helps attendees make practical decisions regarding digital audio in their professional careers.

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