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Scala Ramps Up Audience Measurement Offerings

Scala has just announced that it is partnering with TruMedia Technologies, provider of real-time audience measurement and proactive advertising solutions, to provide the AlliO audience measurement system and AlliO Proactive Marketing Solution (PROM) to Scala Certified Partners.

AlliO PROM is an application programming interface (API) that enables real-time integration between the AlliO audience measurement system and Scala’s digital signage software platform. Using PROM, end users can adapt their digital signage content to match viewing audience demographics for proactive advertising. TruMedia’s AlliO uses sensors to analyze facial images of people watching the displays in real time, providing business-critical data such as audience counts, individual exposure times, and gender and age group demographics. This data can be used to select specific media appropriate for the audience. This allows for better media planning and targeted advertising.

“We are very impressed with TruMedia’s audience measurement solutions, and we are pleased to be able to offer Scala partners the opportunity to measure their viewing audience,” said Gerard Bucas, Chief Executive Officer of Scala. “Now they can accurately target their content to the viewer and maximize advertising effectiveness.”

“We are pleased to add Scala to our growing list of Premium PROM Partners” said Moti Gura, Chairman of TruMedia. “Proactive Marketing sets digital signage apart from any other medium by making it possible to target the ad to the viewing audience in real time and save precious advertising dollars.”

Three new features are available for Scala’s customers using Scala 5 Player (Release 5 or later):
• Targeted Carousel: Defines different play lists for the specific demographic groups; it then customizes the choice of ads from the carousel of play lists to target the current audience.

• Always Right: Uses several demographic-oriented versions of the same brand. When the brand is designated to play, the right demographic-oriented ad plays according to the audience on site.

• Play List Sync: Enables the generation of a per-ad audience report by uploading Scala playlogs into TruMedia’s portal (a Web-based reporting system).

In addition, Scala and TruMedia announced that Samsung’s PROM will be Scala-enabled.

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