Crestron Unveils New 64X64 DigitalMedia Switcher at ISE -

Crestron Unveils New 64X64 DigitalMedia Switcher at ISE

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In advance of its release next month, Crestron launched the new 64X64 DigitalMedia switcher, the latest addition to its digital AV network platform, at ISE in Amsterdam.

Crestron DigitalMedia is a complete, engineered digital AV distribution solution. The 64X64 DigitalMedia switcher (DM-MD64X64) is built to meet high-definition and analog AV distribution requirements for large commercial facilities such as stadiums, arenas, universities, and corporate enterprises. DM-MD64X64 is scheduled to ship on February 23rd.

The largest capacity DM switcher to date accepts, manages and distributes 64 AV sources of virtually any signal type across long and short distances over a Cat5e wire or fiber - all on a single platform. New Auto Locking technology delivers even faster switching times, so any noticeable switching gap is virtually eliminated. In addition to increased capacity, the 64X64 DM switcher delivers valuable new system features including an innovative modular blade I/O expansion system and a built-in 15-inch color touch screen.

“DM is a full and ever-expanding product line that is constantly evolving to meet the demanding requirements of the world’s top organizations and facilities,” said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron vice president of technology. “The new 64X64 system is just the next step in that evolution.”

A built-in 15-inch color touch screen enables complete setup and operation with button-touch simplicity. As a result, integrators and installers no longer need to setup and connect their PC to the switcher to perform configuration and troubleshooting. DM-MD64X64 also includes an onboard Web server, enabling full operation and monitoring through any web browser without the need for custom software.

Through a user-friendly graphical interface, integrators can direct the routing of AV signals and view resolution and format information for every input and output signal, including a live video image of any input. With the press of a button, the single-file update function updates all the firmware for every connected device, saving hours of upload time.

The intuitive touch screen also serves as a single point of control for diagnostic testing. Certified DM engineers & technicians can employ many time-saving diagnostic capabilities such as monitoring each i/o blade status, fan tray and power supply, detailed troubleshooting of every signal path, loading of custom EDID settings, control of transmitter and receiver settings, and backup and loading of the entire system configuration.

A new hot-swappable modular blade I/O expansion system makes it easy to configure, modify, and upgrade a DM system in the field, giving you the ability to make changes to the system as requirements change. Input and output blades are offered to support the choice of HDMI, DM 8G+ HDBaseT, DM 8G Fiber, and DM 8G Single-Mode Fiber.

Each blade provides eight inputs or outputs of any one type, and seamlessly integrates copper and fiber outputs on the same platform. DigitalMedia is the only solution that provides a fully integrated HDCP compliant fiber solution that also can be mixed and matched with copper on the same matrix.

Hot-swappable redundant power supplies ensure continuous operation in mission critical applications throughout the life of the system. Each of two onboard power supplies have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of over a half million hours. In the unlikely event of an individual power supply fault, the switcher will continue to operate unhindered on only one power supply.

“When you design and install an AV network with Crestron DM you get much more than just hardware and software, you also get years of digital experience, with the support of thousands of installations and hundreds of thousands of fully-tested connection points behind it,” said Bargetzi.

The 128X128 DigitalMedia switcher is scheduled for release later this year.


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