NAB Products 2008

NAB Products 2008
  • Neutrik's 32 Amp PowerCon is for the demanding current handling and power transfer required for high-power broadcast distribution systems. It is a locking 3-conductor AC connector system with contacts for line, neutral, and pre-mating ground. The system consists of two connectors, a chassis receptacle and an in-line cable connector with locking mechanism.

Lectrosonics' WA520 wireless antenna covers the entire UHF range between 450 and 850 MHz and consists of a directional component and an omni-directional whip element for re-transmission to the receiver. The two components are coupled via a 50-Ohm matching circuit. The WA520 operates by providing up to 7 dB of isotropic gain via the LPDA in the forward direction in order to overcome the inherent loss incurred by re-transmission via the whip component. The resulting RF field signal strength is +0 dBi or unity gain.

Aviom 6416M Mic Input Module

Aviom's latest addition to its Pro64 Series of audio distribution products is the 6416m mic input module. The 6416m delivers with 16 remote-controllable mic-level inputs to a Pro64 audio network. Each channel on the 6416m has a continuously variable gain setting, multi-segment signal level LEDs and individual channel on/off switches. The 6416m supports all valid Pro64 sample rates, from 44.1/48kHz± to 192kHz±.

Wohler Touchstone 3G Portable Signal Test Generator

PANORAMAdtv, the video products division of Wohler Technologies, has released the Touchstone 3G portable signal test generator for digital video and audio. The Touchstone 3G unit can generate 37 different 10-bit video test patterns with embedded audio signals that provide programmed tones for up to eight stereo pairs. Video test patterns include motion zone plates and a pathological signal for 4:2:2 digital signals.

DiGiCo SD7 System

Powering the SD7 is DiGiCo's latest in high density digital processing, the all-new Stealth mixing and routing engine exclusive to DiGiCo. Based on the latest incarnation of FPGA (field programmable gate array) technology, known as Super FPGA, it's a core component of the SD7's quantum leap in console design. The benefits are to be found not only in the high resolution audio processing that makes 128 simultaneous 192kHz signal paths readily achievable, or 256 at 48kHz/96kHz, but limitless flexibility too.

Electrosonic MS9600 JPEG 2000 Server

Electrosonic's MS9600 JPEG 2000 appliance plays unencrypted JPEG 2000 content at 2K, 1080p, and 720p resolutions. The MS9600 incorporates 2K resolution via dual HD-DSI and dual DVI-I video outputs, an advanced user interface and confidence monitor, and 16 channels of digital audio. It features timecode and Genlock, gigabit network, and four general-purpose I/O. The unit also supports web interface.

X2O Media Xpresenter Suite V2.1

X2O Media's latest release of the Xpresenter platform is an end-to-end digital signage platform that includes content authoring, scheduling, distribution, and remote management applications. It features the Xpresenter Template Maker, which allows Microsoft PowerPoint users to produce broadcast-quality graphics that incorporate animations, clip art galleries, video clips, and real-time data sources, all without ever leaving the PowerPoint interface.

Sennheiser EM 3732 Twin Receiver

Sennheiser's EM 3732 twin receiver with 90MHz switching bandwidth offers automatic scanning functionality, choice of five frequency ranges, transmitter synchronization via infrared interface, and flexible analogue and digital connection options. Setting new standards for flexibility within the UHF spectrum while maintaining maximum selectivity, the EM 3732 receiver features six user-selectable fixed frequency banks and one user bank with up to 60 channels that can be programmed in increments of 5kHz.

Barco NH-12

Barco's NH-12 is a three-chip DLP system that combines a native 1080p HD resolution and a light output of 12,000 lumens with Windows desktop integration. Controlled with mouse and keyboard, it allows users to project local and networked sources simultaneously in windows that can be resized, moved, or made to overlap easily. The NH-12 is equipped with advanced image warping capabilities, enabling it to project on non-flat surfaces, such as curved or other screen configurations.

ATI Digital Audio Distribution Amplifiers

ATI Audio Technologies' new line of digital audio distribution amplifiers include new features and flexibility for modern broadcast, recording, postproduction, and large or small venue facilities. There are four new DDA models, all featuring up to 192 kHz sample rates and 24-bit resolution. All units have switchable re-clocking, giving users the option to correct for high jitter input signals, or to pass coded Surround signals without interference.

Riedel Intercom Products

Riedel Communications is introducing a range of new intercom products at this year's NAB. The line of new products includes an 8-port VoIP client card for Artist digital matrix intercom systems, an 8-port VoIP panel interface, the new, Windows-Vista compatible version of Riedel's Configuration Software Director as well as an updated version of Riedel's Digital Partyline system interface C44, which now incorporates a new Audio Assignment Software for easy editing of the internal 24x24 matrix of the device.

Clear-Com Eclipse Digital Matrix Intercom System

Clear-Com Communication Systems is bringing control of its Eclipse digital matrix intercom system to the user's fingertips with the new compact V-Series desktop unit. The desktop unit comes complete with a low-profile loudspeaker and gooseneck microphone. Each of its 12 talk-down/listen-up keys, including one dedicated for Answer-reply, has individual audio level control. A graphical display shows 10 international characters for greater flexibility in the naming of sources and destinations.

Solid State Logic C300 HD Master Studio System

Solid State Logic will feature the C300 HD Master Studio System with its entire C Series product portfolio at NAB 2008. The C300 HD Master Studio System is a compact, assignable console for fast and efficient sweetening and mix creation. The C300 HD fully addresses the requirements of non-linear film and TV production, delivering the ultimate in operational efficiency in a cost-effective, scalable solution.

HHB CDR-882 DualBurn

HHB's new professional audio CD recorder, the CDR-882 DualBurn, is compatible with all types of CD-R media, both low and high-speed up to 52X, including HHB's own new CDR80HS 2X-52X disc. With REC-REC drive configuration, the CDR-882 resolves the inherent limitations of previous generation CD recorders by supporting seamless extended recording time across two or more discs, as well as simultaneous recording of two discs, high-speed duplication and intelligent disc management.

Vizrt Viz Ardome 4.6

Vizrt released the latest version of its media asset management system, Viz Ardome 4.6. Viz Ardome is the core software module within the industry-leading Vizrt media asset management solution. Viz Ardome is the module responsible for media management and archiving tasks. The Vizrt media asset management product portfolio also provides capabilities for: ingest and playout, transcoding, browsing, craft editing, and more. Version 4.6 of Viz Ardome offers increased HD support.

Network Electronics FRS-HD-DMUX

Network Electronics' FRS-HD-DMUX is a frame synchronizer that combines electrical and optical domains. The FRS-HD-DMUX was designed following extensive customer research to offer HD/SDI frame synchronization to the most demanding broadcasters and network operators. It features SD-SDI and HD-SDI frame synchronization, one optical and one electrical input, and automatic or user-specified input select.

Fujinon HD Select Series ENG Lens

Fujinon's new HD Select Series of ENG lenses consists of three ZA Series HD ENG lenses: the ZA22x7.6BE HD telephoto ENG lens, ZA17x7.6BE HD standard ENG lens, and ZA12x4.5BE HD wide-angle ENG lens. Fujinon's Select Series was designed to meet the performance needs of the next generation of cost-effective HD cameras. Fujinon worked closely with all major camera manufacturers to engineer true HD lenses that are designed to enhance the performance of lower cost HDTV cameras.

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