Séura to Feature Lighted Mirrors at InfoComm

Séura to Feature Lighted Mirrors at InfoComm

The What: Séura will showcase Séura Lighted Mirrors with Brilliant LED technology at InfoComm 2016, at its booth, N2369.

The What Else: Séura Brilliant LEDs are three times brighter than traditional LEDs and feature more light emitting diodes per linear foot. Fluorescent lighting previously had an edge over LEDs with higher brightness, but now Séura Brilliant LEDs exceed design and performance expectations of both fluorescent and traditional LEDs. Customers no longer need to compromise by sacrificing brightness for efficiency.

Séura Brilliant LEDs are engineered to offer design freedom. The flexible LED strips bend and form to virtually any size and shape, allowing nearly unlimited design options with evenly-lit patterns. Séura Brilliant LEDs also offer improved return on investment: compared to traditional lighting, Séura Brilliant LEDs offer replacement-free savings and minimal energy expenses for the best return on your investment.

Séura Brilliant LEDs are also eco-friendly. While fluorescent lamps contain hazardous mercury, Séura Brilliant LEDs are environmentally friendly, safe, and contribute to LEED certification.

The Bottom Line: Séura has been utilizing corrosion-free mirror glass for every mirrored product it has manufactured for more than seven years. Fabricated with copper-free coatings, Séura mirrors are not susceptible to unsightly black edge caused by ammoniated cleaners over time. Copper-free is Séura’s standard.

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