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CAYIN Digital Signage at Riyadh’s SABIC Academy

The new SABIC Academy in Riyadh has implemented CAYIN’s digital signage solutions to convey information throughout 38 LCD screens in the main entrance, meeting rooms, auditorium, and conference halls.

  • SABIC Academy is the new learning center of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation in Riyadh. CAYIN’s digital signage solution is introduced in this project by SMARTECH AV, CAYIN’s partners in Saudi Arabia, to replace traditional bulletin boards and create an efficient digital information channel.
  • “This is the first learning center in Saudi Arabia to use this technology to manage all meeting rooms completely,” said Mr.Yousef Abdul Hadi Projects Manager of SMARTECH AV Co. “We are honored to be selected as the main partner to supply all AV and Digital Signage with room schedule systems for the first smart learning academy in Saudi Arabia.”
  • The Academy contains 30 meeting rooms and hosts workshops, summits and training classes daily. SABIC deploys 17” LCD screens (Flush Mount) in the wall outside 30 meeting rooms, along with CAYIN’s digital signage solutions. The screen indicates the meeting topic, start time, and duration of the meeting.
  • Each screen connects to one CAYIN SMP-WEB4 digital signage player and is managed centrally via CAYIN’s meetingPost software. Equipped with a room booking system, meetingPost enables administrators to process online booking for meeting and banquet rooms. SABIC Academy can edit a meeting list for each meeting room in advance. For impromptu meetings or room changes, the administrator can also input meeting information remotely.
  • In addition to displays outside meeting rooms, SABIC Academy has also installed three 51” LCD screens in the main entrance, two for the auditorium, and two for the multipurpose hall in an effort to increase the reach of the Academy’s public announcements. Using CAYIN lobbyPost software, SABIC can select a template, enter data, and show high quality video, tickers, web pages, pictures, weather information, and live TV programs.
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