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Peavey PV Series Enclosures Receive Class-D Technology

Peavey's PV Series loudspeaker enclosures are now powered with lightweight, efficient class-D technology.

The Peavey PV Powered Series includes the PV 115D, PV 215D, PV 118D and PV 15PM, a line of lightweight and portable loudspeaker enclosures that utilize Peavey's loudspeaker and class-D power amp technology to deliver performance and value in sound reinforcement.

The PV 215D and PV 115D deliver power and clarity in a quasi-three-way and a two-way enclosure, respectively. The PV 215D features a pair of 15-inch premium Peavey loudspeakers with 2-3/8-inch voice coils and a 60° x 40° constant directivity horn coupled to an RX14 titanium diaphragm compression driver. The onboard amplifier provides up to 800 watts peak available power and includes Peavey's exclusive DDT loudspeaker protection circuitry.

The PV 115D is a 400-watt peak powered enclosure, or 800 watts peak when a passive 8-ohm enclosure is connected to the speaker output, loaded with a 15-inch premium Peavey loudspeaker with 2-3/8-inch voice coil, a 60° x 40° constant directivity horn coupled to an RX14 titanium diaphragm compression driver, and DDT loudspeaker protection circuitry.

The PV 118D boasts a 300-watt peak class-D power section, an 18-inch premium Peavey loudspeaker with 3-inch voice coil, bass contour circuitry, thru output and DDT speaker protection. The built-in 120 Hz crossover allows users to hook up an external active loudspeaker for a full-range sound system.

The PV 15PM powered monitor has a 200W peak class-D power section, 15-inch premium Peavey speaker with 2-3/8-inch voice coil, 14T titanium diaphragm compression driver, exclusive DDT speaker protection, line-level thru output and a XLR & 1/4-inch input.

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