New Products For November

New Products For November
  • Audio-Technica announced three new vocal mics as part of its next generation of the classic Artist Series live sound microphones. The three new Artist Series vocal mics include the ATM410 cardioid dynamic microphone, ATM610 hypercardioid dynamic microphone and ATM710 cardioid condenser microphone.
  • ATM410 Cardioid Dynamic is designed for smooth, natural vocal reproduction and low noise. Equipped with a Hi-ENERGY neodymium magnet for high output, and a multi-stage grille design for excellent protection against plosives, this durable microphone is built to stand the rigors of the road night after night.
  • ATM610 Hypercardioid Dynamic is tuned for clear, detailed, extended-range reproduction of lead and backup vocals. The premier Artist Series dynamic vocal mic is equipped with a rare earth Hi-ENERGY neodymium magnet, a tight hypercardioid polar pattern and multi-stage grille design. The hypercardioid polar pattern further reduces pickup from the sides and rear providing excellent isolation of the desired sound source.
  • ATM710 Cardioid Condenser is tailored for exacting detail and high-fidelity vocal reproduction. With a condenser design for studio-quality performance, the ATM710 features a Hi-ENERGY neodymium magnet for high output, and excels in venues with controlled stage volume or in-ear monitoring. The microphone delivers remarkable clarity; it is equipped with an integral 80 Hz hi-pass filter that provides easy switching from a flat frequency response (40-20,000 Hz) to a low-end roll-off position that reduces the microphone's sensitivity to popping in close vocal use. For more information visit

Sonic Foundry announced major enhancements for Mediasite EX Server for the Enterprise and Mediasite Recorder software. The improvements further differentiate Mediasite as the leading enterprise platform for managing multimedia communications. Mediasite is a transformational communication medium used to deliver critical information and share knowledge. Mediasite Recorders automate the capture and delivery of presentations and lectures for either live or on-demand viewing via the web. Mediasite EX Server centrally stores, secures, manages and monitors these rich media assets so they can be leveraged across large enterprises.

Mediasite 4.0 introduces the new Mediasite Management Portal, end-to-end security, expanded reporting, remote Recorder control and enhancements to the Mediasite Viewer interface for watching recorded presentations. In addition, EX Server now provides an integration-ready solution for customers to incorporate Mediasite content into other applications within their organization. For more information visit

Chief's Mounting Solutions for Mid-Size Screens

Chief Manufacturing offers a complete line of mounting solutions for medium flat panels, including fixed and tilt mounts, swing arm mounts, ceiling mounts, table stands and numerous accessories. With the addition of the mid-size mounting solutions, Chief now offers mounts for all flat panel sizes from 10-inch to over 65-inch. These medium flat panel solutions include mounts from the Cynergy, Fusion and Reaction lines, plus the new ceiling mounts, in-wall mounts and table stand. For more information visit


The EDIROL by Roland V-44SW rack mount multi-format video mixer/switcher provides an affordable, easy-to-use solution. Non-technical users will find a shorter learning curve using the V-44SW because they can rely on presets established in advance. Additionally, the remote control capability via RS-232C or MIDI allows for customized interfaces further simplifying the operation of the V-44SW. V-LINK also allows the switcher to be controlled from any Roland/EDIROL V-LINK enabled instrument via MIDI.

The EDIROL V-44SW seamlessly mixes SD video, HD video, and computer signals up to WXGA, eight inputs in total. The output format is selectable between 1080i, 720p and a variety of RGB formats up to WXGA (1366x768). The unit features a stellar up-converter and scaler, which unifies diverse video sources into a crystal clear image. The unit also features an array of transition effects, tally interface, picture-in-picture features and luma/chroma keyer for overlaying graphics/text. For more information, visit

Worxaudio Tl.118ss Sub Bass System

WorxAudio Technologies released the TL.118SS Sub Bass System. Available in both powered and non-powered versions, the TL.118SS features WorxAudio's legendary TL1801SS 18-inch low frequency transducer and makes an outstanding choice for applications requiring maximum output with minimal distortion and smooth, extended low frequency response.

The new TL.118SS Sub Bass System is for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications. This subwoofer utilizes a direct radiating 18-inch, 2,000 watt cone driver in a tuned enclosure built from tour-tested, 21-ply Baltic Birch that is extensively braced for high cabinet rigidity. Combined with its 24mm thick baffle, this rugged, 1-inch thick enclosure is coated with a weather-resistant, multi-layered, catalyzed polyurethane finish designed to withstand the rigors of the road. Protecting the drivers is a 14-guage, powder-coated, cloth-backed, perforated steel grill. For more information visit

Euphonix' System 5-B, Max Air, and DF66 DSP SuperCore

Euphonix' new control surface designs for the System 5-B and Max Air digital audio mixing system. Enhancing both these new control surfaces, Euphonix is showing the new DF66 DSP SuperCore and a new line of modular converters, to complete an ambitious upgrade of the company's two digital broadcast audio mixing systems. The control surface upgrades improve console ergonomics with new colored knobs and higher resolution screens for System 5 and a lighter control surface color for Max Air. Both surfaces benefit from faster processors and memory and have finer resolution fader control around the 0db position. The new DSP SuperCore allows systems to be expanded from 32 to 1,000 channels and adds new features such as bus processing, enhanced dynamics, longer channel delays (up to 2 seconds), SNMP Monitoring and full redundancy by an optional complete 2nd DSP SuperCore. The new range of modular converters allows finer converter granularity in a small footprint and they support SDI audio embedding and de-embedding. For more information visit

Community's VERIS

Community's new VERIS (VERsatile Installation Systems) comprise a range of small-to-medium-sized loudspeakers that are precisely engineered for versatile array construction, while aesthetically styled to meet modern architectural requirements. A resource for the professional contractor, each VERIS model exhibits linear phase throughout the critical crossover regions and features Community's unique, uniform full-range voicing system to minimize variations in sound quality among the range of models. The VERIS line includes a wide range of optional off-the-shelf rigging systems and mounting brackets, all engineered for quick, convenient, and safe installation. All models are available in black or white at no additional charge, and come equipped with a generous number of rigging points. The full-range enclosures are additionally outfitted with OmniMount compatible fasteners. For more information, please visit

Look's Touring Power-Tiny

Look Solutions' new Touring Power-Tiny is a travel-ready version of Look Solutions' popular battery-operated Power-Tiny fog generator. The new product features a custom case designed to hold the Power-Tiny, its fluid, accessories and a spare battery. Everything users need for fast and efficient fog generation in one portable unit. The Power-Tiny is an alternative to full-size fog generators for live productions. Its lightweight (12 lb) and small dimensions make it ideal for all mobile applications. The output of the Power-Tiny can be easily adjusted with a release button built into the grip for comfortable, one-hand operation.

At the heart of the Power-Tiny is a microprocessor, which controls and supervises all important functions guaranteeing a continuous and safe running of the generator. Thanks to an intelligent control mechanism, the battery supplies energy only when necessary so the operation time is considerably increased: the stand-by time is 250 hours. The Power-Tiny is equipped with a 3pin-XLR socket for analog control; XLR remote and wireless radio remote are optional. With a DMX converter (DMXit) the machine can be controlled via DMX 512. For more information visit

Medialon Manager 4 Software

Medialon has debuted Medialon Manager 4, the latest version of its popular show control software. The new software release builds on the benefits and legacy of Manager V3 which boasts more than 1,000 installed systems and a reputation for reliable control. Manager 4 software controls and synchronizes digital audio and video, lighting dimmers and desks, matrix switchers, image processors, videowalls, lasers, fireworks, special effects and more -- all over one network. It offers frame-accurate synchronization, even on digital video; DMX; MIDI; serial acquisition and editing; multitasking; and permanent device position tracking to optimize producers' creativity. Its graphical programming and customizable user interface adapts to exactly meet customers' needs and allows development of sophisticated locked applications. A new programming GUI has been designed to ease and reduce programming time with drag-and-drop and programming wizard. No code-programming skills are required even for complex shows. For more information visit

Arriba's AC-152 Bag

Arriba Cases has added a new model that can hold a full-size par can system from any manufacturer. The new AC-152 is an all-in-one par can/tripod case designed to fit four Par-56 or Par-64 Cans, a T-bar, tripod and chase controller. With the AC-152 you don't even have to remove the par cans from the T-bar before you put them in the bag. The case is designed to securely hold a T-bar with par cans attached to it, making it a breeze for mobile entertainers to pack up their gear and set up quickly at the next gig. For more information visit

ETC's Eos

ETC debuted its lighting control system, Eos. Eos was engineered to handle the most advanced and complex lighting rigs. Eos is a fully networked system managing conventional fixtures, moving lights, LEDs, fog machines, media servers and more. The system is both forward thinking and reverse compatible, as it simultaneously outputs both ETCNet2 and the new Net3 protocol, ETC's network powered by the new ESTA ACN standard. The console offers unique features tailored to the needs of each member of the design and production team.

Eos offers 'partitioned control' to support the layers of production work that can be done simultaneously. Multiple programmers can work within the same show file, while electricians with remote focus units and a designer at a remote workstation work independently. One easy instruction in the first cue of the main cue list synchronizes everything to one [Go] button and one operator when the programming is wrapped. Eos is available in two models: Eos 8K (supports 8000 outputs) and Eos 4K (supports 4000 outputs). For more information visit

MXL's MXL.006

MXL Microphones released its MXL.006 USB cardioid condenser microphone. The new MXL.006 features a large gold diaphragm that delivers a rich sound characteristic of studio and broadcast microphones. Unlike most studio condenser microphones, however, the MXL.006 is a USB (Universal Serial Bus) instrument that connects directly to a computer without the need for external mic preamps. Now, anyone requiring high quality, professional sound on their computer can record music or dialog by simply connecting to a standard USB port. Featuring support for USB 1.1 and 2.0, this exceptionally easy-to-use microphone even includes gain adjustment settings via the built-in three-position attenuation switch. For more information visit

Turbosound Ta-500dp

Turbosound's has released the digitally self-powered TA-500DP. A new generation of professional lightweight, network-controlled Class D power amplifiers is at the heart of the three-way full range TA-500DP. Its DSP is based on a Sharc processor utilising a 96kHz sampling rate and is controlled over a network via the BVNet protocol. The result is high output, pristine, hi-fi audio quality, highly suitable for both mobile and permanently installed professional sound reinforcement applications.

The TA-500DP's amplifier module offers typical operating efficiency in excess of 90 percent, contributing to a lighter and more manageable product. The module incorporates sophisticated DSP, including active crossovers, output limiters and impedance monitoring, making up a completely self-contained and optimised audio system that requires only a line level signal feed to give consistent and reliable performance. For more information visit

Coolux's Pandoras Box

The Pandoras Box MediaVision controllers form the central core of a complete multi-media workflow in an HD/SD environment. It is designed to control and synchronize digital audio & video devices. The integrated multi-timeline interface offers frame-accurate synchronization, live editing and interaction for all events and cues. Any timeline can be assigned to touch-sensitive, motorized fader units for easy page switching. Backlit LCD buttons allow fast relocation of playback status. The console allows direct editing with a robust hardware console that supplies jog-shuttle and transport controls, as well as transition and 3D joystick control. It is tailored to the specific needs of live broadcasts and events, theater, staging and touring applications. The internal MediaNet is ideal for large distribution applications such as theme parks, museums or complex events. For more information visit

MultiDyne DVM-1000 Series

MultiDyne has released the DVM-1000 series of low cost fiber optic links for video, audio and data. Now customers can receive fiber optic technology on a limited budget. With the costs of copper coax and Cat-5, fiber optic transport is now very affordable for all applications. The DVM-1000 9 Bit Video and 24 Bit Audio Fiber Optic Link support one video, two audio and three data channels. The DVM-1500 bi-directional video, audio and data fiber optic link support one video, four audio and four data channels bi-directionally over ONE fiber. The video Signal to noise ratio is greater than 62 dB. The DVM-2700 Video and fiber optic link support two video, up to four audio and four simplex data channels. The DVM-2700 is available with support for S-Video. For more information visit

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