BitWise Controls Unveils BitWise Room Remote at CES -

BitWise Controls Unveils BitWise Room Remote at CES

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The What: BitWise Controls will debut the new BitWise Controls Room Remote at CES 2014.

The Room Remote, designed for ultimate functionality, can be used to not only control BitWise-connected devices but also the BitWise Touch app. Its seamless synchronization allows any command given through the remote to be instantly transmitted to the app and vice versa, the company says.

Why This Matters: Unlike traditional remotes, line-of-sight is not required for the Room Remote, giving it the ability to be used in any room of the home. Thanks to BitWise software, Touch app and Room Remote, a centralized automation and control system can now be a reality for many home and business owners.

The What Else: A computer is needed only for initial programming, and all the features are customizable for Android and iOS capable devices, such as phones and tablets. Adding a Room Remote and RF receiver to BitWise controllers is easy and multiple remotes can communicate with a single RF receiver. An additional 254 remotes can be added to an installation, making Bitwise Controls an ideal solution for a variety of residential and commercial needs, says BitWise.

Experience the new Bitwise Room Remote at the Elite Home Entertainment Experience demonstration at the Venetian Hotel, Level 2, Bassano #2601/#2605.


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