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Electrograph Doubles Sales Force Size

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Electrograph Systems increased the size of its sales personnel with the institution of a sales group that it's calling the Quick Response Sales Team.
By doubling the number of people in QRST, Electrograph is offering a strategy of providing its customers with the highest level of service possible to meet sales needs in a responsive way that customers expect.

"2002 was a year of unprecedented expansion, not only as it relates to our increase in overall sales but also in the scope of our value-added offerings," said Leo Imperial, national sales manager for Electrograph Systems.

Imperial continued, "With the stunning success of our Value Added Plus product protection program and the introduction of our Peripheral Display Solutions product line, this ambitious expansion in sales support facilitates a decidedly pro-active commitment to the improved efficiency and expediency of our sales cycle."

The Quick Response Sales Team should streamline the Electrograph distribution process for its valued reseller partners.

"As the company's overall sales volume increases and the number of reseller partners grows, we must continue to find new ways to improve the service and support of our valued reseller partners," said Sam Taylor, president of Electrograph. "The Quick Response Sales Team will do just that, and allow our sales department to proactively reach out to our reseller partners, ultimately providing them with the service and support they require to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace."

For more information, call 800-776-5768 or visit www.electrograph.com.


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Electrograph Systems Inc. has announced the appointment of Vince Schuster to the position of Director of Sales. Schuster joins Electrographs management with over ten years of management experience in virtually every discipline within the display technology channel.

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Electrograph Systems Inc. has established a new Central Region. The new region spans eleven states: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and the Dakotas. "The demographics and geography of America's Heartland require a unique and specific strategic focus," says Sam Taylor, President of Electrograph Systems. Taylor continued, "the new Central Region enhances our market reach and solidifies our commitment to the continued expansion of our National Value-Added Services program."

Caxton-Iseman Capital to Acquire Electrograph

Manchester Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MANC) and Caxton-Iseman Capital, Inc. today announced a definitive agreement under which investment vehicles associated with Caxton-Iseman will acquire Manchester and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Electrograph Systems, Inc., in a cash transaction valued at approximately $56 million, net of Caxton-Iseman Capitals fees and expenses.

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