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TFCinfo to Conduct Plasma Brand Strength Study

TFCinfo will be conducting a yearly benchmark study on the strength of plasma brands in North America. The TFCinfo Plasma Brand Strength Study 2005 report will analyze all aspects of plasma brand strength and will cover all major plasma brands used for business and entertainment.

This comprehensive report will analyze:

Unaided brand awareness
Aided brand awareness
What do customers think of when they think of a company's brands?
Brands used
Brand consideration set (Is a brand among a select group of brands considered first?)
Superior brands (Is a brand the most wanted?)
Inferior brands (Is the brand a brand that would never want to be used or purchased?)
Buying criteria
Importance rating of buying criteria
Brand affinity (How strong is brand strength on key purchasing attributes?)
Brand associations (What type of plasma use is a brand most associated with?)
Plasma purchasing (Where are consumers buying most, who are the gatekeepers of purchase, does a company's brand measure up on the most important purchasing factors?)

The plasma market is maturing. In this industry, there will be a continuing struggle for a bigger slice of the pie. Manufacturers will need better, deeper, more comprehensive research to survive and to respond to market trends, especially in maturing markets.

The names of companies involved in the plasma market include brands with widely diverse origins, strength and name recognition from other sectors.

Brand alone isnt enough, but if a customer is not aware of a plasma brand or cannot recall a companys name, then that company is likely to be passed over in the prepurchase research, and it creates an increasingly difficult hurdle to overcome as a buyer narrows the field of possible candidates during the activities leading up to the purchase.
Yearly brand recall and recognition tracking are critical, yet a sophisticated brand study must go beyond brand awareness and reveal what additional items are important to users and purchasers.

Over 25 plasma brands will be included in parts of the study. In-depth brand profiles of brand-affinity attributes and brand associations will be gathered on top brands, including BenQ, Dell, Gateway, Hitachi, JVC, LG, Luce, Marantz, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony and Zenith.

The TFCinfo Plasma Brand Strength Study 2005 will be a complete brand-knowledge, brand-association, purchasing-influence study, with a sample population of experienced plasma users and purchasers.