Atlas Introduces New Line of Cabling -

Atlas Introduces New Line of Cabling

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Atlas Sound (, manufacturer of AV electronics and communication devices, has expanded its product group to include a new segment for cabling and connections called Atlas Signal.

“Last year, Atlas Technologies announced new expanded brand segments that focused on various product categories including Atlas Power, Atlas Racks, Atlas Support, and of course Atlas Sound. Our newest, Atlas Signal, will include all the cabling and vital installation components that carry signal between components,” says Steve Young, VP of Sales and Marketing for Atlas. “This new line of cabling will live up to the Atlas name for reliable and dependability and further Atlas’ commitment to supply all the products your system needs.”

Young continued to say that Atlas Signal solves some of the most common installation problems and exceeds expectations for both audio and video performance. Along with typical connections and standard cable lengths, the initial launch includes a 15meter HDMI cable for high definition over long distances, RCA to Phoenix interconnects for easing amplifier inputs, and VGA with 3.5mm stereo inputs for single wire analog audio and video connection.

New Atlas Signal models include:
• AS2A-1M – 1 Meter RCA Audio Interconnect
• AS2A-2M – 2 Meter RCA Audio Interconnect
• AS2C-1M – 1 Meter Component Video Cable
• AS2C-2M – 2 Meter Component Video Cable
• AS2C-3M – 3 Meter Component Video Cable
• AS2C-8M – 8 Meter Component Video Cable
• AS2HDMI-1M – 1 Meter HDMI Cable
• AS2HDMI-2M – 2 Meter HDMI Cable
• AS2HDMI-3M – 3 Meter HDMI Cable
• AS2HDMI-9M – 9 Meter HDMI Cable
• AS2HDMI-15M – 15 Meter HDMI Cable
• AS2-HDMMA-2M – 2 Meter VGA/UXGA Cable w/ 3.5mm Stereo Plug
• AS2-HDMMA-8M – 8 Meter VGA/UXGA Cable w/ 3.5mm Stereo Plug
• AS2-HDMMA-15M – 15 Meter VGA/UXGA Cable w/ 3.5mm Stereo Plug
• AS2RCA-1M-PHX – 1 Meter Male RCA to PHX Cable
• AS2RCA-2M-PHX – 2 Meter Male RCA to PHX Cable
• AS2RCA-3M-PHX – 3 Meter Male RCA to PHX Cable
• AS2XLR-3M – 3 Meter XLR Cable
• AS2XLR-10M – 10 Meter XLR Cable
• AS2XLR-15M – 15 Meter XLR Cable

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