Altinex Introduces Muse Distribution System

Altinex Introduces Muse Distribution System

Altinex has introduced Muse, a new system for distributing power, HDMI, and IR control signals in AV systems.

The company says that this technology changes the way integrators install AV systems—particularly in environments where multiple video displays are required, such as sports bars and digital signage applications. With the ability to distribute power, HDMI, and IR control signals up to 300 feet (90m) over a single, low voltage, shielded CAT-6 cable, Muse enables AV Integrators to eliminate the worry of electrical outlet placement.

The new Altinex Muse distribution system initially consists of four products: the MU200-110 multi-unit transmitter chassis that utilizes up to ten MU300-104 HDMI, power, and IR transmitter cards, a stand-alone MU400-111 HDMI, power, and IR transmitter, and the MU500-112 receiver or “breakout box” that facilitates the individual power, HDMI, and IR control connections at the destination display / projector.

The Altinex Muse MU200-110 HDMI and power transmitter chassis provides a total of 1,500 watts to support as many as ten MU300-104 HDMI, power, and IR transmitter cards—each delivering up to 150 watts of power, HDMI, and IR control to a device up to 300 feet (90m) away over a single, shielded CAT-6 cable. The MU200-110 chassis has an integrated self-configuring FlexDA HDMI distribution amplifier capable of any configuration the system design requires. The patent pending distribution amplifier automatically self-configures based on the input signal for each card. A user can essentially build ten 1x1's, two 1x5's, one 1x10, or any configuration in between. The MU200-110 also has a ‘loop thru’ of the HDMI signal, enabling system designers to connect to the ‘next’ MU200-110 chassis to infinitely expand the number of chassis or displays in any system or design.

Each Muse MU300-104 (chassis based) or MU400-111 (stand-alone) transmitter delivers up to 150 watts of power, HDMI, and IR control, at up to 300 feet (90m) over a single, shielded CAT-6 cable. HDMI video is delivered with full HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) and HDMI compliance. The load (draw) of each transmitter and receiver set is constantly monitored in real time and integrated safety measures automatically disable the pair if loading exceeds the maximum limits to protect the integrity and safety of the system. Built with Energy Star requirements in mind, the output from each transmitter can power displays up to 52 inches with the available 150 watts — well within 2012 specifications that require 50 inch displays to draw less than 108 watts during normal operation. Many of today’s new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays consume as little as 60 – 70 watts, giving an integrator the option of powering two such displays from a single Tx/Rx pair.

Completing the Muse system is the MU500-112 receiver unit. The unit provides local power of up to 150 watts and industry standard connectors for HDMI, power, and IR signals. Combining IR in the system provides users an easy means of sending IR signals from the ‘far end’ to control the local display device. The advanced features of Muse from Altinex provide a safe, efficient and reliable way of sending HDMI compliant video, control, and power over a single shielded CAT-6 line. All Muse components are easily field replaceable.

“Muse is, without question, a brilliant new technology that will totally change the AV installation market as we know it today," said Grant Cossey, Altinex vice president of sales. "Finally, the integrator can have total control over the AV system installation from beginning to end, with no more delays, no more waiting, and no more frustration. By running a single shielded CAT-6 line, all power, HDMI, and IR control for a display up to 52 inches is transmitted as far as 300 feet (90m). This solution enables integrators in both the domestic and international markets to own the installation from start to finish. Muse is an incredibly powerful and cost-effective AV solution that will provide integrators more control over their installations and enable them to pass savings along to their clients—resulting in a win-win situation for both parties.”

The Altinex Muse power, HDMI, and IR control distribution system is fully compliant with HDMI and HDCP standards, is pending UL/cUL approval. Muse is slated to become available early Q1, 2013.

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