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52 Top Products from InfoComm 2012

52 Top Products from InfoComm 2012

Revolabs FLX VoIP Wireless Conference Phone

Ideal for conference rooms, executive offices, and small office/home office (SoHo) environments, the Revolabs FLX VoIP is a wireless conference phone designed for VoIP networks. It integrates directly with most IP telephone switches following the SIP standard. Through this integration, new features only available through digital switch environments, such as voice mail alerts and “do not disturb,” can now be offered with the FLX VoIP.

Contemporary Research’s ATSC+SDI HTVT Tuner

Manufacturer of all the gear needed to create an HD environment, Contemporary Research has debuted the ATSC+SDI HTVT Tuner with HD-SDI at the InfoComm 2012 show. It offers an integrated HD-SDI output, eliminating the need for additional SDI interfaces and converters. Based on the new 232-ATSC+1 platform, the ATSC+SDI is controllable via Ethernet, an onboard Web page, USB, RS-232 and IR control.

Royer Labs Sling-Shock

Royer Labs’ Sling-Shock microphone shock mount provides isolation between a microphone and the microphone stand, and it accomplishes this with a design that is essentially maintenance free. Rubber and similar materials commonly found in microphone suspension systems have been completely eliminated.

Hall Research’s Dual-Link DVI Ext ender w/ EDID Mgmt & USB Control

The EMX-DVI is a single or dual link DVI extender that automatically compensates for the signal degradation caused by long video cables of up to 50 ft (15 m) on its input and can drive output cables to 40 ft (12 m). A pushbutton is used to change the mode between single and dual link TMDS signals.

Kramer’s ProScale Additions

Kramer Electronics has introduced the VP-471 3G HD−SDI to DVI ProScale digital scaler and VP-473 3G HD−SDI to computer graphics ProScale digital scaler to the existing VP-472 3G HD−SDI to HDMI ProScale digital scaler. The VP-471, VP-472 and VP-473 are currently in stock at a list price of $1,295 per unit in the US.

RGB Spectrum Linx Prime Switchers

RGB Spectrum has expanded its Linx Prime CrossXFormat switchers with an HDMI Output card with audio de-embedding. The optional card installs in a Linx Prime chassis, available in sizes from 8x8 to 32x32. With a user-selected mix of modular input and output cards, they offer flexibility, supporting a broad range of signal types and transmission modes, including copper and fiber.

Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-USB

Vaddio’s message numero uno is “redefining camera control” and their ClearVIEW HD-USB takes us closer to that goal. It’s a broadcast- quality HD PTZ camera with USB and ethernet streaming built right into the camera. Because the ClearVIEW HD-USB uses standard UVC drivers, no special USB drivers need to be installed. Time saver—check. Budge saver—check. It works with any software application running on any OS that supports USB 2.0 devices. The ClearVIEW HD-USB also supports H.264 video streaming.

AMX Offers Real-time Streaming Video Source Preview

AMX continually gives us new ways to work smarter. The company debuted two new accessories, the Modero X Series Multi Preview (MXAMP) and the Modero X Series Multi Preview Live (MXAMPL). The MXA-MP delivers preview images from as many as 10 video sources to Modero X Series Touch Panels and the MXA-MPL adds live HD video streaming.

Crestron’s “Integrated By Design” Solutions

Crestron had a powerful presence at InfoComm 12, and with good reason. Their interactive booth showcased solutions that “enable global monitoring, management and control of AV, energy, voice and data, lighting, security, room scheduling, and HVAC on a single platform to maximize energy savings, lower operational costs and increase productivity,” the company says. “While various technologies and systems may be on the network, they all run separately,” Sean Goldstein, Crestron VP of Marketing. “Our clients want and expect all systems on the network to work together in an intelligent way and to be centrally managed.” Read more info about solutions such as Crestron DigitalMedia and Capture Live HD at

Atlona AT-PRO3HD44M 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switcher

Featuring the latest HDBaseT technology, the Atlona AT-PRO3HD44M 4x4 HDMI matrix switcher extends HDMI sources up to 230 feet over CAT6 cables at 1080p and 1920x1200, or 200 feet with CAT5e cables. The unit allows for control of up to eight devices through IR remote control, RS-232, third-party IR control boxes, and the front panel.

Roland’s V-800HD

Every input in this robust new multi-format live video switcher has its own broadcast quality scaler that can individually scale, stretch, crop, and zoom each source as required to fit any output resolution chosen. It is HDCPcompatible and also features a built-in multiviewer output that provides a monitoring solution when connected to an HDMI monitor. The eight mixing channels provide connectivity to 3G/HD/SD-SDI, DVI-A/DVI-D/HDMI, RGB, component, and composite formats, as well as an additional two channels for still images assignable via USB memory stick or frame grab.

DPI TITAN 330 Pro Series 3

TITAN fans, get ready. Digital Projection Inc.’s TITAN 330 Pro Series 3 displays now enlist extensive Warp & Blend capabilities, 3G-SDI input compatibility, as well as specific models with highperformance 3D functionality, in addition to previous feature and capabilities. It’s available in SX+, 1080p, and WUXGA native resolutions. Applications with 120 Hz native sources can utilize the High Bandwidth Input, eliminating the need for frame doubling. For 60 Hz 3D applications, DPI’s builtin Dual Flash Processing enables distribution of 3D content via 60 Hz formats by frame-doubling the signal within the projector.

Haivision’s HyperStream Live

Haivision says that the HyperStream Live—a user-managed, pay-per-use service— is a one-stop streaming portal, simplifying, and automating transcoding in the cloud (Amazon EC2™) and global delivery over a CDN (Akamai). The solution brings the power of cloud transcoding and CDN connectivity together, giving content producers a simple way to deliver better visual experiences to every Internet viewer. Cloud transcoding allows streamers to maximize uplink bandwidth by sending a single high-quality stream from the source to the cloud, and then using the cloud’s abundant computing power and network capacity to create the various bit rates necessary for adaptive streaming.

Bosch DCN-D System

Bosch Security Systems’ DCN-D discussion unit combines an elegant design with enhanced acoustical performance. The large, ergonomic buttons allow for an easy operation. Advanced acoustic technology makes it easy to hear exactly what’s going on, so that even new users can feel at ease and in control. The curved shape, slim design and elegant combination of stylish silver and black in a matte finish ensure the DCN-D discussion unit fits with the decor of different conference rooms.

Casio Short Throw Series

The Short Throw series of Casio projectors has a 0.68-throw ratio lens and can display 3D content from a 3D-capable computer (great for educational forums). Key features of the Short Throw Series projectors include Interactive Whiteboard capability—turn any screen or surface into an interactive workspace; Crestron RoomView to wirelessly control and monitor AV devices on a network; Intelligent Brightness Control to conserve power and energy with an ECO function that automatically adjusts the brightness to suit the environment. It is also lamp-free. Watch a short film on the Short Throw Series at

DVIGear’s MXP Series Digital Matrix Switchers

DVIGear’s new products enable cross-platform routing of a wide range of digital and analog signal formats. Based on modular architecture, the MXP Series supports switching arrays from 9x9 to 80x80. The company says that the wide range of 50 I/O cards provides an exceptional degree of flexibility mix and match cards to achieve a limitless array of routing configurations.

Martin Audio MLA Compact

Martin Audio’s MLA Compact makes multi-cellular loudspeaker array (MLA) technology available to a range of installed sound applications. The system’s compact size belies its output capabilities; a 12-box array can easily deliver full rock SPLs in a 5,000-seat venue, while a 24-box array will approach the output of many full-size systems which have less efficient acoustic elements.

Analog Way STE200

Analog Way’s Smart Edge FX (Ref.STE200) is an advanced high-resolution seamless switcher with dual output edge blending. Smart Edge FX offers up to twelve inputs, including four fitted with 3G/HD/SD-SDI and two fitted with HDCP compliant DVI. It outputs digital and analog signals in DVI, RGB, and offers a video output card providing SD or HD-TV formats in various signals from composite video to HD-SDI. Smart Edge FX can display up to four layers including one logo, one frame, and two live layers customizable by the user.

Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studio Pro

Blackmagic Design’s HyperDeck Studio Pro is a new model of SSD recorder that includes four channels of three gb/s SDI in and out, built-in highspeed thunderbolt I/O technology, as well as full HDMI and analog in and out,including standard XLR connectors for audio and timecode. HyperDeck Studio Pro features higher processing power and quality, which allows full 4K playback from a single SSD disk using Apple ProRes compression that is four times the resolution of regular HD 1080 resolution video.

7thSense Delta Media Server

The Delta Media Server works to scale all the way from small form factor single HD playback to a quad or hex-output fully uncompressed video playback server. It has frameaccurate editing, live video input, 3D stereo capability, and the fundamental flexibility of real-time composition with built-in effects, warp and blend, and comprehensive direct control over the show and media on the timeline from any external controller.


Video Mount Products’ FP-MFTB multi-just mid-size flat-panel wall mount with tilt holds medium-sized flat-panels from 27- to 42-inches and up to 100 pounds. The FP-MFTB also has adjustable tilt of -5 degrees to +15 degrees while keeping the flat-panel close to the wall.

The Altinex Muse

With the ability to distribute power, HDMI, and IR control signals up to 300 feet (90m) over a single, low voltage, shielded CAT-6 cable, the new Muse enables AV professionals to eliminate the worry of electrical outlet placement. The distribution system initially consists of four products: The MU200-110 multiunit transmitter chassis that utilizes up to ten MU300-104 HDMI, power, and IR transmitter cards; a stand-alone MU400-111 HDMI, power, and IR transmitter; and the MU500-112 receiver or “breakout box” that facilitates the individual power, HDMI, and IR control connections at the destination display/projector.

Taiden HCS-8328

An advanced all-in-one conferencing solution for highprofile boardrooms, Taiden’s Multimedia Congress Terminal with a 10-inch touchscreen is now available with microphone array. Users can watch live video, access the file server, share PowerPoint presentations, vote on corporate resolutions, hear far end audio or even capture the video of the speaker from the on-board camera for video conferencing. All content is available to meeting participants from their conferencing terminal, replacing the need for laptops in the boardroom.

Da-Lite Polacoat Da-Plex and Da-Glas

Da-Lite Screen Company has expanded its Polacoat Da-Plex and Da-Glas screen lines to include 16:10 format sizes in response to the increased popularity of wide format PCs and laptops that are now on the market. Da-Lites Polacoat rear projection screens consist of an extremely fine, precisely applied optical coating on an acrylic or glass substrate.

Hitachi TB-1

Hitachi America’s TB-1 wireless USB tablet gives users the ability to write or draw over images from a compatible Hitachi projector, and provides a variety of interactive functions. The TB-1 features an eight-inch by five-inch touch-sensitive screen that lets users write or draw over video or still images that are projected from connected sources such as a computer, DVD player or other device. No special software is required. The TB-1 communicates with the projector via wireless, without the need for a cable.


IBASE Technology’s SI-58 is a slim system designed for multi-display digital signage applications. The SI-58 player is 1.2-inch thick, providing appropriate packaging for deployment with space constraints. SI-58 can drive up to six HDMI video outputs in HD 1080p resolutions. SI-58 is can support multiple independent display outputs simultaneously.

QSC Audio Q-Sys Products for Stadiums

QSC does small, medium, and large-scale installs with ease, but the AV Technology editors were impressed with the large-scale sports stadium and arena systems solutions at the QSC booth. QSC showed a clever solution demonstrating how the Q-Sys platform seamlessly integrates digital audio and video over standard Layer 3 Gigabit Ethernet and IT-friendly, nonproprietary hardware in a large and complex stadium environment.

Middle Atlantic Products Series Protection

This patent-pending technology provides instantaneous protection of AV systems from damaging surges and was designed with “robust non-sacrificial circuitry that ensures system reliability.” It also helps ensure noise-free AV systems by protecting connected equipment without contaminating the system ground. All units perform automatic recovery after these events, minimizing system downtime.

Matrox DualHead2Go Digital ME

Matrox Graphics’ DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition (ME) external multi-display adapter is designed specifically for use with Mac systems. The DualHead2Go Digital ME connects to the thunderbolt port or mini DisplayPort video output of Mac notebooks or desktops and drives two external DVI displays, each at a maximum resolution of 1920x1200.

Samsung Electronics America Inc.’s ME65B

The ME65B is a 65-inch display with a touch overlay option and offers a light-weight chassis designed for commercial and retail customers looking to reduce energy spend and time and cost of installations, according to the company. The FHD display comes equipped with a DVIout component and easy content control through RS232C and RJ45 ports.

PESA Cattrax

PESA’s Cattrax web browser-based router control software uses most common web browsers as the client interface to monitor and control routers in locations around the world. Appropriate for monitoring, post-production, or any networked remote location, Cattrax Web is compatible with the full line of PESA routers and can control matrix sizes from 16x16 to 1024x1024. It operates over Ethernet via TCP/IP and communicates directly with the PESA PERC2000 router control system.

TV One’s C3-540 CORIO Master

TV One used the InfoComm ‘12 stage to showcase its C3-540 CORIO master, a solution that gives the user access to new levels of video processing power to achieve new heights of creative and dynamic video displays. It combines edge-blending, video wall processing, multi-viewing, windowing, 360-degree rotation of outputs and window rotation, image warping, and video processing with Up, Down, and Cross Conversion in one 4RU device.

Phoenix Audio Quattro3

The versatile Quattro3 (Q3) family of tabletop conference speakerphones offer a complete audio conferencing solution, regardless of room size or acoustics. All members of the Q3 family can be daisy-chained and powered from a single source, using a standard ethernet cable. There is no need to install proprietary cables or designated units.

Barco ClickShare

Barco’s ClickShare helps presenters get the presentation on-screen in a second, and it also allows the other people in the meeting to participate more actively. A standard ClickShare set-up consists of four USB devices, a storage basket for neatly storing the buttons when they’re not in use, and a base unit. The base unit has a fixed connection to the meeting rooms AV system and handles all processing. ClickShare doesn’t interfere with the laptop’s resolution, and it automatically displays the screen content. ClickShare also allows users to show video clips with frame rates of up to 20 fps. When other participants connect a ClickShare button to their laptop, they can put their content on-screen as well. In total, four participants can be on-screen simultaneously.

Lectrosonics Venue V5.1

Lectrosonics’ Version 5.1 firmware for the Venue Wideband modular receiver system provides an enhancement that will be most beneficial to broadcast, location, and sound reinforcement professionals. When the transmitter is set to TalkBack mode and the function is engaged (activated when the user presses the multi-function button on the HH transmitter), the audio will switch to a different, predetermined XLR on the back panel of the receiver.

HydraConnect’s HEXT-21 Second-Gen HDMI Ext ender

The HEXT-21 is an HDBaseT extender that is as compact as it is powerful— 1-x2-x3-inches in size. Also, the HEXT21 requires a power supply only at the transmitter end. The company says that these two features mean that now only one small box is required behind a display. The HEXT21 powers down from its standard 14 watts to 9 watts when no video stream is present. HEXT-21 is available from stock with an MSRP of $475. Special discounts are available when the it is purchased in conjunction with HydraConnect’s Control4 HDMI processor HSS-1.

Black Box DVI-D

Black Box’s DVI-D splitter with audio and HDCP duplicates DVI-D video and stereo audio for output to two, four, or eight full-HD screens, depending on the version ordered. It’s appropriate for digital signage, control room, and broadcast applications, particularly those where users have to show 1080p multimedia content from a Blu-ray player or other HDCPprotected source. EDID capable, the splitter ensures optimal source-to-screen video communications without signal distortion and attenuation. It supports resolutions up to WUXGA, including full HD (1920 x 1080), making it appropriate for distributing video in medical imaging, engineering, or R&D applications. The four and eight port versions are even 19-inch rack-mountable for professional installations.

Wohler AMP1-16M

Wohler Technologies’ AMP1-16M dual-input SDI audio monitor is engineered to monitor embedded audio in 3G/HD or SD-SDI streams at an attractive price point. The compact unit de-embeds and monitors any or all of the 16 audio channels in 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals, providing intuitive operation via adjustable volume and balance controls, as well as clear display of levels and other critical information on 2.4-inch LED-backlit LCD displays.

Tri-Net Smart Charging Extender

If you need a digital AV handheld extender, check out the Tri-Net Technology extender over Cat-5e for iPad to HDTV. It is capable of mirror imaging an iPad to any HDTV up to 50 feet using a single network cable. Resolution is maintained at 1080p and it is a plug and play device.


RDL’s FP-MR2 message repeater replaces the FP-MR1 message repeater and provides a number of enhancements. The FP-MR2 now records up to 1.7 minutes (one minute 40 seconds) of audio, up from the one minute of recording time available in the FP-MR1. Both the frequency response and the noise floor have been improved, making the FP-MR2 suited to recording and playing messages that include music content. The “record enable” button replaces a dip-switch setting, simplifying re-recording messages. The “start” button has been enlarged for easier operation.


NEC Display Solutions’ V651-TOUCH is a touch-integrated 65-inch display that is integrated with four-camera optical-imaging technology that allows for up to six simultaneous touches. The integrated glass layer protects the panel and adds clarity to the picture with a double-sided anti-reflective (AR) glass, preventing mirrored imaging. Designed for extended use in corporate, retail, restaurant and wayfinding applications, the V651-TOUCH’s 1080p high-definition resolution provides detail and crisp imagery with a public display-grade panel that protects against permanent image retention.

ihiji NMaaS

ihijii is in private beta with a next generation platform for Network Management as-a-Service (NMaaS), created for IT Professionals and VARs. The network management solution lowers a company’s capital and operating expenditures, increases productivity, and improves profit margins by minimizing equipment and network outages. When in use, IT professionals receive alerts regarding equipment status, making it easier than ever to remotely manage installations and reduce the time taken to isolate and repair issues with network-connected devices.

AVocation Mountain Series 8×8 HDMI Matrix with Analog and Digital Audio

AVocation Systems offers a fresh approach to the matrix router with its Mountain Series 8×8 HDMI Matrix with Analog and Digital Audio (HX-0808HA). The HX-0808HA is the first digital matrix from the company to include eight independently routable analog and digital audio inputs and outputs with volume control. Any of the eight HDMI inputs can be routed to any or all of the eight HDMI outputs (likewise for the audio inputs/outputs); EDID/Key management takes care of any latency. The solution also takes signals from single key cable boxes out to multiple displays, not just one.

Extron HDMI DA2

Extron Electronics’ HDMI DA2 is a one input, two output HDMI distribution amplifier. The HDMI DA2 supports HDMI specification features, including data rates up to 6.75 Gbps, deep color up to 12-bit, 3D, lip sync, and HD lossless audio formats. The HDCP-compliant distribution amplifier supports all HDTV rates including 1080p/60 and PC resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. It also features EDID minder, which maintains continuous EDID communication between connected devices, and key minder, which continuously authenticates HDCP encryption between all devices, ensuring the simultaneous distribution of source content to both displays.

ACE Backstage Company Conference Port

Designed to be stealthy, the Conference Port hides networking cables and power cords neatly at your fingertips, maintaining the professional aesthetics of your boardroom, classroom, or presentation facility table. www.acebackstage.comHarman HiQnet

Harman HiQnet is a connectivity and control protocol that integrates all product categories in the signal chain for professional audio systems of all types, size, and applications. Harman HiQnet no longer requires the user to manage multiple disparate operating systems or be responsible for programming individual signal processors, speaker controllers, wireless microphone systems, and mixing consoles.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Flagship 70- & 55-inch Edge-Lit LED Monitors

The narrow bezel 70-inch MDT701S and 55-inch MDT552S LED monitors are brand new. In the latest nod to open standards, the new monitors offer an Intel OPS (Open Pluggable Standard) Card Slot for easy installation and maintenance. They also come with built-in speakers that fire toward the bottom to eliminate sound reverberation (which often occurs with rear-directed speakers). Both products will be available in fourth quarter of 2012 and offer built-in, plug-and-play USB Hubs. Users can connect a videoconference camera, mouse and keyboard directly to the monitor, avoiding messy cables. Five additional hubs can be cascaded onto the system.

Emcore’s High Definition Matrix Switch

The High Definition Matrix Switch from Emcore offers redundant, hotswappable power supplies. The HDMX performs format conversion allows switching from virtually any input type to any output type. I/O can be expanded from a minimum of 4x4 to a maximum of 32x32 through the use of expansion cards. Offering full EDID implementation along with hot-plug monitoring ensures that input signals, device presence and I/O compatibility are verified before a routing occurs. HDCP is fully supported as well.

Christie Duo

Christie’s Duo is a dual projection integration kit intended to give users the ability to create and deliver their own branded premium theater experience. The Christie Duo integration kit can be purchased with either 2K or 4K Christie Solaria series digital cinema projectors or as a standalone integration kit for Christie customers that already have Christie projectors. The integration kit features the choice of two configurations: a stacking system for 3D installations, or a physical configuration that aligns every pixel on the screen for optimal 2D and 3D presentations.


Canon’s REALiS LCOS projectors use Canon’s aspectual illumination system optical technology to maximize the display capabilities of the advanced LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) imaging panels. This combination enables the projectors to deliver 1920 x 1200 resolution widescreen video and still images with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a high brightness level of 5,000 lumens. The 5,000- lumen brightness level improves display quality in long throw venues or rooms with relatively high ambient light levels.

Sennheiser Easy Control App

Sennheiser’s Easy Control app is suited for testing the media control system on various Sennheiser products or for demonstrating to customers. The Sennheiser Easy Control app enables both the Sennheiser Audio Distribution Network (ADN) conference system and Sennheiser transmitters and receivers from the evolution wireless G3300 and 500 series and the 2000 series to be centrally remote controlled and monitored. With the ADN conference solution, it can be used to start recordings, to set the conference mode and to provide direct access to up to 15 discussion units in order to specify the chairpersons unit or to open participants’ microphones to entitle them to speak.

Vox Pop from InfoComm 2012

In a sea of products, what gear stood out at InfoComm?

  • “I personally liked the Barco ClickShare. From a tech manager point of view it can save on infrastructure costs by not running wires. The wireless pods keep the conference room tables free of clutter and since they receive power from the PC that should keep supports call down regarding uncharged pods. More importantly it does not require any driver downloads which are frowned upon by Corp IT. Only thing left to be seen is how the Wifi transmission will be accepted by Corp IT. Overall its simple, easy to use and addresses a number of corporate AV concerns.”
  • —Chris Neto, AV Help Desk

“The Vaddio AV Bridge—that was the product I was most interested in. You can take any audio source and any video source and connect it into the AV bridge. The AV bridge converts these signals into one video and audio feed which can be accessed by a USB connection. Connect the USB to your laptop and the AV bridge shows up like a webcam would if using Skype, or Lync. This is a great way to use UC in a conference room without having to pay for a traditional VTC codec, plus it will work with far end participants without needing an expensive VTC bridge.”
—Scott Rudat, Compass Group

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