ADFLOW Networks Achieves "Ready for" IBM Anyplace Kiosk Status -

ADFLOW Networks Achieves "Ready for" IBM Anyplace Kiosk Status

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ADFLOW Networks Inc., a provider of digital signage and interactive kiosk technology in the self-service vertical, has announced it has achieved "ready for IBM" AnyPlace Kiosk status with ADFLOW's Dynamic Messaging System software.

"Ready for" status means a Business Partner has earned the right to display specifically designed IBM marks in packaging and marketing materials of qualified offerings that have met compatibility and integration requirements established by IBM.

"We are very pleased to be working with IBM to help support digital signage and interactive kiosk initiatives," said Steve Kartonchik, vice president of sales and marketing for ADFLOW Networks. "We look forward to collaborating with IBM to provide our mutual clients digital signage offerings based on IBM AnyPlace Kiosks running ADFLOW's Dynamic Messaging System software."

Designed to optimize the consumer experience across a broad range of market segments – including retail, travel, financial, government, healthcare and entertainment – IBM's AnyPlace Kiosk line includes powerful self-service kiosks in 15-, 17- and 19-inch touchscreen performance models with dual video display capability, and integrated expansion for wireless capability.

IBM's Anyplace Kiosk products support ADFLOW Networks' innovative single web-hosted applications designed to deliver dynamic marketing messages to digital and interactive displays, from a single control panel that controls both digital signage and interactive kiosks. ADFLOW's patented security and proven implementation methodology means the users are ensured a completely controlled customer experience.

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