Digital Signage Virtual Event Registration Opens Today -

Digital Signage Virtual Event Registration Opens Today

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by David Keene

It’s official: NewBay Media and InfoComm have opened online registration for what is shaping up to be the most innovative new venue for digital signage product and service education in years. It’s a virtual event, so attendees can visit booths (manned by real people), attend presentations (with live Q&A), receive white papers and product specs, chat live with other attendees and presenters, and visit the attendee lounge for networking–without leaving your office.

A joint production of NewBay and InfoComm, Digital Signage 2010, to take place April 28, will be an innovative virtual conference for digital signage professionals, featuring a program of conference sessions with live Q&A, keynotes, vendor presentations, exhibit booths with supplier/buyer interaction, downloadable reference materials, a lounge for idea exchange and social networking. And the event will serve as sneak preview of what’s coming at the InfoComm show in June.

There is no fee to attend. Attendees need to register online at:

Digital Signage 2010 is a one-day event that will take place on April 28, 2010 from 10 am EST to 6 pm EST. It will be conducted exclusively online, and is free of charge to all attendees who register and supply their demographic information. And many of the sessions will also be available for post-event attendance.

The event will also include a virtual lounge that serves as the place to connect with colleagues to discuss the latest developments in the industry. Plus, there will be a series of scheduled Live chats on pertinent topics led by InfoComm educators and the editors of Digital Signage Magazine, AV Technology, Systems Contractor News, and Tech&Learning.

Digital Signage 2010 will incude:
• Keynote presentation (news coming soon on the major industry player who will share his insight on the market)
• InfoComm Training modules:
- Audio for Digital Signage
Adding audio to your sign will increase exposure and add to the message. This short course will cover aspects of volume, content, and coverage patterns.
- Hiring a Digital Signage Consultant
Considering a signage network and don't know where to begin? Learn what a digital signage consultant can do for you. Explore the elements of digital signage and how a consultant can take you through a logical and thoughtful decision process.
- Text Size Matters
Reading the text on a sign is very important. Using quick math formulas you can ensure that your signage is easily read.
- Introduction to InfoComm Seminar Series
Preview of highly informative digital signage half-day workshops to take place at InfoComm 2010. Presenters include:
* Paul Streffon, MBA, CTS-D, CTS-I, InfoComm International
* Lyle Bunn, BUNN Company
* Mike White, CTS, Multi-Media Solutions, Inc.
- Digital Signage Management
Sign size and placement are important but what goes on behind the sign? This segment will look at the management functions and the people that are needed to drive a successful signage solution.

Presentations will include:
• Speed-dating for Software: Digital Signage Content Management Software Selection. They all look like great candidates online. David Keene, Executive Editor of Digital Signage magazine, runs through dozens of competing Digital Signage Content Management Software options, with a look from the inside at their main selling points.

• Laura Davis Taylor
- Digital Signage and the Retail Space. Digital Signage for the retail store, mall, etc, is the holy grail in the Advertising community, and for Fortune 1000 brands, and agencies. But it’s a minefield for the integrator or agency/planner who doesn’t know the ropes.

• Digital Signage Signal Distribution: Wired, Wireless, or Cellular?

• Digital Signage Content Primer
- Understanding Content Creation. To succeed in the digital signage market, integrators, design consultants, must move beyond the simple gear-spec’ing or gear-installing business model, and understand if not get involved in the content side. No matter how good the gear, if a digital signage rollout does not put up good content, it will fail. How to protect your investment, and understand the content creation process.

• Scheduled Live Chats open to all event attendees (moderated by NewBay Media Editors)
- Moderator: Margot Douaihy (AV Technology magazine): Media Players– Maybe one of the most ambiguous terms in digital signage. Most end users think they need them. Most equipment manufacturers say they offer one. What do you need? Enterprise-wide, imbedded servers? “Appliances” such as PC’s? Inexpensive “media player” for Flash?
- Moderator: Kevin Hogan (Tech&Learning magazine): Beyond Retail: non-retail digital signage applications for education.
- Moderator: David Keene: Mobile handsets/Smartphones: remote control for digital signage, or threat to digital signage growth?
- Moderator: Kirsten Nelson (Systems Contractor News magazine): Beyond the flat panel: use of projection in digital signage. While the ubiquitous flat panel is the mainstay of digital signage, when larger screen sizes are needed (like the entire side of a building), or when unusual size screens or needed, projection is great. How much is out there?

Attendees need to register online at:

Sponsorships for Exhibitor level, Gold level, and Platinum level are available, to market-leading digital signage hardware, or software providers, on a limited basis. In addition, vendor booths are available.

For information on Sponsorships, or booth selection, contact Debbie Rosenthal, at 212-378 0473,


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