Digital Signage Expo Expands Conference Tracks -

Digital Signage Expo Expands Conference Tracks

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Digital Signage Expo (DSE) continues to ramp up its planned conference and education track offerings for the February 23-25, 2010 show/conference in Las Vegas, with new announcements this week.

David Keene, Executive Editor at Digital Signage Magazine, has just been selected to again this year produce the “Tech Track” at DSE. The Tech Track (one of eight total conference tracks at DSE) is a series of conference/presentations that deal specifically with in-depth technical/deployment issues in digital signage and is addressed specifically at the integrator community. Keene will work immediately with DSE to select the Tech Track topics, and recruit presenters from the digital signage integrator and provider communities.

In addition, DSE has just announced that it will host speakers from Eli Lilly, Lockheed Martin, Monsanto and Thomson Reuters at its conference program at the February event in Las Vegas. In four of the total eight Tracks available at DSE?s Conference, sessions will address twenty topical issues related to successful installation, deployment and operation of both Communications-based and Advertising-based Digital Out-of-Home Networks. Curricula will be offered both for attendees who require an in-depth and intelligent “Introduction” to these topics, as well as separate “Advanced” level sessions designed for those with more than two years of digital signage industry-related experience.

Just a few highlights of the sessions: Lockheed Martin?s Manager of Multimedia Digital, James Lavine will co-present, “How to Manage and Maintain a Successful Corporate Digital Signage System,” Monsanto?s Senior Media Technologist, Michael Miodunski will co-present, “Deployment Essentials: Hardware, Software, Connectivity, Delivery & Placement,” Thomson Reuters? Global Signage Product Manager, Christopher Burtt will present a case study as part of “How They Did It: Three Real-World Models for Successful Communications-based Digital Signage Networks,” and Eli Lilly?s Senior Communications Associate, Chris Bias will co-present “The Real Cost of Digital Signage: How to Plan & Budget for a Successful Deployment.”

Chris Gibbs, President of ExpoNation, LLC, which produces DSE said, “Our Corporate Campus attendees want to hear about peer experiences from credible people who understand their challenges and can share best practices, literally as they are being developed. DSE 2010 will give attendees far more opportunities to hear similar peer experiences in curriculum tracks designed for their industry segment.”

Digital Signage Expo, co-located with Interactive Technology Expo, The Out-of-Home Network Show, and Digital Content Show to run February 23-25, 2010, will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. To exhibit or attend contact Chris Gibbs, (770) 649-0300 Ext 17. Or, for more information, visit



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