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RCF to Introduce New Products at InfoComm

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Italian-based loudspeaker manufacturer RCF is expanding its sound solution product offerings with a number of new products scheduled for introduction at the 2016 InfoComm show in Las Vegas. RCF will be presenting these products in booth C10539, as well as demonstrating a number of these products in Demo Room N108 (scheduled on even hours during the show).

Products to be introduced include the HDL50-A, a large-format active three-way line array (dual 12-inch low-frequency, four 6.5-inch midrange, and two 3-inch high-frequency drivers) for large arena installations and pro touring; HDL6-A, a small-format active two-way line array (dual 6.5-inch with 1-inch high-frequency compression driver) designed for both portable and permanent installation applications; TTL6-A and TTL6-AS, three-way active line source system (dual 12-inch low-frequency, four 6.5-inch midrange, and 3-inch high-frequency driver) which can be coupled with triple 12-inch active subwoofer to create complete system; NXL44-A, a column-style active line source (three 10-inch woofers with 3-inch high-frequency drivers) providing tight 90-by-30 dispersion; TT45-CXA, a dual 10-inch two-way active stage monitor; SUB9006-AS, a dual 18-inch active 7,200-watt subwoofer with RDNet control; and HDL53-AS, a triple 12-inch active subwoofer designed to match up with the HDL50-AS large-format line array.

RCF will also introduce the architectural décor EN-certified BD5 EN IP65-rated bidirectional sound projector, DP5 EN pendant-style sound projector, and BS5 EN IP65-rated 5-inch wall-mount sound projector.

Another highlight to the RCF presence in Las Vegas this year is the recent installation of sound reinforcement for the Viva Vision four-block-long canopy display on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. This features a total of 300 HDL20-A line array modules and 50 SUB8005-AS subwoofers installed in clusters down the entire length of the outdoor street display. In addition, RCF systems are being used at all three performance stages on Fremont Street.


Bogen to Introduce New Products at InfoComm promo image

Bogen to Introduce New Products at InfoComm

Bogen will be introducing several new products at Infocomm 2016, including a full line of sound contractor-grade Class D-based paging and intercom amplifiers, a pair of new Apogee high-performance pro-audio amplifiers, and a state-of-the-art, self-contained, six-zone music and paging system.

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RCF has improved its Subwoofer Series active subwoofer line with the new SUB 702-AS II, an ultra-compact and powerful active bass reflex subwoofer.

FBT Debuts New Loudspeaker Product Line promo image

FBT Debuts New Loudspeaker Product Line

FBT debuted its VENTIS range of loudspeaker at this year’s Pro Light + Sound show. Available in either passive or biamplified versions, each model has been designed for high performance and aesthetic appeal.

RCF HL Stadium Series

The HL Series can be seen at the RCF USA Infocomm convention exhibits June 18-20 in Las Vegas. RCF USA will be located in booth C12121 with a demo room N120.

RGB Spectrum to Introduce New Technology Platform at InfoComm promo image

RGB Spectrum to Introduce New Technology Platform at InfoComm

RGB Spectrum will introduce a new technology platform, Zio, at InfoComm 2016 (booth N1137). Zio is a networked AV video distribution and management system, consisting of endpoints for encoding sources as audio and video streams, and decoding them for output to one or more displays.

Renkus-Heinz to Launch New Products at InfoComm

Renkus-Heinz will officially launch its Iconyx Gen5 and IC Live ICL-FR Gen5. The next generation of their award-winning Iconyx Series, Iconyx Gen5 incorporates UniBeam Technology for dramatically more uniform coverage, increased output, and faster setup, as well as new configurations for easier and more cost effective installation.