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RCF to Introduce New Products at InfoComm

Italian-based loudspeaker manufacturer RCF is expanding its sound solution product offerings with a number of new products scheduled for introduction at the 2016 InfoComm show in Las Vegas. RCF will be presenting these products in booth C10539, as well as demonstrating a number of these products in Demo Room N108 (scheduled on even hours during the show).

Products to be introduced include the HDL50-A, a large-format active three-way line array (dual 12-inch low-frequency, four 6.5-inch midrange, and two 3-inch high-frequency drivers) for large arena installations and pro touring; HDL6-A, a small-format active two-way line array (dual 6.5-inch with 1-inch high-frequency compression driver) designed for both portable and permanent installation applications; TTL6-A and TTL6-AS, three-way active line source system (dual 12-inch low-frequency, four 6.5-inch midrange, and 3-inch high-frequency driver) which can be coupled with triple 12-inch active subwoofer to create complete system; NXL44-A, a column-style active line source (three 10-inch woofers with 3-inch high-frequency drivers) providing tight 90-by-30 dispersion; TT45-CXA, a dual 10-inch two-way active stage monitor; SUB9006-AS, a dual 18-inch active 7,200-watt subwoofer with RDNet control; and HDL53-AS, a triple 12-inch active subwoofer designed to match up with the HDL50-AS large-format line array.

RCF will also introduce the architectural décor EN-certified BD5 EN IP65-rated bidirectional sound projector, DP5 EN pendant-style sound projector, and BS5 EN IP65-rated 5-inch wall-mount sound projector.

Another highlight to the RCF presence in Las Vegas this year is the recent installation of sound reinforcement for the Viva Vision four-block-long canopy display on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. This features a total of 300 HDL20-A line array modules and 50 SUB8005-AS subwoofers installed in clusters down the entire length of the outdoor street display. In addition, RCF systems are being used at all three performance stages on Fremont Street.