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Rational Acoustics Releases Smaart v8.1

Rational Acoustics Releases Smaart v8.1

Rational Acoustics has released the first major version update for the Smaart v8 measurement platform, Smaart v8.1. This release includes many feature additions, interface modifications, and bug fixes. This free update is recommended for all Smaart v8 users.

The primary feature additions include a rework of data handling, the addition of a multi-spectrum plot view, a built-in program updater, automatic broadband meter configuration based on selected inputs, password protection for the API, and the ability to run measurement engines in the background when switching between tabs.

A major new component within data handling is the Session Folder for improved day-to-day and gig-to-gig data management. Pinned to the top of the data bar, the Session Folder serves as the target location for all new captured data. Automatically named with the current date when created, the Session Folder can be renamed or swapped out at any time. In-plot Graph Legends have also been added for quick management of traces in a plot. This new feature allows users to quickly reorder or hide traces, move them between plots, or bypass and re-enable any applied dB offsets. Additionally, the Global Program Data Bar has been improved for more intuitive handling of captured traces.

“As our users know, development on the Smaart platform never ends,” said Rational Acoustics COO Karen Anderson. “The features included in this update have been developed from our own experiences using Smaart v8 in the field, in conjunction with feedback from our worldwide Smaart Instructor network and beta test team, as well as from direct end-user requests. This collaboration ensures that Smaart development parallels the real-world needs of our users and allows Smaart to remain the most powerful, useful, and useable measurement tool available.”

A complete list of the 20-plus new and improved features in Smaart v8.1 (including bug fixes), as well as a new version of the Smaart v8 user manual, updated for v8.1, can be found in the v8 support section of the Rational Acoustics website. Also, a full revision history including new features and bug fixes, detailed function descriptions, and a full listing of all accelerator (hot) keys is included in Smaart’s Help files.

The Smaart v8.1 update is free to all registered Smaart v8 users. Users can log in to their license management accounts and download and run the new installer.